Despite the atrocious reveal the Xbox One is a fine machine


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Yes, I’m a bit more of an Xbox fan more than a PlayStation fan, why? I don’t know, I just prefer the Xbox. Although, I do think of myself as unbiased towards all forms of gaming what with me being a Social Media Manager for a PS website, and writing for a website that supports multiplatform.

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SuperSteve2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

The author makes some good points:

"But, only after sitting down, discussing my angers about everything announced at this week’s reveal, I realized….I do this on my 360 more than I game these days. Even now looking at my friends-list there are more people using Netflix, SkyPlayer, IPlayer, Crunchyroll, and Windows Explorer than there are people playing games (Some are even are just parties just chatting without actually playing a game). I use my 360 as a form of communication between friends, I also watch a great deal of films, sport, and listen to a lot more music on my 360 than I play games. So I ask you: Why were we so annoyed at the reveal? It seems that MS have got it spot on what we like."

" say that “XboxOne doesn’t have any games, because they didn’t show any at the reveal” is like saying the “The PS4 doesn’t exist because Sony didn’t show it at its reveal.”

And not so great points:

"The Xbox One may boast less power with the DDR5 that its next-gen rival PS4’s DDR6..." (da FUCK?)

Ravi2012PSN2500d ago

I am a super sony fanboy, though as reading your post, i was like, "oh, that makes sense, this guy has a great idea here...." then....xBONE DDR5, PS4 DDR6 :S sigh. NVM.

Patient_624822500d ago

DDR issue has been fixed..It was a simple typo...One that actually escaped the draft (even though I'm 100% sure it was fixed before it was submitted to the editorial team)

Patient_624822500d ago

Corrected the DDR issue....

002500d ago

yes Kinict always spying on you is totally fine.