The Last Of Us Interview With Naughty Dog Ricky Cambier - Gamerhubtv

GamerHub.TV: Naughty Dog Game Designer Ricky Cambier talks about new characters, relationships, and storylines in The Last of Us in this exclusive interview.

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ltachiUchiha3473d ago

I agree lol. Naughty Dog just brings out the naughtyness in u.

ShabbaRanks3473d ago

God dam imagine if this game was on PS4… Just thinking about it makes me cry

ltachiUchiha3473d ago

You know this game is going to be special when naughty dog says they think this will change the landscape in this genre. Im so freakin amped for this game.

KrisK3473d ago

I hope your right. Developers say things like that though...a lot...

I would say I am mostly sure it will be great. However, I am probably one of the few people that felt the Uncharted series really took a nose dive for the third instalment. It felt like they were after the big set pieces than an interesting and original story. I am hoping it happened because all of their originality was going into this.

jagiii3473d ago

I played it and I think this game is great.