What we think we know about what Microsoft isn’t saying about the Xbox One

For all of the things Microsoft has revealed about the Xbox One this week, the company has evaded and dismissed just as many important questions and concerns about the console. In an effort to clear the air, we've pieced together the best available information on three of these important issues while we wait for Microsoft to offer more clarification

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ArchangelMike2499d ago

No body said it better that Francis

The more I read about the XbOne, the less appealing it becomes to me.

The trade-off's are just too much for the 'gaming' experience that Microsoft is offering. I'd rather not have to trade my soul to M$ just so I can get one week exclusive early access to next-gen COD DLC.

I'd much rather just go with Sony and the PS4. Their message is clear - games are the focus. They have more 1st party studios, proven track record in quality games, and are not anti-consumerist in their business practices (at least not yet anyway, all will be revealed at E3)

Freak of Nature2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Xbox,Xbox 360, PS1,PS2,PS3,N64,GC,Wii,WiiU, own them all, as neutral as they get....Real happy about my upcoming PS4, but.....X1 has some "splainin" to do...

In the time they took to explain this...

"We're not announcing the details of that today... Our goal is to make it really customer-centric, really simple, and really understandable, and we will announce those details in due course."

They could have cut to the chase, get to the bottom line just as quick explanation...

Because if not I will be saying..." Bye,bye X1, switch me to PS4 now"... And I will not be switching back to X1 again this time, XBOX 1 will be out of the loop for me...

BlindGuardian2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )


it says what I've been saying all along, the online checks are for MS to see if any of the games on your HDD were sold as second hand and to delete them if that's case

but until you go online to let your console phone home and they confirm which ones you still own MS will hold ALL your games hostage not letting you play anything because they will assume you're trying to screw them by playing games from the HDD of which you've sold the actual disc

-games can be played from the HDD without disc
-X1 will have to go online periodically to do something
-MS rep mention the word "permission" and "validation" to separate licence from disc

with those facts in mind what I have stated above is the only logical conclusion

please tell me if there's something wrong with my reasoning

Prcko2499d ago

francis is a legend :DDD

Sharius2499d ago

"We plan to name this system skynet but then we changed it in the last minute

Relientk772499d ago

Lol people keep calling it X bone, it just sounds weird

Summons752499d ago

Well that's all one MS. They don't want people shortening it to "xb1" they want the one spelt out which makes "xbone". Probably fitting since it seems dead in the water anyway. I liked the Xbox brand since the original but at the end of this gen and what I've seen of xbone, I'm not pleased at all. The only exclusive I have interest in is halo and I'm not going to drop 400+ bucks for 1 game in a year or two :/.

Ben122499d ago ShowReplies(1)
Excalibur2499d ago

So you CAN"T use the system without having Kinect attached and "always on".

No thanks, No sale.

ger23962499d ago

Another odd thing is Kinect needs to be on in order to use xbone. What happens if the the Kinect malfunctions? Will you still be able to use your xbone? This another issue Microsoft has to address. They're sure not making it easy this gen.

Excalibur2499d ago


It's like a dime holding up a dollar.

Narutone662499d ago

What if Kinect 2 is the new RROD, then MS could claim that they sold more units than PS4.

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