Xbox 360 and Xbox One: What’s the Difference?

The Microsoft Corporation, makers of the famed Xbox series of gaming consoles, has recently announced that the newfangled Xbox One will soon be on the market and available for purchase. If you’ve been wondering what the differences are and whether or not the Xbox One is worth the money, you’ll find all of the answers here.

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Crazyglues2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

One plays used Games with out a problem... -And the other one charges a nasty fee to do the same exact thing..

ltachiUchiha2504d ago

The difference is the 360 was more a gaming console compared to the new cable one tv.

MJ230072504d ago

Well one difference is now we get used games fees!! and no backwards compatibility and a Kinect that reads our social security numbers when we walk into the room :)

sway_z2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

The 360 is better than XBone in every way... except for the Blu Ray and extra Ram in X1.

Everything shown at the X1 reveal can be done on 360 if it wasn't for ram restriction of 512mb, and I mean kiddin'