Gran Turismo 6 Gameplay Video at Autumn Ring

GT Planet have a new clip of GT6 at Autumn Ring (Reverse).

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ltachiUchiha2507d ago

The king is back. It looks like they really went all out on this one. Good job polyphony.

BiggCMan2507d ago

To be honest, it looks exactly like GT5. I really wish they would have waited to make it from the ground up on PS4. I can't wait for the game after that does this. I mean it really looks like the exact same game, straight down to the HUD.

Doesn't mean it will be bad at all, but even the grass and the crowds look copy/pasted. Still, those physics and car sounds man, they make Gran Turismo one amazing experience. Glad I still have my Driving Force GT Wheel, gonna make full use of it with GT6.

Outside_ofthe_Box2507d ago

I agree with you. It looks too similar to GT5. I would definitely rather have it for the PS4 built from the ground up.

Salooh2507d ago

Exactly, They are wasting time in my point of view.

However, GT6 is a masterpiece on ps3 :)

MaxXAttaxX2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

At least not compared to GT5 on the second video

Who knows though, the HUD could change. GT4 Prologue had the same HUD as GT3.

ABizzel12507d ago

I agree with you guys. It does look a lot like GT5. They could have changed some of the aesthetics up like the positioning menus, time menu, or simply start race sound and lettering.

But GT5 was and still is an amazing looking game. What I will say is there are modest improvements to the car models, lightning, and shadows.

Marcello2507d ago

Ok i love GT & i will of course be buying this but the no damage & that horrible collision sound (sounds like 2 wheelie bins crashing into each other) is really hurting this game now.

Dee_912506d ago

It looks alot better than gt5 to me.The lighting, no hud when using cockpit now, the bumper cam hud all looks better than gt5

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Divine2507d ago

man i love this game alot but could u imagine if it were next gen??. regardless i will be getting gt6. . gt5 actually tought me how to drive.

The Shadow2507d ago

really hoping for adjustable seats position like those in gtr2, it would be great:)

horndog2507d ago

How can you tell by looking at a short clip that they went all out?? It looks and sounds no different then gt5. Did they just throw in a couple more nissans gtr's?

easternbalboa2507d ago

It looks alot better than gt5.check the comparison video. Day 1 purchase. Hope it doesn't have a 10GB update coz gt5 did. Hope they fix the jaggy shadows as well. Gt6 looks sick.

Knushwood Butt2506d ago

I like what they are doing with the lighting, but just look at that grass!!!

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yewles12507d ago that a day-to-night transition in progress?

ltachiUchiha2507d ago

Im not sure but it looks & runs so realistically.

Conan-O-Brady2507d ago

Sure looks like it. Good stuff.

aaron58292507d ago

yeah i see it too... awesome... now clubman daytime please...

jimbobwahey2507d ago

Well since GT5 has some really impressive day to night transitions on tracks such as Le Mans, Nurburgring and Toscana, I imagine that more tracks would make use of the feature in GT6 as well.

Same goes for the dynamic weather effects too. I'm looking forward to hopefully racing around Deep Forest with dynamic time of day and dynamic weather at the same time :)

Man-E-Faces2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

That's 1 flaw that GT5 had is the day to night transition were only in a few tracks, here's hoping that get's expanded to more tracks because driving the Nurb during the cycle and watching my replay over and over to my music playlist was 1 of the most gratifying experiences I have had this gen on PS3.
edit: JIMBOBWAHEY beat me to it.

BlmThug2507d ago

Both 24 hour races were epic. I completed both and the day-night was amazing for both tracks. Nurb at night is very thrilling and dangerous too

Dee_912506d ago

the clock is functional so yes.

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M-M2507d ago

Dang that dude was all over the place xD.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2507d ago

Yes he was.

Your profile pic is hilarious btw.

Me-Time2506d ago

When he made a mistake, he tried showing more than what we'd be able to see with a clean lap. It's Jordan and he runs GTPlanet. He has a Silverstone video up where when he made a mistake he pointed it out during the video in captions.

A2X_2507d ago

Game looks good but those sound effects are getting tiresome.

sir_fortesque2507d ago

Looks great. Would look even better if it was being played by someone who was actually good at the game

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