Xbox One Is a Disappointment, Why Ouya Is Better

Android Geeks: "Just like it promised, Microsoft held a press conference yesterday, where the Redmond based giant officially introduced it’s new gaming console, the Xbox One, which in our opinion is a disappointment."

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ArchangelMike2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

XBone might be a disappointment (a huge one at that), but i doubt the OUYA will be able to compete in the living room space.

Once you have an android device (phone, tablet, even ipad etc), there really is no point in getting the OUYA. Sony tried to target that crowd, with the PSP mini and that flopped hard. Even the PSV isn't doing as expected. Just face the fact that android/iOS games and portable mobile devices go together like bread and butter.

Now my good sir, if it is a living room gaming experience that you're after, then look no further than the PlayStation 4.