Did Microsoft Do Their Conference Right By Doing It Wrong?

GP writer Jared discusses why Microsoft planned for their conference to happen as it did instead of pleasing the hardcore gamer crowd.

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BigFnHooters2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

"why Microsoft planned for their conference to happen as it did"

This is something I think the people who keep grasping at some magical recovery at E3 for Microsoft don't get.

A cable box that plays games is exactly what the beancounters at Microsoft designed the Xbox One to be. A device that is effectively a Microsoft tollbooth to your livingroom media consumption.

Microsoft sees consumers spending money on Google, Apple, Cable and other services in their livingrooms and they want that revenue. The Xbox One is that device. Anything you do in your living, Microsoft wants to get their cut of money.

You can just imagine the Xbox execs sitting in meeting rooms in Redmond with charts full of profit projections from squeezing the maximum amount of revenue out of each Xbox One owner - movies, games, resold games, music, ads everywhere, sports, and every service to charge for.

strangelove2507d ago

I'm not a Microsoft man myself, but I'm hopeful they have something big planned for E3. Where's the fun in no competition?