Another source confirms, that PS4 is coming to Europe in 2013

Looks like another confirmation of PlayStation 4 coming to Europe this year.

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Relientk772512d ago

Hope this is true, everyone deserves the right to buy the console this holiday, no matter what continent, or country.

Thatguy-3102512d ago

I'm not even from Europe and I'm still psyched to hear this because it seems like they're going for a World Wide launch. Awesome the hype is going to be nuts!! Saving up for the console, a few games and a TV =D this Christmas is going to rock!

ZodTheRipper2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

It's funny how the PS4 gets, other than the Xbox, only positive news since it's reveal. If it's really getting released worldwide this year Sony probably won't be able to produce enough PS4's to supply everyone so I'm gonna preorder as soon as it's possible.

hakis862512d ago

OH HELL YES!! I've pre-ordered mine and DEFINITELY want it before Christmas! D

MikeMyers2512d ago

It will be a very smart move to not delay Europe to 2014. That is Sony's current best market. It is difficult because of all the different languages and restrictions.

SprigganN4G2512d ago

Worldwide 2013, $299 500GB Without PSEye. Insta Win

Salooh2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

I really don't mind low price like yours :) but that would be impossible. Ps3 with that hard drive sold with 300$:

Camera won't be sold a lone this time. Sony will put them in all ps4's and make them standerd. That's the only way to sell them. But we won't be forced to use them :)

I expect at least 400$. My guess is 500$. New tech, New controller, New camera. That makes sense to me. I also don't mind buying it for 600$ but i doubt they will put that price because they removed bc and that lowered the price a lot..

SprigganN4G2512d ago

$499/$599 is too much for a console in the actual market, yes, my 299 was VERY optimistic, but i'd hope a price pont of 399 MAX.

ZodTheRipper2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

Everyone hopes that but I'd even be willing to pay up to 449/499 without thinking about it. But I expect it to cost about 399 right now. This nice piece of hardware will be worth every cent in the long term.

seanpitt232512d ago

Yes i agree people are dreaming at a price of $299 with the specs shown it will be $499 top model $100 cheaper than the ps3 was at launch because they have saved millions not making their own cell and gone for off the shelf pc parts and tweaked them.

People need to realise that sony is all about quality and that comes at a price look at iPads and iPhones and people pay top dollar for them so why not the ps4 if it was $600 to $700 I would still pay it because I know it will be worth it consoles come out 6 to 7+ years so don't be a cheap skate

Salooh2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

I'm with seanpitt . I would pay 700$ and even more for a powefull console from sony because of their exclusives and how they respect us gamers. But people complaining about the ps3 proved to sony that they want many things without spending a lot of money so here it is, Next generation console without BC. I only blame people on this. They could have waited for a price cut and then bought the ps3 but no they were so angry and just started complaining without knowing what they really get from that price.

And here is a funny fact. Now that people realised what they lost some who complained about the price already saying they would pay extra just to get BC xD.

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elhebbo162512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

$300 starting price for a next-gen console, next-gen controller, 3D camera and a headset? Can you pass some of that kush over here bro? to put it into prespective, the wiiu is $350.

edit: im pretty sure its coming with the eye. it was pretty obvious at the confrence, and it seems to be an important part of the console (facial recognition sign in and all that stuff). besides sony wouldnt want to let that market go only to kinect.

level 3602512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

I really really wish that both PAL and NTSC signal PS4's would have the same or at least a very close time frame release all around the globe.

hakis862512d ago

Does PAL/NTSC even excist these days? Doesn't those terms belong to the time before HDTV (DVB etc)?

SprigganN4G2512d ago

I have a PAL 40GB PS3, but, like all PS3 in the world, is region free and multivolt.

rainslacker2511d ago

The PAL/NTSC only referred to non digital outputs, like through an RGB cable or something. HDMI does not rely on these signals, and most modern TV's can handle analog PAL/NTSC signals. Sony has a special output cable for these kinds of things. One connector type to the PS3, then just has the other ends for your TV. I'm not sure if that will still be the case in the PS4.

Dreambox2512d ago

This is what I like to hear. Already have it pre-ordered but it's nice to know it'll be out this year. :)

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