Face-Off: Resident Evil: Revelations

Digital Foundry - How about something a little different? A Digital Foundry Face-Off that serves us the usual HD platforms with a little extra Wii U spice - all lined up and compared to the original Nintendo 3DS release. It's a fascinating, one-of-a-kind comparison that should see the handheld hardware comprehensively out-classed, out-quaffed and generally out-done in every way. And yet, despite the enormous gulf in processing power (think of the 3DS as Dreamcast-level hardware with some more modern GPU features) we came away rather impressed with the vintage handheld game and it remains one of the most impressive technological showcases for Nintendo's portable system.

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windblowsagain2504d ago

Poor looking game.

Boring demo.

jayman232504d ago

demo was poor ill agree with you there, but I just got the game and its actually pretty good.

jc485732504d ago

surprised the size of REvelations is even larger than RE6

sigfredod2504d ago

Wii U again sub performance, when this console lift uo, or will even acomplish that?

jc485732504d ago

I'm only buying wii u for games specifically designed for that console. I mean, not saying it's pointless to go multiplatform, but I think it's best if they simply showed off some "magic" with new games. You'll be amazed at what developers can do when they work around some of the limitations or obstacles.