Xbox One vs. PS4 vs. Wii U

With the new Xbox console finally unveiled, we can finally do a proper comparison with the PlayStation 4 and Wii U. Hardware-wise, the Xbox One is almost on par with the Sony in most departments, except for its supposed graphics-processing power. While Microsoft has been tight-lipped about the GPU performance, it is widely rumored to be around 1.2TFLOPS. Meanwhile, the PS4 can theoretically churn out 1.84TFLOPS.

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BigFnHooters2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

"Hardware-wise, the Xbox One is almost on par with the Sony in most departments"

Not even close.

* The PS4 GPU is roughly 50 percent more powerful the weak Xbox One GPU.

* The PS4's insanely fast RAM crushes the slower Xbox One's standard RAM.

* The PS4 has 2-3 more gigs of system RAM for games to utilize

* The PS4 doesn't have all various system services Microsoft has inexplicably made to run at all times

The silly and inane attempts to downplay the massive power advantage the PS4 has over the weak Xbox One can't be spun with fanboy word games like 'on par' or 'a little faster' or 'an edge'

The PS4 CRUSHES the Xbox One in graphics. Nothing is going to change that fact unless Microsoft cancels shipping in 2013 and goes back to the drawingboard and redesigns their hardware.

Sandmano2504d ago

Agreed the PS4 is more powerful.

project_pat362504d ago

While I agree... I could've went the rest of my life without ever having seen your avatar.

Rageanitus2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Crushes is a overstatement and speculation from you.
Rumors is the PS4 is more powerful but to say it crushes the One is pure speculation.

I do not remember the conference mention much about hardware. Hell even if you ps4 announcement they did not really mention about the technical aspects of the console. "heavily modified super charged". We need real numbers and real demonstrations to make judgement between both consoles side by side

1) You have to remember the one and ps4 GPU are made from the same manufacturer.... IF the consoles are priced simularily do you honestly think one GPU will be 50 percent slower?

2)A gaming PC still uses the ddr3 for main memory and gddr5 for GPU memory, with that logic I guess the ps4 will crush a PC gaming rig?

3)are you a programmer I do not remember the ps4 saying it has 2>3 gigs more to utilize

4)Again we have to wait to see how much resources these services actually use.

Petro2504d ago

2) No, by his logic GPU would crush CPU.

zebramocha2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

@rageanitus Here is the spec sheet from the 20th unveiling.

kneon2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

1) The GPU in the PS4 has 50% more compute units than the GPU in the X1, a Microsoft engineer let that slip out during an interview. And the consoles are similarly priced because Microsoft spent the extra money on Kinect and TV functionality while Sony spent it on my graphic power.

2) A gaming PC is not optimized for gaming, it's a general purpose computing device. There is a reason that DDR3 is not used in the GPU and that is that it would create a performance bottleneck. Microsoft have tried to mitigate that by adding in a small esram cache but that just complicates the architecture. Sony's approach of a unified GDDR5 memory alleviates a lot of the copying of data that occurs in a typical PC architecture and so should have much better performance.

3) I am a programmer actually, and Microsoft have said that the OS will consume 3gb leaving 5 for games, Sony have said their OS will use 1gb leaving 7 for games. I believe they also said that the Xb1 OS will use 2 of the 8 cores.

4) We've already heard quite a bit of detail and it's not looking good.

hakis862504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Dear Rageanitus, it seems like you have not read as many articles about this like I have. And I mean tech-analysis and official HW specs articles.

1) While the CPU/GPU/"APU" in both consoles are from AMD, they already know that the PS4 has 18 unified Compute units, vs the Xbox One's 12.

However, I'm not sure actual clock-speeds for the chips in any system are official.

2) The architecture is similar to a PC but not LIKE a PC. You have your motherboard with a CPU, north/south bridge, GPU via PCI express BUS, and DDR3 dual channel RAM on a typical gaming PC these days.
The Xbox One is slower than a PC like this, because it is very similar considering it has to transfer data via different "buses" to/from RAM to the GPU/CPU. COMBINED these about match the total bandwidth of the PS4.
But, the PS¤ has a UNIFIED memory pool (like the 360 has, really), and the GPU/CPU can access it directly without going via a cache/"bus", and this is where the PS4 is in theory very efficient compared to a standard PC architecture. But no, it's not more powerful than a expensive PC.

3) The point is that the Xbox One has reserved about 3GB of ram to the operating systemS and Kinect, in order to have apps and TV etc running/swapping smoothly, like we were shown. 3 Operating systems takes up more RAM than the PS4's single operating system (they haven't said how mush it uses..?).

4) Agreed.

EDIT: typos ++ Sources:

noctis_lumia2504d ago

buddy DEAL WITH IT already...the ps4 CRUSHES the xdone

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hennessey862504d ago

because my "STANDARD" ddr3 ram in my PC is running games the PS4 could only dream of running at the settings I have them running at. As for the GPU we don't no what either has inside GPU wise its just guessing and rumors again. The only time we will be able to say which is more powerful is when we see games up and running on final hardware in living rooms.

Petro2504d ago

Take a look at your GPU's RAM. ;)

Brazz2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

your GPU memory is DDR 3 or Gddr5? if you are playing games that "PS4 could only dream of running" you GPU is GDDR5, no doubt...
don't mistake the DDR3 memory that your computer use for system, app and stuff, for the Gddr 5 that video cards use to produce better graphics...

kwandar2504d ago

Doesn't matter ... Xbox One is effectively DOA.

Captain Qwark 92504d ago

Ha yeah right. It was the most wished for item on amazon yesterday with ps4 as number 4. Gaming websites are where the vocal minority tends to voice their displeasure, if you think n4g represents the population then you really should get out more. Myself and ALL of my friends with 360s were impressed and are getting one. That's around 50 peeps I know who game frequently, my gf was impressed by it too and she would be more in that casual market. The console will so great in the us, doa in Japan, and I imagine a similar performance in other territories as the 360 does now

_QQ_2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

50 people want the TVboxone. Now we know MS is safe.

Brazz2504d ago

Cap. Qwark 9 > No doubt that xbox will sell good in USA, it's made for USA market... But like this it will never be bigger than PS4 in world market. Ps3 have close to 1.75 times the sales of xbox360 outside USA, and ps4 will make this diference even bigger outside USA now that MS made this "USA only machine"...

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Daves2504d ago

Quite simple really, would you buy something from a company that can't count?

level 3602504d ago

What's the Wii U doing here? It's already a last-gen console as far as the PS4/XBox One are concerned.

chestnut11222504d ago

You don't own a Wii U so ur comment is invalid. Get Lost with Your X Bots 360.

noctis_lumia2504d ago

wii u is still a piece of crap compared to the ps4 so yep its not next gen cant even beat some ps3 games in performance lol

kwandar2504d ago

Really? Maybe on a hardware basis, but I've never bought a console based on hardware - I buy based on games and features. If you just want to base this on hardware, than I'd highly recommend you move to a PC with Steam.

Xbox One is dead anyway. That leaves PS4, but lets see if Sony tries to screw over consumers too.

maxgamehard2504d ago

Hey its still better than the Xbone. It can play used games and kinect isn't shoved down my throat.

Bathyj2504d ago

Wow Nintendo, what were you thinking?
The only place it stacks up is WiFi.

1upgamer992504d ago

Although clearly Nintendo's Wii U doesn't have the power of PS41, the reason it should appeal to you is the games that are going to be on the system, and the fact that it does play Wii Games and upscales them. Lets not for get it has 3X more ram and newer tech than PS360.No it will not be able to do what PS41 can, but it will certainly be able to pull off much more than we have seen last gen. I mean Wii had barely more power than Gamecube, but look what Nintendo pulled off with that system, For instance Metroid Prime 3 and Galaxy 2. They still look pretty good to this day, and with the power of Wii U and Retro's new game engine, I am sure there will be some nice eye candy. I love games, and am very excited about this Next gen. Sony is going to be amazing, and Nintendo will as well. 1st Box, well I know there are going to be some great games, but I am going to pass for sure. I did have 360 6 years ago, but not going to even think about Xbox this time around. Going to pick PS4 up right away, unless its like $10,000 LOL :)

punisher992504d ago

"the reason it should appeal to you is the games that are going to be on the system,"

Which games is that exactly? Last time I checked, developers are starting to turn away from this console. The Wii U is slowly starting to die. Its not even outselling current gen consoles.

" Wii had barely more power than Gamecube, but look what Nintendo pulled off with that system,"

The Wii was a much cheaper gimmicky console that got the attention of the non gamers, (the grandmas, grandpas and other non gamers were all wowed by its motion gaming. You can compare this system to the Wii U, because the Wii U is not targeting that audience.

kwandar2504d ago

Actually it stacks up well.

It brings asymmetrical gaming, and off screen play, built into the system (ie. you aren't reliant on having the consumer purchase additional hardware, so you can build games around that).

More to the point it brings games, and a lower price point. It is all about the games, and is likely to have FAR more games this fall when parents are shopping.

Ok - last point. Xbox One is already a fail due to anti-consumer technology (and PS4 may yet have an issue in that respect). Listen to Joe - he knows what he is talking about:

Bathyj2504d ago

"Despite a higher GPU performance, we doubt that the PS4 will perform much better than the Xbox One."

I wonder how he arrived at that conclusion. He doesnt explain at all. Thats like saying just because you have a bigger bucket, doesnt mean you can hold more water. But it kinda does, doesnt it?

If that is in fact true, and CPU's are comparable, I would have thought better GPU, better RAM and better tools as well from what we've heard means better performance, unless he was just talking about sales performance which cant be measured yet since both have sold 0.

Kakashi Hatake2504d ago

The only explanation is the media is in bed with MS. Had Sony had the weaker machine, the media would be all over it. Sadly all they'll do is downplay it.

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