Wii System Update (3/21/08): Mysterious Update

Another Wii System Update is available. There's no letter from Nintendo in the Wii inbox explaining what it is for and no noticeable changes on the surface. The Wii System version still says version "3.2U," but there is something new to download.

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killer_trap4874d ago

so it doesn't even change the OS version number!!!! what kind of update is that?

ItsDubC4874d ago

I theorize that the system update in conjunction w/ the Wii Shop Channel update have something to do w/ WiiWare.

KeiZka4874d ago

Probably. Let's hope that's true.

Apocwhen4874d ago

Or maybe it could be to block Wiiloader?

KeiZka4874d ago

Let's hope that isn't the case, heh?

ChickeyCantor4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

It was an update for the Shop channel.
Wiiware is coming !

Freeloader still works =D( updating the Wii scared the sh/t out of me, i was scared for some error xD)