Will Xbox One Win?

Fool: "We're getting a new Xbox, and unlike Sony's (NYSE: SNE ) cryptic PS4 unveiling earlier this year, we actually got to see Microsoft's shiny new toy."

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BigFnHooters2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

"Will Xbox One Win?"

Magic Eight Ball says...LOL

The Xbox One:

* Has now had the single most epic reveal failure in the history of gaming. Never has a console been revealed that had gamers from every platform unite to universally react with revulsion

* No more RRoD to massively inflate the installed base by tens of millions of units like the Xbox 360 benefited by

* No launching a year/year and a half early to pad out installed base numbers

* The massive power advantage the PS4 has over the weak Xbox One

* The almost complete focus on the reviled Kinect casual shovelware junk

* The inexplicably lame VCR looking case

* The uselessness of the console outside the US for many of its features

* The creepy privacy issues

* The gamer hostile DRM

* The lame forced to pay to play online fees

* The absolute incompetence of the Xbox management team

The question isn't absurd idea that the Xbox One has any chance of winning next gen, it is how likely is that Microsoft pulls the plug on shipping this year and goes back and does a ground up redesign.

theBAWSE2512d ago

Yet some Xbox fanboys will still go for it naming no names..

You can just imagine microsofts employees having a right laugh at no Game lending and watching the videos of Xbox one owners automatically downloaded to microsofts servers whilst Kinect is always watching and listening

Microsoft plan from the outset with Xbox wasn't games but to get into people's homes now the next phase of big brother is in plan


forum672512d ago

Google already doing it.

loulou2512d ago

yeah drm and used game blocking is obviously all microsoft.

lol @ bigfnhooters post. complete with bullet points smh

i love the comments on here from sony sworn swords. in their battle to turn as many people from the xbox 1 as possible. pathetic.

anyway, a poor e3 showing microsoft i.e more kinect than controller based games. and i will only be buying one next gen console. e3 is do or die microsoft.

now i just wish some of the fanboys on would die as well

Skips2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

^ loulou

As I've said to you in another article. Quit posting that crap and GET UPDATED. -_-

"Interestingly, I also spoke to a Sony source elsewhere at the event this evening who told me that the anti used-game patent discovered last month was actually nothing to do with PlayStation 4 at all."

SecondSon2512d ago

Well I have talked to a lot of Xbox 360 diehard fans and a lot of them are thinking of moving over. Just a visit in the Official Xbox One forums will help you see what opinion 360 fans have of the Xbox One.

The numbers last gen were pretty close with Sony being on top. So far the Xbox One has received bad criticism even from its own user base while the PS4 has had a respected reveal.

If anything people's attitude so far tells us that the gap between Xbox and Playstation will grow again this generation.

rainslacker2511d ago


Two wrongs don't make a right.


Please do as others say and get updated. And while there is one comment that can be used to mean that Sony may have some restriction, there are many more quotes that say they won't. For now all we know is that MS does have a policy in place, and that is enough to hate on the issue. Unless you like your options being taken away.

At work today, there is a guy who is a huge xbox fan. Probably as much as I am of PS. He asked me about the reveal(he doesn't keep up on this stuff), and I said "the reveal was lackluster, you didn't miss much". I gave him the highlights, was fair about them, he was OK with that. Then I told him about the 2nd hand game stuff, and having to connect to their servers, and about mandatory Kinect. His response was "I don't have internet at home anymore" and "Fu*k Kinect. I don't want that sh*t ever". Was to busy to ask about what he thought about 2nd hand sales though.

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ltachiUchiha2512d ago

The link says it all. They are definitely blinded "FOOLS".com

Rainstorm812512d ago

I saw the site a though it must be a joke.

One company didnt show the system.

The other didnt show games among a myriad of horrible things for gamers.

After the reveal on the 21st and all the questions it raised, not showing the console seems like a very Very VERY minor thing....

ltachiUchiha2512d ago

Yup I notice & I find it funny that ppl actually think that sony's reveal was a letdown. I mean really? Just because they didnt show the system? Lol. Seems like some ppl were more impressed with the showing of the box then showing more games. They must be more interested in watching tv then playing games. I mean seriously, really?

rainslacker2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Never once did the Sony reveal did I think to myself...I wonder what it looks like. Even though I actually do wonder what it looks like, but more out of curiosity.

Starbucks_Fan2512d ago

Way too early to tell. Wait till E3

nukeitall2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

I would go one step further and say wait another 12-18 months, because the wider market might just accept it.

Case in points:

* Look at what happened to the original Wii. Universally hated by (hard)core gamers, but loved by casuals won the previous generation.

* Nintendo 3DS, another more casual,handheld is selling well. Whereas the core game focused PS Vita is practically dead in the water.

* Kinect hated by fangirls and some core gamera are selling like hotcakes even at a unbelievable price of $150, despite everyone else thinking it wouldn't!

Sometimes a minority group get really loud, but it doesnt necessarily reflect the majority.

That said I believe MS will show massive amounts of game at E3. They have no choice now due to the backlash and have to make a really convincing case to the gamers. MS knows this.

DARK WITNESS2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

I don't think it's as simple as that. Wait till the casual people realise they can't rent or lend games without paying a fee.

You think Nintendo could have got away with selling the wii as a gimmick if it had cost $400 or $500? ok we don't know the price of the xbone, but unless it's something close to what the wii was, try selling the idea to a casual person who already has a TV a cable box and has skype on their phone or pc.

even then, look at what selling all those wii's to the casuals has got the wii u.

it would be different if the xbox actually removed the need for the other service devices but it does not. you still need the cable boxes which you prob pay a monthly subscription for and then you need to buy the xbox and pay a monthly subscription for xbox live as well... try selling that to any casual person who first and foremost is just going to think about the financial cost. they are not like gamers that will just buy the system because it's their first love(after the mrs of course).

TwistedMetal2512d ago

lol xbox fanboys always say wait untill e3 and what did we get the last 3 e3's?

yeah thats right we got kinect crap kinect crap gears of crap 3, kinect crap, and multiplat games lol.

predictions for this years e3.

1. inferior multiplats
2. kinect crap
3. kinect crap
4. forza.
5. kinect crap
6 halo
7 that game with the little girl trying to copy the last of us and beyond 2 souls. why get that when you can just get the real games on the ps3 this year?
8 nfl tv
9 kinect crap

andibandit2512d ago

Xbone wont win any gamers over, but i'm curious if non gamers will be lured by it. It's either gonna be a huge failure or a massive hit.

rainslacker2511d ago

We know the super-diehard Xbox fan/gamer will buy it. There are those that say they want it, and I don't believe all of them want it just because of the console war(maybe some, but probably not many). This is to be expected, and to say otherwise would be dumb.

The rest really is up in the air though. We tend to see things through a gamers eyes, because that's who we are. We can never predict where the next fad or trend would come from, Wii is proof of that. Marketing can play a huge part, and then there are the current unknowns like price and market desire for such a thing. Then of course, we don't know if this device will be relevant to anyone outside of gaming. I'm sure MS has researched it, and believes it to be a good viable market, but they've bombed quite a bit in the past due to being late to the party, or failing to capture consumer interest.

sashimi2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

The Xbox One will win most restrictive and intrusive console ever created award.

Bhuahahaha2512d ago

but but look at the bright side
you might be a star on the next episode of big brother,
america's funny hidden video, cops or in youtube without knowing it.

just remember bill gates is watching

sway_z2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

All they keeping saying is ' least MS showed the box, unlike Sony'...

I think even Xbox Fans would agree, the games you'll be playing on the 'Box' are far more important/significant than what the 'Box' actually looks like.

Sony gets the last word as they'll show their Box (which can't look any worse than X1) and even more games @E3. Which all takes place after MS' E3 event, since MS are
going 1st.

Lastly, given the information thus far...if MS Win, gamers LOSE!

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