Xbox One opinions from developers vary on Kinect 2, TV centric focus

A few developers have weighed in on the Xbox One reveal, with many citing confusion over why we have to have Kinect 2 enabled all the time, and why the main focus was on the television aspect of the console – and not the games.

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FrigidDARKNESS2506d ago

Majority of the negative opinions are coming from indie developers.
A employee of a major dev. House will not go on the internet and voice his displeasure against MS. they would damage relationship with MS and will be fired immediately.

MariaHelFutura2506d ago

I'm curious where all the developers that are super excited for it are? No one has really said anything, except how invading the system is and how weird it was that the conference was basically all about TV.

sway_z2506d ago

Dang hate what MS have done with XBone more than I do!!



Bathyj2506d ago

Just like it was hard to find a dev to say a bad thing about ps4, its hard to find a dev to say a good thing about xbone

MariaHelFutura2506d ago

If the Xbone succeeds, the gaming industry will die. I've never flat out refused to buy any console before, I own a 360 and will not be buying the Xbone. I don't a sh!t what games they show at E3, I'm not about to be ID tracked by a cloud server at Microsoft HQ by my face, listened to, or forced to do anything I don't want to do to watch TV. F**k Microsoft, F**k their business policies and F**k anyone who support this New World Order device, disguised as a cable box, disguised as a gaming console. This is bigger than gaming, if Sony does the same (ID tracking) I wont be buying the PS4 either. I personally don't think they're that stupid though.

N4Flamers2506d ago

The problem is that ms barely showed any games and has plenty of insidious non gaming philosophies in place with the xbone. Imagined if the conference would have shown 90% games and 10% tv. They might have been able to sneak these deplorable tactics in the door. Their lack of games makes it possible for us to focus on the console. Unfortunately the console is not so good.

MikeMyers2506d ago

The indie developers should be upset with them. MS aren't making it as easy as they would like. However all the big publishers will be very supportive.

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Metfanant2506d ago

that is true, but their feelings are easily implied...after the PS4 launch all we read from developers and journalists was how Sony nailed it...the devs and journalists had nothing but overly positive things to say about the PS4...

now?...we don't hear a peep from barely ANY of them...not even MS first party devs are coming out talking about how powerful the system is, or how they had input in developing it and MS got things so right...i mean read some of the comments from the Guerilla Games guys...

its just interesting to read (or not read in this case)

MysticStrummer2506d ago

"after the PS4 launch all we read from developers and journalists was how Sony nailed it...the devs and journalists had nothing but overly positive things to say about the PS4...

now?...we don't hear a peep from barely ANY of them...not even MS first party devs are coming out talking about how powerful the system is, or how they had input in developing it and MS got things so right"

Exactly. The silence is deafening and the contrast is very telling.

Jek_Porkins2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

It's been four days.....We didn't hear anyone say anything about the PS4 until a while after. Why do people get all excited if something doesn't happen exactly the way it did when the PS4 was revealed?

Can we give it a couple weeks, and see what people actually have to say? Or are we going to speculate negatively about it on the internet?

I'd like to throw out there that a lot of the devs said reacted positively to the PS4 had games announced for it, we haven't had anything announced on Xbox One aside from Forza 5 and Quantum Break, I'm sure as we get closer to E3 we'll hear good things, and the more games announced, the more we'll hear.

MysticStrummer2506d ago

"It's been four days.....We didn't hear anyone say anything about the PS4 until a while after."

A quick Google search would show you that reaction articles started showing up right away. Not all of it was good either, but the worst of the PS4 reaction was better than the worst of the MS reaction.

Rainstorm812506d ago

I call BS jek

MS didnt even have anything like this.........They had Athletes...o_O

The reason being Sony went to devs to help develop the the PS4.

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nukeitall2506d ago

You really have to look at it from the perspective of the person offering the opinion:

a) indie dev: of course they are going to be against the Xbox One. It isn't catering towards indie devs at all and who can blame MS after what they went through with them being the only console manufacturer that offered self publishing for $100 didn't earn MS any favors other than whiners.

b) major dev: they probably only see one of two views, either they get new customers or they see it as a threat against customer spending time on TV instead of games. I don't think you will hear much from these guys.

c) people in tv media: probably loves it, but you aren't going to hear about it on gaming sites

d) gamers: of course they are going to revolt and be upset. MS barely showed any games.

e) real customers: well that is the real question and that we have to wait and see who is right. Maybe both MS and Sony are right? Maybe both are wrong, or one of them is right? Just have to wait and see.

Personally, I love games, but in terms of time spent I spend more time watching TV than game, because I don't have the time to set myself into a game unless I have a significant amount of time slot open.

So I'm excited about the Xbox One and hopefully they will get Kinect One right with some real quality fitness games.

vallencer2506d ago

Out of all the comments on all the articles yours is the most refreshing to read. It's neutral and polite.

I for one am actually looking forward to the ability to switch between gaming and anything else instantly. The load times from a game to the dashboard to Netflix is annoying. I'm not a big fan of the whole kinect thing and as far as I'm concerned people who complain about the data that Microsoft stores should stop complaining. I'm sure they all use Facebook or anything like that which also stores your data and EVERYTHING you've said.

And yes people can argue with me that since it's a game system then it shouldn't do that but I'd argue with my phone isn't meant to play games and download apps. It's a phone not a gaming system. All those things are extra and I enjoy the extras.

I'm excited but not as excited as I thought I'd be mainly because I have a high end pc that already does all that haha.

MariaHelFutura2506d ago

“I wonder if bundling Kinect with it and the fact it’s always-on is going to put a lot of people off. They’re saying, even if the system is turned off or on stand-by, you come into your living room and say, ‘Xbox On’, so Kinect is going to be watching all the time. How many people will that put off? It’s not something that sits well with me, frankly.”


Excalibur2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Right, it's always watching or listening, which ever it may be.

I don't know about you guys but I'm a pretty private person and this thing scares me.

Before anyone calls me paranoid or whatever think about this, M$ told us that they are increasing their servers from 15,000 to 300,000? AND
the new platform is running on windows 8?

Gee, windows has never been hacked before right?
Seems like to me you just increased your hack points by 285,000 servers. Hmmm...

I also have my current system networked, Xbox 360, Denon receiver, T.V. AND P.C. all talk to each other.

How much easier is a widows platform and 285,000 additional servers going to make me hackable?

Just because you think I'm paranoid doesn't mean they aren't watching OR listening.....

SatanSki2506d ago

Yes, im sure they are watching you farting through your insignificant life hehe

Godmars2902506d ago

I'd be more concerned about how they've been touting - and proudly so - of being able to monitor and record viewers expressions, and use those to measure reactions to things like advertising. To basically to gather information and sell it so that advertisers can target ads.

Gamer-Z2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

A camera thats always on, always connected, can hear every word you say, has face recognition, and heart beat sensor, it seems a bit excessive for a hands free controller don't you think. I will not allow any kind of surveillance system in my home and if MS or the government wants to spy on me they can do it the old fashion way by looking at my Facebook.

chestnut11222506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Ps4 Trolling lol!

X BOX One ain't got nothing to do with Ps4 ;)

6DEAD6END62506d ago

Damn Sony is on a role lol.

sway_z2506d ago

Regarding Kinect always 'spying' ...It's the CIA's console of choice.

Phone Tapping is sooooo yesterday lol

dcbronco2506d ago

If developers were wondering why the reveal was about what it was about then they are idiots since MS announced that that was what it would be about. It also makes you realize why gaming mechanics haven't moved passed exploding barrels and so many developers are going out of business. I can understand if they don't want to use Kinect and no one should be forced to add it. But i believe that smart developers will find uses for it. The idiotic notion that games will always be controlled the same way is sad. You can't progress if you don't have sense enough to evolve.

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