Xbox One Detailed By Microsoft GM Kathy Styponias In This Exclusive Interview

GamerHub.TV: At the Xbox Reveal in Redmond, Microsoft General Manager of Entertainment and Media Kathy Styponias answered all the questions about the Xbox One in this exclusive interview.

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a_bro2510d ago ShowReplies(2)
DDDGirlGamer852510d ago

Just shut up and play the many fanboys

MariaHelFutura2510d ago

Sorry, what's going on.... I was watching Duck Dynasty.

SkullBlade1692510d ago

I'd love to play the games, sadly the console keeps threatening to lock me out of them.

Salooh2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

I will but not in this hardware. Xbox is indeed taking gaming into a new level but just not the way we want. It's too complicated for me :) /s . When i talk about X1 i have the same feelings of politics. Going around things when they are obvious and all they need is good action not words (And we all know that there are agenda behind going around these things).

That's why we should make an example of these company's that think we are dumb.

DDDGirlGamer852510d ago

Gaming consoles do more now, thats cool< =, but everyone is hating on it, Look at my comment 4 likes (Real Gamers) 22 dislikes so far (Main Stream Troll Gamers) Im looking forward to see what games look like on the PS4 and Xbox, these Fanboys say "Im gonna buy a PS4 because I hate the XBOX TV features!" so stupid, SHut up Fanboys, and Just enjoy the Games...E3 is a few weeks away Geesh,

Salooh2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Sure :). I already said and proved my point. No need to say anything else anymore ^^.

I don't disagree with your point too because you talk about games. The more we get the better :P. I'm really looking forward for E3 :D. But just be fair for your sake. You have your opinion as long as you accept the facts.

awkwardhamster2510d ago

Take my money and get me one.

MariaHelFutura2510d ago

Well, now your name makes sense.

AngelicIceDiamond2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Its not cool to like the Xbox yet.

EDIT: At Maria, like I said its not cool to like the new Xbox yet.

MariaHelFutura2510d ago

Being ID tracked by facial recognition technology, which will be stored on a corporations server, shouldn't be cool w/ anybody. Regardless of how much you like the 360 or hate Playstation.

Riderz13372510d ago

Gaming is as much about telling stories as you saw today with respect to Call of Duty Ghosts"


CyberCam2510d ago

LOL! On a side note did you hear how many times she said "EXPERIENCE & TV"... all these MS PR Reps sound like a broken record.

BeZdaBest2510d ago

welcome to microsoft..
we make games i think...

GameCents2510d ago

Does she clarify the the used game issue and authentication process?
Has Microsoft caught wind of my simple solution to just force all unauthenticated games to be playable on disc only and lock games to one profile?

jc485732510d ago

Polygon said that game needs to be re-authenticated on the spot where you buy it used, so I assume they are not really charging anything. that's beyond the point though, what I want to know if the games can be played offline as well. I want to know if console is still functional by the time microsoft decides to shut down their servers as they move on to xboxtwo the fourth one.

Perjoss2510d ago

"I want to know if console is still functional by the time microsoft decides to shut down their servers"


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The story is too old to be commented.