The Daily Five: Groups Screwed By Killing Used Games

"Some see this whole thing as a novel way to put money into the developers’ pockets, and they certainly deserve to see a return on their work. However, killing the used games market would do irreparable harm to others, which is supposedly what companies like Microsoft are trying to prevent. Don’t believe us? Here are the five groups that would be affected by eliminating the used game market." - Joe Garcia

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Supermax2511d ago

GameStop will make the same percentage selling a used game as it does a new release wich is 10 percent,instead of the 100 percent they were making before.

KarrBOMB2511d ago

Not even close to the truth. They get more money for used games, and not just a little more either. Gamestops used HW and SW in an earnings report, was 27% of their sales. But that 27% accounted for half of their total profit. If you don't understand, here's the link.


Basically, a smaller percentage equals a larger intake of profit. They keep all the cash for used games, most of the money on new games are the developers profit. So sorry Wheatthins, you are completely wrong. You have it backwards.

KarrBOMB2511d ago

Sorry Wheatthins, I thought you were saying Gamestop currently makes the same with new and used sales. My bad man.

MasterOne2511d ago

Good article. I sale my used games to purchase new games. This is probably the case for a lot of folks.

RiPPn2511d ago

I'm kind of a hoarder, I keep the games I really like, so I have over 100 PS3 and 360 games on the shelf. That said I do purchase a lot of "like new" games from both eBay and Amazon, and I do sell the games I know I'll never touch again. So this does affect me, and I think others who think it won't are going to find out the hard way that it indeed does.

KarrBOMB2511d ago

Also, no borrowing or lending games go friends. No Gamefly if you use that service. No Redbox, EBay or Amazon. All to literally keep more money. Also I just heard that no current 360 accessories will work with Xbox one. So my Triton AX Pro "black Ops edition" and the $100 turtle beach headphones are worthless on the Xbox one.

mydyingparadiselost2511d ago

MS, killing jobs and taking profits. Unless no one buys the console....

b_one2511d ago

in Poland used games are mostly small shops and ebay like sites... other big shops has silly prices.

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