What We Think Xbox One’s 15 Exclusives Are

OmniGamer Writes "Microsoft’s event for all its worth only devoted 20 minutes of an hour long presentation to games. The information provided on some of the games was very brief, and any videos we saw only showed target gameplay. However, Microsoft did say most of the event would be focused on services and how the system will interact with your TV. The rest of the game announcements are expected to come at E3. We did get some big information though, and that was that Microsoft intends to have 15 exclusives within a year of the console launching. Below are what myself and fellow writer Shawn Bird think those exclusives could be."

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GreenRanger3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

They'll be mostly Kinect games and the ones that aren't will have stupid Kinect features forced into them.

MariaHelFutura3473d ago ShowReplies(1)
JokesOnYou3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Let me fix that for you GreenRanger, you left off the most important part.

"[I hope] they'll be mostly Kinect games and the ones that aren't will have stupid Kinect features forced into them."

-Maria so by that logic we can expect more PS Move stuff like EyePet, Sports Champion, Time Crisis, Start the Party, Singstar, blah, blah, blah, etc from Sony's E3 2010.

On topic here's the list from the article:

Crackdown 3 -more like the 1st I'm in
Fable 4 -hopefully a proper Fable game with hybrid controls
Forza5 -day 1
Quantum Break -very interesting
Halo5 -I bet that wont come until year 2
Killer Instinct -OMG, I wish
Ryse -I think this will really show what Kinect 2 can do
Other 1st party titles -I'm awaiting info from Black Tusk Studios

SexyGamerDude3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Well, they made it clear that the One wasn't for the hardcore gamers. They want to attract the casual crowd. They're obviously going to add a bunch of Kinect games into the mix to carry that out.

OpieWinston3473d ago


I hate when people bring up this argument "hardcore gamers"...If you're a "hardcore gamer" you're either A...MLG or B...Serious enough to put some actual dough into your PC.

Consoles are designed for people who like to play games on a casual basis. After their class or shift is over.

It doesn't look like their going to add a bunch of "Kinect Games", but it does look like they will be including kinect features in exclusives.

For example, Voice communication. If Kinect 2.0 did work out the bugs of the original kinect then this will be a good thing to have in exclusives.

I wasn't a big fan of Kinect, mainly because it was a big too buggy for my taste.

For my "hardcore" needs I play on my desktop, max out settings and enjoy nice sensitivity with my Razer Naga.

Nocando3473d ago

Your right, they want MS out of the game, period, regardless of what they bring to the table.

SDF Repellent3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )


The only hardcore gamers are those that play MMO and lock themselves in their mother's basement and the only time they move is to go to the bathroom and take a dump.

Please, playing Japanese Anime RPGs on your VITA don't make you hardcore. LOL

RyuCloudStrife3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

The joke's on you.

Ausbo3473d ago

I think thats a pretty good guess JOY. I expect at least 8 hardcore AAA games. Ryse, Halo, forza, new unannounced ip, quantum, black tusks game, crackdown, killer instinct or perfect dark. Theres also two teams at lionhead and i think three at rare. Even if a bunch are kinect only, they will still have plenty of AAA hardcore games. Thats only first party too. Theres always the possibility of epic working with microsoft or respawn. Cant wait for E3. Im confident both Sony and Microsoft will bring the games

Why o why3473d ago

It'll be a mix of core, kinect and xbl. The ratio of each will be interesting.

DOMination-3473d ago

Quantum Break and Ryse arent first party titles. I'm sure they still count as being in the 15 because that's what MS are like recently but in theory they shouldn't count because Phil Spencer was talking about internally developed titles.

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OpieWinston3473d ago

Well Ryse used to be a solely Kinect game back when they announced. Now it's confirmed to be a "Controller based game with Kinect features".

So trust me when i say this, I wouldn't count Microsoft out in terms of gaming.

goldwyncq3473d ago

Could be kinect games or just games with optional kinect features added in. As a gamer I'm hoping for the latter and everyone else should, instead of constantly veering towards negativity.

4Sh0w3473d ago

Yeah me too, I was just watching the Jeff Keighley interview and like many others he was saying how they want to see more than just better graphics but new innovations in gameplay, I'm not sure what else dev's can do to truly innovate in these next gen games, we hear that word a lot in just about every new AAA release from the developers and not to knock them, usually they are great games but a few tweaks on existing gameplay mechanics isn't innovating, no doing something drasticly different that also works very well, adds immersion, brings new challenges is what I want to see, Kinect/Move done right could definitely bring something innovative to the table.

Vames3473d ago

Kinect comes with the console, which means all exclusives will have Kinect functions.

AngelicIceDiamond3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

@Green We know 5 that won't be Kinect.

horndog3473d ago

Greenranger, where do I get one of those crystal balls?

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JokesOnYou3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Killer Instinct....we can all hope. I'm not big into Fighters but besides the original MK, Killer Instinct was truly my favorite.

JoySticksFTW3473d ago

We can all hope

KI, Crackdown 3, and a Lost Odyssey sequel would be a great start.

A new Conker's Bad Fur Day would be incredible.

JoySticksFTW3473d ago

Truth be told, I'm definitely skeptical.

And even if the games comes, many gamers are worried how long before they dry up again.

MS has always started a generation with strong games support. It's after a few years that the support starts to wain.

Why o why3473d ago

Wow. More than half of those games have turned into vapourware or cancelled full stop. I guess both hd camps were guilty of this but at least sony kept games coming. 3 new ips this year. 2 full price and 1 middle price to ms's none. Different cultures.

warewolfSS3473d ago

agent was a pretty good game right?

Why o why3473d ago

Guess you missed the part where I said both hd camps are guilty of vapourware and cancelled still waiting for ff vs as well as agent..BUT sony filled the gaps and had shorter gaps between exclusives....clearer?

Thatguy-3103473d ago

We also can bet on a new dance central, new kinect sports, and other kinect games. I actually do believe in the respawn "exclusive" but it will eventually turn out to be timed and will later come to the ps4.

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