Why EA is wrong to claim Xbox One and PS4 are a 'generation' ahead of PC

TechRadar - Bless you Rajat Taneja, CTO at two-times winner of Worst Company in America, Electronic Arts, you've revived me from the depths of man-flu by filling me with nerd rage.

Yesterday you took to LinkedIn to wax lyrical about your appreciation of the next generation of games consoles from both Sony and your previous employer, Microsoft.

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Hellsvacancy2504d ago

Its EA ffs, theyre always wrong

ijust2good2504d ago

Oh oh! This News will put PC Warriors in Rage Mode.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2504d ago

They are really fukin pc gamers over with the new fifa.

ignite engine on x86 ps4 but not pc?? ok

LAWSON722504d ago

Have they confirmed that EA sport games will only come to consoles.

Sideras2504d ago

Nah maybe one generation and a half back, like it always has been. Not that I mind it, I buy consoles for the exclusives, EA don't mean shit, I wouldn't touch their games with my dick.

elhebbo162504d ago

Why would you touch any game with your penis? seems like a weird fetish...

Kaiou2504d ago

A generation ahead WHO SAID THAT ? ....what? EA ? ah oh ok say that from the start . If we start taking pigs seriously we won't be able to have a nice egg and bacon breakfast.

DeadlyFire2504d ago

Only real advantage is locked in hardware. PC developers scale and tweak for wide range of PCs. Consoles are setting the bottom line for PC development.

PC gets a new generation every year. So if they were behind in about 6 months we will see their next generation come about beyond that.

I assume EA sees the new consoles having HSA with multiple CPUs and GPU CU cores working together. PC will get HSA and more GPU cores on their CPUs in 2014/2015 up to 1 Tflop and beyond. + whatever juice their GPU has. Which could scale from 1 Tflop up to 4.5 Tflops or more in the next year.

fr0sty2504d ago

PC games, save for the rare exclusives, are built upon the bar that consoles set. they always just play console games cleaner, smoother, and at a higher resolution. Very rarely does a game come along that can be considered truly "a generation above" the consoles until late in the consoles' life cycles. We still aren't seeing that many games on PC that are on the shelves right now that can be considered to look as good or better than what we've seen on the next gen consoles.

PCs may have better hardware under the hood (though devs have to code for compatibility, not maximum hardware power, and therefore you never get 100% of your PC's power when using it to play games), but consoles are what defines how those games will look. They are where the developer money is being spent.

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The story is too old to be commented.