Editorial: Xbox One Sounds...Exhausting

Some of us miss the days when we could just press a button and play a game. Xbox One seems specifically designed to KEEP us from playing games.

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DivineAssault 2506d ago

I see absolutely NO benefit to owning one.. With PS4 i will have what i buy systems for.. GAMES.. Plus a newly designed UI & a powerhouse nx gen console.. Owning a xbone, ill have a powerful console that gives me nothing but more ways to control what i already have..

MagickaEmperor2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

I think the PS4 will still offer this. Infact: I bet it will offer that instant kinda simplicity alot of us oldschoolers love - even quicker! The PS4 is supposed to have nearly instant start-up, a lickity split fast menu, a better UI, and it's Bluray Drive is reportedly a 2nd or 3rd gen bluray drive! Sony's eluded that it's so fast, there is no need to 'install' most (I assume some will though) games to it's HDD. This means the games will startup faster, load faster, save faster, and not need (or require) a mandatory 45+ minute install time like... *cough* PC.. *cough* and *cough*.. Xbox One *cough*!

I'd also point out that alot of oldschool developers are working on titles for the system too - so I imagine things shouldnt look too different from what where used too already. I'm also pretty sure used games are playable on the system - so that's a hitch we're most likely going to avoid in most cases. And as neat as Sony's various social ideas for it's nextgen PSN are; I assume most of that will still be a 'work in progress' when the actual system lauches later this year - and even that vision, isn't in anyway an obtrusive, or complicated thing. It just looks to me like Sony is simply making the PSN network a bit more fuller in content and making little touches to it's social features to acomidate what is expected to be a massive influx of multiplayer focused gamers who migrate from the XBOX 360 to the PS4.

Infact; It kinda boggles my mind that Microsoft would simply make this big of a blunder so close to the release of it's new system - and do so while adimatly defending it's mistakes, and ignoring the undenyable outcry of it's own fanbase!? The next-generation hasnt even begune yet & Micrososfts new system has more so much bad PR around it, that it's hard to imagine there being many people willing to be early-adopters of it!?

It's hard to imagine too - especially when I think back to how the original XBox came literally out of nowhere, and did the one thing Nintendo hadnt been able to do for a decade: put up increadible competition against sony. Then how Microsoft scored a game winning blow against sony when it released the nearly perfect XBOX 360 a whole year before Sony - and then with greater fortune; sony's PS3 flopped due to lact of software & poor quality ports. It all literally drove maybe 90% of the people who owned PS2's to adopt a XBOX 360!?

Now here we are: just two or three years ago, people said Sony was dead here in the west - and where seeing Microsoft literally throw away what could have been the single greatest fanbase in videogame history. And all while we watch sony claw it's way out of the rubble of it's terrible decissions (cell processor!?), and reinvent itself as a modernday 'Playstation 1' (I mean that in the goodway). I guess it's really true: "you don't know what you've got till it's gone." It may have took nearly financial ruin, multiple presidents steping down, multiple iterations of it's console, and the near total loss of a generation of it's fans; but Sony has finally realized who is their future: us - the fans!

I was just speaking to the manager of my local chapter of GAMESTOP, and he said noone is wanting to preorder the XBOX One! And all I can think is: "Microsoft what have you done!?...Oh, how the the mighty have fallen". If they don't get ride of the 'required daily internet-check', and the used games fee - I'm pretty sure they will have drawn a line, most game consumers arent willing to cross, and promised the future dominance of Sony in the next generation of gaming markets.

forum672506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

^^ Your first paragraph was enough to ignore rest of your comment.

MagickaEmperor2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Yeah... but this subject is so good - I just had to give my piece of mind about it, as thuroughly as possible! I'm passionate about this sorta stuff, and I'm also a big believer of leaving "no stone unturn". Hell, I got the freetime! ;p

Bonerboy2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

yeah, yeah, ok MS, you have some mildly interesting, quirky and gimmicky new tech built in to your spiffy new box with your voice commands and hand gestures and what not....but thats all it is.... a gimmick. A stupid (and sure to be utterly annoying) gimmick that will die out faster than some shitty catchphrase from some shitty reality TV show.

People dont want to "swipe" to their skype (who the hell likes face to face voice coms anyway, no one I know, sadly they all 'text' or FB mssg now) or do they want to "voice command" over to watch some shitty sports while playing a videogame (thats most likely why we are playing a vg, so we dont have to watch shitty sports). Who the hell does your market research? Fuck this box is the epitome of retarded gimmicks. God god I'll eat a plate of my own crap if this thing succeeds.