Did The Xbox One Reveal End The Console Wars?

OnlySP: As the world reacts to the Xbox One reveal we take a moment to consider what Microsoft is actually up to, why it will work, and why it may end the era of consoles which are in direct market competition.

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Though the article raises a solid point, the xbox name is always going to be synonymous with gaming consoles whether MS likes it or not. at the end of the day it doesnt really matter how far away your console strays from its primary duty-- people are always going to pit your software efforts against the competitions. so long as MS attempts to make next gen software, the console war will rage on.

DivineAssault 3473d ago

It did i think..Sony & Nintendo will continue moving forward with gaming offering different experiences while MS chases apple & google..

NatureOfLogic3473d ago

This was a good read. I understand what the article is saying about Xbox One trying to be the new Wii and separate itself from the core gamers. That means the PS4 and the WiiU would be the only two true game consoles out there. MS abandoning their core audience for a gamble at Wii-like success is a risky move imo.

Godz Kastro3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Risky is relying on the core gamer. Seriously a games only machine? Didn't Sony start to find success with ps3 when they hired Kevin Butler and started with this "it only does everything campaign"?

I find it hypocritical that MS is fighting for more than just gaming and its a problem although Sony talked it up as "one" device. Look where a core gaming system is getting Nintendo. Sorry to say but Sony will struggle if they don't expand and offer more, period point blank.

I ask you this. If a tablet came out that only offered games how well will it do against apple and google?

DeadIIIRed3473d ago

People have been and will continue to buy consoles primarily for games. Sony struggled initially because they had a limited number of worthwhile games after launch. I bought a PS3 early and only had three games for the system during it's first 6 months. It is when they started releasing better games that their sales improved, not because they marketed the system's features.

All of the extra features a system brings with it is just extra gravy. I can live with a console without any services, but a console without quality games?

RoninRaven3473d ago

What war? Against who? my Cable box?

ChozenWoan3473d ago

You mean the cable box that you have to plug into your "One" box?

from the beach3473d ago

Xbox One is very much focused on the same kind of audience as PS4 - indeed they'll both have basically identical game libraries plus exclusives. Even the exclusives will be blow-for-blow, GT to Forza, Halo to Killzone and so on.

PFirefly3473d ago

There may well be a huge difference between libraries if MS doesn't get rid of the anti-consumer nonsense. If their install base is abysmal compared to the PS4's, then we'll have the same situation as what happened in the PS2 days. The PS2 got tons of exclusive 3rd party games. Not because Sony had to bribe them, but because that where the gamers were.

P.S. GT and Forza don't compare. GT5 alone out sold the entire Forza franchise because Forza in an arcade racer at heart. So it competes with Grid and NFS. GT is one of a kind.

from the beach3473d ago

The install base difference won't be big enough for third parties to completely drop one platform or the other, even if one sells quicker. We all know this.

Microsoft's used game policy is most likely going to be attractive to publishers and could actually lead to more exclusive games - see the EA rumours.

Your 'GT outsold..' comment is just sad, lol.

hennessey863473d ago

lol, Forza has a better physics engine than GT5. Anyone with a decent wheel like myself who's tried both with a wheel will tell you the same. GT doesn't model tire pressure, tire width, tire temps and it has a crap clutch model. I could go on, sony fanboys make me laugh.

totalwar3473d ago

What about the indie games we will get nothing from team meat or Joan Chen or Jon blow or Phil fish and charges every year for their marketplace which won't offer theses games

from the beach3473d ago

I'm not fond of indie games but MS will probably push out a similar offering to last gen..

RoninRaven3473d ago

"Xbox One is very much focused on the same kind of audience as PS4"


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