Xbox One: give Microsoft the chance to show what they can do

Telegraph: " E3 is Microsoft's chance to turn around gamer opinion in an instant, so we should hold off before we dismiss the Xbox One, says Tom Hoggins."

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Pincushion2508d ago

they don't deserve another chance

AngelicIceDiamond2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Says who?

A bunch of fanboys? Don't make me laugh like they matter.

We're still yet to get the full details and clarification on the XB1.

@EDIT: @Hooters Quantum Break, Rares new game, Forza, Black tusks Ip and Ryse.

Your stupid comment fails because those are 5 confirmed games that'll be unveiled at E3 according to MS.

Mottsy2508d ago

Everyone deserves a second chance! And regardless of what side of the fence you stand, competition is good for gaming. You may not like console A or B or whatnot but if it was just console A then I firmly believe PS4 or xbox would not be where they are today.

theBAWSE2508d ago

I agree give ms a chance to come clean

Tell the truth about lending games and Kinect always watching and listening

I hope the see sense and scrap the surveillance box one privacy issues and Focus on games

BigFnHooters2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

We know exactly what the Xbox One is and what Microsoft's E3 will be:

* Halo, Halo, Halo...
* The same old handful of other Xbox franchises
* Faked Kinect demos
* Kinect casual shovelware
* PC ports being passed off as 'exclusives'
* Third party 'exclusives' that aren't actually exclusives
* A lame attempt at addressing the massive graphical power advantage the PS4 has over the wimpy Xbox One with a bunch of handwaving about 'teh Cloud'

It's a device designed by lame Microsoft beancounters who see it as tool to extract as much cash as possible from its installed base:

* Forced fees just to be able to play games online
* Ads everywhere
* Service fees everywhere
* Restrictive DRM to make sure no one plays anything without having to pay

talisker2508d ago

Says me, their former customer. I lost money because of their lies about "upcoming core games, also for Kinect". They won't trick me into in this time.

Also, being spied by a camera which is permanently on and connected to the Internet is out of question for me, no matter what games they show.

NewMonday2508d ago

I'll give the XBOne another look in 2017

BluEx6102508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Do you like MS locking out Indie Devs self publishing? Do you like how they throw billions of dollars into TV media while the Video Game industry is struggling? Do you love Kinect so much, and would gladly sacrifice hardware specs so you can talk and wave to your TV, and so it can watch you 24/7?? Do you hate it when your friends are like "hey let me borrow that game"?? Do you love paying for game's online features that's free on other platforms?? Do you love NFL fantasy football with ESPN??? Do you love Call of Duty, and Fifa? Well Xbox One is the perfect system for you broski!!! /S

But wait it's a all in one Box, that you still need your cable DVR plugged in??? Guess what it's still not a DVR, so why would I watch things on Xbox if I can't rewind live TV? Them not throwing in rechargeable batteries in the Controller is proof how greedy they are. You already need to buy a peripheral charging station. This isn't 2004 MS.... There's very little they can announce that will excite me. Shit with PS4 I can actually let my friend take over my play session via online, and that's what I call Sharing. Instead Xbox One doesn't want you to share with your friends. No used games, no live streaming, no spectate mode, no God Mode, or Take over controller mode... Where's the game innovations?? Fuck MS and their corporate BS.

Why o why2508d ago

I'm waiting until e3 until I make a firm, more balanced opinion. They have a lot to answer for.. . Anybody saying otherwise is in denial

BlindGuardian2507d ago

"wait for E3"?? OMG why is this so hard?

haven't you been around gaming for the last four E3s when all MS apoligists could say was "wait forE3" when there were no games in sight? and MS disappointed EVERY SINGLE TIME?

is that news to you? what make you think it will be different this time?

and those 15 exclusives that include 8 new IPs? well, Forza and Halo and Quatum Break makes that 12 left with 7 new IPs

honestly, don't you think that a large part of that will be Kinect shovelware and downloadable games?

I'm curious about how many years in a row MS needs to pull the same crap for people to stop saying "wait for E3"

bintarok2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

I believe both Sony and Micro have been hard at work addressing the used games issue :

It's a very sensitive matter to all gamers, not just core gamers. Off course, one can argue that XO isn't a single purpose gaming console. The greatest challenge these console makers are facing is to bring back our passion in real GAMES, not some free-to-play games from mobile market.

These 3 gaming consoles have to do well together in order to revive the gaming industry that has been seriously affected by the mobile industry. The real "threat" for console gamers is mobile gaming. What i've seen here is console gamers vs console gamers. What's your benefits of blaming a new/hybrid console that is trying to revive & expand the console market for wider audience?

Ashlen2507d ago

Whats the deal with calling people fanoys. Are insults all you have?

You don't have to be a fan to not like the idea of DRM or to oppose used game blocking or to raise privacy concerns about Kinect.

Microsoft showed what they had to offer and most consumers who are educated in the topic rejected it. It's that simple, it has absolutely nothing to do with be a fanboy.

Boody-Bandit2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.
This fool won't be fooled again.

MS up an abandoned me with the original Xbox.
They appear to be doing the same thing with the 360 in that there will not only be no compatibility with their games but all their Xbox 360 peripherals (controllers, fight sticks, racing wheels and headphones) as well.
Not to mention they finshed off the 2nd half of the 360 life cycle with only their fab 4 (Halo, Gears, Forza and Fable) and some multipli plat DLC exclusive deals and abandoned the core gamers for Kinect shovel ware.

Now they are making media priority one over gaming while having Kinect integrated into every aspect of their hardware. Add a side serving of DRM, a slew of restrictions and nickel and diming to the extreme (used / rental fees).

NO. For all those reasons I won't give Microsoft a chance to show their hand. They had May 12st and a megaton of bad press that they are NOT refuting. They might be able to find some way around the used / rental fees but everything else I don't like (DRM, Kinect having to be connected at all times and a near constant network verification check) is already built into the hardware.

MS should've made the core gamer that brought them this far as their main priority and not TV, sports, social networking and motion controls. Along with them sacrificing hardware to be a more efficient entertainment hub and trying to snowball the consumer with pipe dreams using cloud to make ONE a more advanced gaming machine. Sorry MS but after Natal, Milo, the ability to use this motion device in mainstream games, than fast forward to Kinect and Skittles? I think you have proven yourself and amazing PR company with an equally amazing marketing company BUT that is primarily all you seem to do. All the while trying to drain the consumer for every cent. Some of which other manufacturers and publishers don't charge the consumer for.

All I wanted from their next hardware iteration was the ability to have more power, being able to use all my peripherals, especially my CSR Elite wheel with Forza 5 and their next Horizon, with their new console and I would've been sold hook, line and sinker. No, they couldn't even do that. They are wanting us to start over from scratch and implementing things that have 0 interest to me while trying to get me to dig deeper into my wallet.

So frustrated. I'm going to miss Forza.
For those that read this. Check my profile background and see why I'm so bummed. I loves me some Forza on my triple panels. I can't play that game with a standard controller. NO WAY!

/end rant

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fermcr2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

There are people that are not interested in the X1, but are pissed that otheres are interested in it and are going to purchase it. Those people don't want to purchase the X1 and don't want others to purchase it.

What the hell do i care if others purchase or don't purchase the X1. If i don't like what i see from the X1 or PS4, i won't buy them. Simple as that.

Dr Pepper2508d ago

If i had to venture a guess, beyond people just being fanboys, I would say that they are concerned to see the X1 do well because of the influence it may have over the two other console industry players. If the system with drm/always online does really well financially, how long will it be before every system has it, because they know they can get away with it? That may be why people are frustrated (which would at least be more understandable than just the usual "______ iz teh best all 0therz r stoopid")

loulou2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

dr pepper. drm are is here, and not just for microsoft. why have sony not jumped on the opportunity this week, to bury microsoft with some sort of announcement distancing themselves from drm??

why? because it will be on the ps4 as well. disagree all you want, but their silence is deafening.

anyway. microsoft can redeem themselves at e3 with a stellar showing. but if a large majority of their games are kinect... then bye bye microsoft.

Dr Pepper2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Yeah loulou, I have my suspicions of Sony as well (as there are still many unknown aspects of their console). But seeing as MS is the only one to have confirmed such a thing yet between the two of them (with the WiiU not doing it), it is what I'm assuming the gamers out there are currently concerned about.

loulou2508d ago

hmmm. this could perhaps have something to do with sonys silence

forcefullpower2508d ago


Sony will not come out and try and bury them on this subject. It would probably back fire as the fire is ragging at the moment with their fans and it would just burn Sony in a bad way. And they also don't need this type of attention on them.

Also I still don't know why people are trying at great lengths to drag Sony into Microsoft shit storm.

Sony has officially said numerous times that they will NOT stop used games on their hardware.

loulou2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

why would it backfire..?? and how could distancing themselves from this be not the sort of attention they need? how could a flatout refusal of drm "burn them in a bad way" ?? unless ofcourse they cant say that if it is a blatant lie.

"no there will not be any type of drm on our console" boom and microsoft are buried.

i am sorry, but no one is trying to drag sony into this, i think that people are trying to get the fanboys to see that this is almost certainly going to be on the ps4 as well.

sony have officially said that they will "leave it upto the publisher/dev" which seems to me that they are pointing the fingers at the publishers who have lobbied hard for this.

i dont see why people are going to great lenths pretending that sony are innocent in all of this either. why not say it, if they was not doing it?

forcefullpower2508d ago

No Sony is not doing this as already stated by them people like you don't want Microsoft to look like the only bad one so you want to try and drag Sony into a fight that is not theirs. It was you dragging them into this conversation no one else here mentioned PS4 but you.

Sony has nothing to do with your anger at Microsoft for their stupidity.

rainslacker2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

If it were a one on one comparison(relatively this gen) then yes, it is just fan boy speak. I'm not going to be pissed about anyone wanting to buy the console. It's their money, they can do what they want with it. It is concerning though to think of the long term ramifications to gaming should MS apparent practices become commonplace. To that end, people are arguing that maybe those people should take a closer look at that.

I personally don't feel the need to hate on anyone that wants to buy one, but I feel it important to inform them about the issues as best I can. In the case of loulou, they just won't see the other side of the issue, and continue to spread misinformation in an effort in what I assume is a way to validate their own reasoning(also known as fanboyism). If it isn't an issue for them, then so be it, the market will decide. It may suck for those that don't like it if it all comes to it's inevitable conclusion, but that's the way the free market works.

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BlindGuardian2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

they had their chance

ltachiUchiha2508d ago

I still remember when the ps3 first launched. No one gave it a chance. It was worst then what u see now with the new xbox one. I never read one article that said give them a chance. It was all doomed articles. Now look how everything has changed.

The original xbox was in the same position where it was too expensive & didnt have enough games & even with the bill gates who was the richest in the world at the time couldnt save the original xbox from sinking. I'll wait until e3 to see what microsoft shows off but if they dont get rid of me not being able to let a friend use my game without having a fee, im not buying one until they do decide to change their tactics. How greedy can u get? Geez smh.

Walker2508d ago

They cannot do anything about gaming ! Sony and PS4 FTW !!!

urwifeminder2508d ago

Looking forward to wii u and xboxone reveals and any pc announcements.

stage882508d ago

But more importantly PS4 announcements.

NS2508d ago

People have been giving them chances since 2009. Should people continue to give them more chances for the next 4 years.

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