Microsoft to Soil Gaming with Xbox One: Used Games, Indies and Connectivity

There are legions of gamers who have pledged support for Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Wii U over the last few days, even the changes in stock levels for all three industry players reflected the news. A piece of new hardware can easily be shunned and mocked but that's the shallow picture, surface level. Because of Microsoft's significance in the video game, computing and entertainment industries, their moves could impact the next-generation in an anti-progressive way.

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FrigidDARKNESS3473d ago

How is MS soiling gaming? They have contributed more to gaming than any company.
The thread title is flame bait and a troll thread.

Gimmemorebubblez3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Contributed more to gaming than any company....................... ...........that title belongs to Sony. Who knows what gaming would be like today if the PsOne and Ps2 did not make gaming mass-market. Nintendo and Sega also did a lot for the industry. Name 1 thing major besides pay-walls that MS has done for the industry. Don't say online because Sega did it first. Don't mention hands-free motion control because Sony did it first. They contributed a lot to PC gaming in the 90's but Games for Windows Live is shocking and Valve are now holding the PC flag.
MS's decisions are anti-consumer and anti-developer. Sony, Nintendo and Valve are all out to make money but they seem to generally care about consumers and are not trying to nickel and dime there consumers. I do not know how anyone who cares about the industry can support a console that.
-Charges for online
-Blocks used games unless you pay a fee
-Churns out bucketloads of casual crap
-Requires Kinect to be on all the time(privacy)
- Requires a internet connection every 24 hours.

b00mFargl33473d ago

1. No fee required.

2. Wii has the most casual game lineup.

3. Almost every computer has a webcam. Just because it is always on doesn't mean there are privacy issues.

4. Indie has been integrated into the games to make it more seamless to find and purchase which will aid them.

5. Portions of used game sales will go to publishers. (I wonder where developers will flock to if there is more revenue to be made)

6. paying for xbox live has many benefits. Including enhance performance for games


TheFirstClassic3473d ago

I would say nintendo contributed to gaming more than sony, so many more great consoles and handhelds, heck they even saved the industry back with the nes. Can't contribute to gaming much more than that. MS has barely contributed at all, halo was their greatest accomplishment.

Gimmemorebubblez3473d ago


Yup they did save the industry.

JoySticksFTW3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

@ b00mFargl3

From your link:

"Citing 'sources familiar with the system,' Polygon reports that the Xbox One will not require a fee to play used games."

"sources"; not Microsoft. MS needs to state this themselves. And the fact that they haven't yet is very telling.

And your "every computer has a webcam" argument is insane.

If we disable our computer webcam (by covering it with tape, flipping it around, unplugging the microphones, removing all webcam related components and boxing it up, etc), our computers still function as normal. Xbox One won't.

What are you getting at?

pompombrum3473d ago

"6. paying for xbox live has many benefits. Including enhance performance for games "

How much are M$ paying you to write on here? Seriously.. by enhanced performance, do you mean games that are mp only aren't essentially a cup coaster?

DragonKnight3473d ago


1. Yes, there is a fee.

2. Yep, but they didn't start out core with the Wii and move to casual the way the 360 did.

3. LOL! Such terrible logic.

4. Indie's can't self-publish. They must partner up with a publisher. This means lack of control over the IP. This is also non-optional. Indie devs will go to PS4 and PC.

5. Irrelevant if people don't buy the games out of principle, or even the console. Developers will go where there are more people. Used games or not, more people = more money.

6. It has no benefits. It's a pay wall that blocks usage of half the aspect of a game you paid full price for and every feature it has is done for free and better elsewhere.

Supporting always-online games is support anti-consumerism and choice. Please stop gaming immediately.

MikeMyers3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

1. There will be a fee to unlock the license. Which essentially means you are now the owner of that software. There won;t be a fee to play on other Xbox One systems as long as you are signed-in to your account.

2. ?

3. Microsoft has already stated they are very serious when it comes to privacy. Not an issue for me.

4. Microsoft is screwing up with the indies, no doubt about it. They need to treat the indie scene differently than they do with high profile games. When you have someone like Tim Schafer saying boo it's time to take notice and understand how to fix it. Indie games will no longer have their own section, they will all be under games.

5. It's a win for publishers and the hardware supplier. Consumers won't like it but it's about time there is a compromise. Store like Gamestop will still likely be able to sell used games. Some consumers don't want to cave in at all because it means the game isn't as versatile to sell. Right now XBLA games can't be traded or sold, maybe now they can be.

6. That depends on what it is you want in a service. Xbox Live has been the leader in console gaming for easy to use while being quick and painless. It has also adopted party chat and made joining and hosting games very simple. One key area I like is playing with friends. I can play different games and continue talking and being connected with them. Xbox One will have 300,000 servers which will help reduce latency in games and could theoretically isolate issues on a game to game situation. Right now if a problem happens the whole system is affected. It will also help offload some of the hardware demand to the cloud and have breathable single player games that can change. All while games are automatically updated and ready to play instantly.

rainslacker3472d ago

Nintendo, Sega, and Sony have all contributed to gaming consoles individually more than MS has. Wow...just wow at OP.

MS is no slouch, and I won't deny them their accomplishments, but really go inform yourself on the history of video games. It existed long before the 360..which is probably twice as long as you've been gaming.

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SpinalRemains3473d ago


Simple. They are charging for what is otherwise free.
They're ruining the gaming landscape.

That is, unless you prefer Kinect games and absurd fees and restrictions.

Seriously, how are you or anyone else ok with any of this? Im dying to know.

DragonKnight3473d ago

"They have contributed more to gaming than any company."

This shows your age. You couldn't be more wrong if you tried.

Blank3473d ago

Thank you! You said it for me! This statement was the dumbest statement I seen all day!

SexyGamerDude3473d ago

"They have contributed more to gaming than any company."

Really now? Ever hear of the name Atari?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3473d ago

MS never got into gaming for games only to be a tv box.

TKCMuzzer3473d ago

With that statement "They have contributed more to gaming than any company" you prove you are not a gamer, so the Xbox one is right up your street.

S2Killinit3473d ago

are you blind or deaf or both? if xbox proves to be a successful business strategy we consumers are f**ked.

MysticStrummer3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

"They have contributed more to gaming than any company."

Wow. People actually agreed with you. O.O

Must be young'uns.

Out of the current active console makers, MS has contributed the least to gaming. There are also companies who no longer make games or consoles that contributed more to gaming than MS.

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Excalibur3473d ago

I would love to see every retailer that had a hand in the used or rental gaming business totally boycott the sale of Xbox One and it's software.

Can you imagine if Yahoo, walmart, Gamestop, Best Buy,Block Buster, Red Box, game Fly, just to name a few didn't carry the Xbox One or any product associated with it?

SexyGamerDude3473d ago

I don't think Walmart participates in selling used games and consoles. The one near me doesn't do it anyways.

TKCMuzzer3473d ago

It baffles me why Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo in this day and age can't just come up with a deal, even sites like ebay. The tech is surely there, every game is bar-coded, can't they just come up with a scheme that if a game is bought second hand then at least some small percentage goes back to the publishers. Surely this can be done, its 2013 after all.
A compromise is surely better than going one way or another.

PrimeGrime3473d ago

@FrigidDARKNESS Wow that is by far the most delusional thing I have ever heard as of late. You must be very young and stupid.. Microsoft has literally never been the forefront of innovation, literally every idea they have had was built heavily from another or just bought.

The most they did was write the first basic interpreters for kit computers.. Other than that every idea they have had, someone else had done before in the same context.

I am not saying using others ideas is bad but nothing Microsoft has done could ever truly be considered original, they are always late to the game and literally just try to do what everyone else does with Microsoft thrown on it.

You also realize Bill Gates didn't even create Windows right? He simply bought the program for $50,000.. from Tim Paterson a programmer who created QDOS. Of course every moron assumes it was all Bill Gates..

Plus Gary Kildall created the very first OS which again no one ever gives credit to or ever mentions. IBM actually completely ripped him off, while Bill Gates ripped off IBM and Tim Paterson.. There you go Microsoft was born with the Windows OS.. Simply by throwing around money not by being innovative.

Literally every person who started it all that we know and use today was far from Bill Gates, all he did was buy it and make it his own..

Since you are too young obviously to know your history, you're welcome for that little history lesson. Maybe next time you won't make such stupid assertions.

murkinwaters3473d ago

And that just goes to show your ignorance, bud. Bill Gates didn't have to start anything but MS. Period. All companies are really the same way. The guy at the top of Sony didn't invent the playstation in his garage dumbass. He paid others to do it. In fact, they stole the idea from working with Nintendo on a console, and then being told they weren't needed anymore. They took the tech they were working on and made the PS. Microsoft has made MANY software innovations and advancements, as well as hardware. You would have to be blind or just willfully ignorant to ignore it. Also, The PC already does most of the so called "bad things" that the new xbox is doing. It hasnt stopped me from pc gaming and using steam, and I doubt it has stopped most anyone else. If it has stopped you, I guess it is time for you to stop being a gamer, cause it isnt going anywhere. Also, PS WILL do the same thing. So what medium exactly WILL you be left with to game on? Hmm? WiiU? lol, give me a f*ckin break.

rainslacker3472d ago

I wouldn't say they never contributed anything to any sector ever since then. They are creative about a lot of things, particularly in the software market for PC's. They push technologies and stuff. What MS is good at is getting these products into peoples hands, either through coercion(they were sued quite often for anti-consumer practices), or through excellent marketing.

Other than that, it's what I've been telling people for years. They are only in it for themselves, and don't care much for their consumers beyond what it means to their bottom line. They do make some very good software products for productivity, and they do innovate on them.

Godmars2903473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Has the issue of rentals been touched on now that apparently there wont be a fee for resales? If such is true then it should be possible to "scrub" the licenses for the games.

Also, it just now occurs to me that many complains about piracy, like David Cage bitching about losing a million sales on Heavy Rain, could be rental related. Trades between friends.

TKCMuzzer3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Sometimes I think devs fail to see that without second hand games their games probably wouldn't reach the heights they do.
If your not going to buy a game new then your likely not going to buy that game, period. If you do then see it second hand this may change your mind. You buy it, take it home, think it's brilliant and then you get ready to buy the next game they make new because your then looking forward to it.
How many people bought Uncharted second hand, took it home, loved it, then went and bought Uncharted 2 brand when released? quite a few I imagine.
I leant Uncharted to people and it had this knock effect...

mandf3473d ago

Finally someone gets it.

Narutone663473d ago

The first Uncharted was sold out and I had to wait for the "The Best" series of Uncharted 1 to be available and in stock before getting one.

Pillsbury13473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

I think it's ludicrous how they won't give you a straight answer and flip flop on the vague answer they do give. Xbox loyalists have a justification for jumping ship, I've never seen such a bonehead move in the gaming industry.

Pillsbury13473d ago

Hahah that picture on the story is hilarious, a VCR and a camcorder.

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