Meet The Characters of The Last Of Us

IGN - Naughty Dog and Ashley Johnson explain the process of translating the characters of The Last Of Us from script to screen.

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DigitalRaptor2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

I love how Neil has reinforced that Joel & Ellie's relationship and how it develops over the course of the game, is the single most important thing to them.

Remember in Uncharted 2 where Drake has to work with Tenzin without being able to have a dialogue, and their bond grew and ended up appreciating each other through their actions? This was applied to the entire game of TLoU, and we will see moments like this throughout the game.

I can't wait to meet more o f the characters we haven't seen yet. 3 weeks to go!

TwistedMetal2502d ago

this game looks better then that xbox one game. no contest get this game if you are smart.

Conzul2502d ago

It looks good enough to be a PS4 title, if the draw distances were a bit meatier.
Thank God for Naughty Dog.

SnotyTheRocket2502d ago

Bit more AA and draw distance, then, it becomes next gen.

level 3602502d ago

20 days to go for the most anticipated game since Uncharted 2.