Why the Critics Are Wrong, and Microsoft's New Xbox One Will Be the Most Successful Console Yet

In 2013, the stakes are higher than ever to get the console right. No longer is there a minor battle between Sony and Microsoft to win the hearts of video gamers alone: it is now a total war for everyone who sits in the living room.

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zeal0us2507d ago

MS probably paying that guy.

Microsoft open themselves to a two front war. When Xbox was first introduce it focus on games and so did the 360(during first few years). Towards the end of this gen MS slowly started losing focus on the Xbox platform prime objective, games.

Soon as Live TV and other tv features in the Xbox One get popular, the competition (Viacom, AMC, ABC and etc) will either want to charge MS more or distance themselves. Viacom tried to do it to DirecTv and AMC tried to do it Dish.

When you focus on too many things something is bound to get the short end of the stick.

negative2507d ago

hahahaha MS probably paying that guy!!!!


Only from PS fanboys!!!!

DeanSanchez2507d ago

At the end of the day, no matter how successful it is at being something else, it wont succeed in being a games console.

The first people who will buy this console on launch day will be the gamers, not anyone else. No matter what they show at E3, it is clear where microsoft is going with their direction. And gamers know this, hence the huge outcry.

ShwankyShpanky2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

"Only from PS fanboys!!!!"

Only from the most blind and/or naive would one hear the claim that such a fawning and baselessly optimistic article by an author whose entire career is based on public relations and social media was *not* written with a financial motive. I wonder if MS or any MS-connected companies advertise in any of his "social media" magazines, or use his PR firm. The article is laced with the most vapid PR speak ("a device brimming with extraordinary technical achievements that will play the most graphically impressive games to ever appear on a console"), and mistakes to be expected from a hack that is unfamiliar with his subject matter ("$60/month Live" "consider the SoC, rapid-speed 8 GB RAM, and an 8-Core CPU with on-chip GPU" Hey Mr. Mouthpiece... the CPU and GPU are both ON the SoC).

Add in the fact that the complaints that he bothers to mention include box design, lack of game focus, and the controller (I guess he's talking about the AA batteries, that's the only complaint I've seen about the controller, otherwise people seem pleased with it), while leaving out the more serious complaints about DRM and always-on Kinect, and it really should be pretty transparent that the guy's a shill.

JokesOnYou2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

yewles1...did you give the wrong link or something that neogaf link just gives his bio, which consequently didn't "expose" anything other than his I missing something? lol at all the Agrees.

shoddy2507d ago

Damage control incoming!!!!!!!!!!

Dee_912506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

lol look at his tweets & the comments to the article.
Wow huffingtonpost gonna suffer a blow now that people think they have paid journalist.

My first though when you put PR+Politics+National TV together was this dude obviously gets paid for his PR.Considering this Article is obvious PR crap it doesnt take genius to put 2 and 2 together.

sengoku2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

ohh man, m$ is really starting to piss me off.
do they really think where that stupid as to eat this bs there shoveling?

Anon19742506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

People are confused by how this guy's bio is relevant?

So what, a guy that does PR for a living and specializes in "strategic media relations and crisis communications" just, of his own accord, spontaneously came riding to Microsoft's defence?

Let's have a look at this "article" shall we. So, his view is that critics are complaining about the way the console looks and how " Microsoft's presentation focused too strongly on how the Xbox One will change how people behave in living room."

And then he makes the claim "These critics couldn't be more wrong, and they're missing the point, to boot."

If anyone is missing the point, it's this guy. Critics and fans aren't upset about the way the console looks or the fact it works as a TV box. Critics are upset about the restrictions MS is placing on games you buy, and the eroding of consumer rights. THAT's the primary issue, and one this article completely skirts around.

There article, which reads like it was written by Microsoft, couldn't be more out of touch with the real concerns of critics and gamers alike. He might claim on twitter that he's not being paid by Microsoft, but what's he supposed to say? "Yeah, Microsoft hired my communications firm and my opinion is paid for, but it's still very relevant!" Give me a break. The guys specializes in communication damage control and crisis management at his own PR firm.

Of course Microsoft is in crisis management mode.

tommygunzII2506d ago

"Microsoft has nothing to prove when it comes to making gamers happy"

Where did this article come from, 2007?

NextGen24Gamer2506d ago

It doesn't matter that Sony Fanboys are yelling the loudest on the internet and paining a doom and gloom outlook for the Xbox ONE. Fact of the matter is, it's the #1 most wanted item on Amazon in the USA and the UK.

Just like the xbox 360 was! Great news for Real Gamers! Don't let the small few, paint a picture that is COMPLETELY inaccurate when it comes to MOST GAMERS.

I'm getting a good laugh when the army of Sony Fans paint a gloomy picture for the xbox one and how they won't buy it. LOL....

After all the rants & raves...It's #1 most wanted on Amazon in the USA & in the UK...WOW.. It's only the few LOUD MOUTHS that make it seem like people aren't excited about the xbox one. Fact of the matter is, people are excited...Thus the #1 spot.

Thank goodness 99% of consumers don't post comments on this site...

DoesUs2506d ago

Thats right, they're posting the same negative comments on all the OTHER gaming sites.

Don't try and gloss over whats been a shambolic reveal its been.

But, N4G knows of your love affair with MS, dating back...well dating back from when you started out as Topgamer.

rainslacker2506d ago


There is really no reason to claim him a shill. He makes enough points in his article which are so off base that one can discredit quite easily without having to resort to an unprovable insult.

I actually made a account to reply to the post where he said he's right about everything else, but it showed up, then immediately went away, and it's not in the comment history.

Here's what I said.

Your poor fact checking isn't the problem. The fact that you completely misrepresented, or outright ignored, the actual issue of why people are so upset is where this article fails to impress. You come off as a corporate mouthpiece, because it seems that you can't bother to do any actual research into what negative things people are saying about the Xbox One right now. On top of that, you use so many marketing buzzwords, that this whole article seems like a press release.

I'm not going to claim you a shill. I'll take your word on that. But gamers tend to be a passionate group. In forums, and around the net, we collectively look to do a lot of idiotic things, and say a lot of dumb stuff. But we are far from stupid. We know what's going on, or at the very least we know something is going on which is going to be bad for gaming, and it's gotten us upset. Even if one was not a gamer, the issues at play here are a huge consumer issue, and those things are relevant to everyone. In fact, MS may very well bring all the downsides of the digital future into the light for many to see, after all, their retail game policy is nothing more than DD with a physical disc. They may cause a lot more stirring in the future, but I digress.

I have just one question for you. In all your experience in PR, has there ever been a time when you would tell a company to cut the cords of the core consumer of it's product? Particularly in the early stages of that products life. Maybe what people say is true though, maybe the gamer really is not what MS is targeting, and we may really be an afterthought. In which case, I think your statement of "So Long Sony" may be a bit premature. If this generation of gaming has shown us anything, it's that it's possible for more than one console to be successful, and that it is not necessary for any of them to win or lose. It seems to me, that MS is hoping to catch the success the Wii had by marketing to a very casual base. A base that is looking for the next big thing. The problem with that strategy, is that the Wii U was a fluke in console releases. It's never happened before. Even the PS2 didn't catch on fire like that, and it's the best selling home console in history.

Anon19742504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

@rainslacker. My intention was not to insult, nor was it to call him a shill. His bio is available for everyone to see. One has only to look. You have to admit, the fact that a guy who runs a PR firm and specializes in crisis management communication writes an article of his own accord, misconstruing the issue while ignoring legitimate gripes? It doesn't really pass the smell test, does it now. He's a fixer. This is what he does.

Imagine you're working a desk job at a company and the pipes burst in the basement. A plumber shows up and starts fixing the pipes. You probably assume that someone called the plumber because hey..there's burst pipes, there's a plumber..that's his job.

But imagine instead of anyone hiring the plumber, the plumber says "Oh no. I wasn't hired. I just happened along, there were burst pipes, I'm a plumber and I fixed them. It's what I do. No one paid me."

Which seems the more likely scenario?

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BeZdaBest2507d ago

might be the most suscessful something.. but a console it is not..its a dvr that plays games


Not even that, it doesn't have DVR function.

Kingthrash3602507d ago

said it once ill say it doesn't reveal a iphone and mostly talk the games...why? because its a phone not a gaming system. they may mention the apps but not make it the headline of the device.
MS has done the same, the headlined tv and mentioned games. its a tv entertainment system that can play games.
given that people barely watch tv anymore (hell im watching pacers vs. heat online right now) this is a cluster fucc of a problem and a mistake...yeah we will wait for e3, and yes there will be games but I dont think thats ms focus anymore...face it xb time to move on to sony or Nintendo... at least they have gamers in mind.

Toon_Link2507d ago

More like a voice controlled remote, you still need your cable box for it to work.

BullyMangler2507d ago

seriously now gamers, who will break Nintendo without the FLEX capacitor ??

none can out-shine nintendo regarding ENHANSIVE game-CHANGING gameplay mechanic exclusives? = Metrod Other M < ? etc etc .. ?

For how long will Nintendo reign supreme?

rainslacker2506d ago

The proper term you're looking for is "Smart Device". Why can't we just call this thing what it is. Hell it doesn't even do everything that a smart device can do according to the Wikipedia page on it.

Now this could be said about the other consoles as well, but there is no denying that the other consoles are game devices first with smart features added in.

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Conan-O-Brady2507d ago

Eric Yaverbaum aka Jek_Porkins..........just sayin

NextGen24Gamer2507d ago

What many of you aren't understanding is this....

There are 50 million xbox live subscribers that will most likely continue their xbox live accounts but on the xbox one at some point. If you pay 60 per month love the services and you love the community...That won't change. You probably love the games and all those games you love & more will be coming to the xbox one.

The xbox one will not only sell to those gamers who are on live NOW...But it will sell to gadget enthusiast and Tv enthusiast and sports enthusiast...which means that they will expand their appeal and sales to MORE THAN JUST GAMERS...

As a business you want to find new ways to expand and bring NEW gamers into the mix. It was genius to do it this way. The xbox one will be the "COOL" device the next holiday seasons....

The wildcard, which sony fans don't want to acknowledge is the CLOUD and how it will effect the games. We are talking about a console that is 10x more powerful than the xbox 360...but with the added cloud that developers can's now 30 times more powerful than the 360...That's all current xbox live users need to hear and its a wrap! Most would be fine with 10x...which is what you would get if your connection goes down....Not bad!

Microsoft is not as stupid as sony fans would like to think. They have more money than Sony and more resources than sony when it comes to software and computing servers (Cloud).

People don't know it now...But I agree with this one will win the war and is truly the only next gen device.

Ps4 is limited to its hardware...old pc hardware....
Xbox One is unlimited with its console because of the investment they have made with the cloud and over 300,000 servers...CRAZY!!!!!!!

BABYLEG2507d ago

I agree.. And I might be the only one in here that does so get ready for the disagrees to rain down

JokesOnYou2507d ago

Great post Elite,

I have a "wait n see" attitude towards the cloud computing stuff but yes I think sonyfans are really underestimating what micro has built with the xbox brand and if they think all those 360 users are just going to walk away this gen then they are fooling themselves...that said we ALL (sony fans included) need to complain about some of this drm BS, not saying we are going to stop it if publishers are pushing hard for it but it might change or cost less.

PANTHER10302507d ago

The article also mentions 300.000 servers and the posibility to expand the technical performance of the console; but the cloud is mainly an storage space or streaming medium, streaming a game from a server is very different to process a game in real time at the console and these concepts do not mix, also cloud gaming depend of an very fast internet connection and maybe impossible for now for definitions at 1080 at 60 FPS.

buynit2507d ago

They just cant see the big picture..

Most of them are more concerned about ppl that dont have internet! I dont mean to sound messed up but what about the ppl with intternet service? Should technology stop until eveyone in the world is covered?

Im kind of surprised that the news on 300k servers didnt make waves like it should have. Its like you said, they dont understand.

I must say though sony has gaikai and i dont know its full potential and capabilities but im sure i will know after e3, it just cant come soon enough..

SniperControl2507d ago

Nice copy paste again, nothing new I see.

Daoshai2507d ago

Totally agree Elite. Finally a post with common sense.

Dee_912506d ago

You cant predict future success by previous success when there are such drastic changes.You assume those 46 million subscribers will go straight to xbox one when all current consensus points otherwise.Not only that but your not only losing some of those 46 million subscribers, your more than likely losing those other 31 million users your talking almost alienating about 50% of your user base.
You have to be beyond optimistic to see xbox one being more successful than the 360 considering MSFT said themselves that they arent really focusing on games anymore when they said they arent competing with the 2 other gaming consoles anymore and more focusing on entertainment by going against apple and google.You really think they are going to bring in more gamers considering its more of a entertainment device than a gaming device? Thats beyond all rational thinking dude.
Its sad that your okay being their guinea pigs and their security blanket to fall on,which is essentially what you described with the "50 million" subscribers automatically buying it.

NewEra72506d ago

Make that 49 million as I won't be getting one as I am now a former XBL sub and Microsoft supporter. I wont be apart of the people who are paving the way to end of consumer rights.. count me out!

totalwar2506d ago

Im a pc gamer and you are completely wrong, no internet no enhanced cloud bs. No indie games? Little to no good or confirmed exclusives? I owned a 360 and couldn't stand the lack of exclusive games, and their apparent hatred for indie games

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LackTrue4K2507d ago

Xbox only owners war cry.....

"Wait for E3!!!"

SniperControl2507d ago

All you xboys think that E3 is purly for MS, pretty sure Sony are gonna be there as well.

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ltachiUchiha2507d ago

It will definitely be a success but its not going to be a cake walk as microsoft believes like its going to be. Its good to be confident but a billion ppl? If sony couldnt do that with the ps2, how in the hell do they think they will reach a billion? Wake up already. Smh

RuleofOne343 2507d ago

* If Sony couldn't do that with the ps2 how in the hell do they think they will reach a billion*

Could be that with each passing year new things will be added so on besides the PS2 did not but play games Xbox one will offer more. JMT

Mirage7492507d ago

It's simply not realistic to think that the XBox One will outsell the best selling console of all time by a factor of nearly 10; especially given the US centered mindset MS has.

AceofStaves2507d ago

I doubt it, considering how the TV integration and functionality MS has emphasized with the XB1 will only be fully available in the U.S. International licensing and digital distribution agreements take ages to work out. For example, we here in Canada have had Netflix for a couple of years, yet it only offers us a tiny fraction of the content available to U.S. subscribers. And we're on the same continent.

I have no doubt the XB1 will sell, but there's a different between being confident about its prospects and being delusional.

Prcko2507d ago

It will definitely be a success with their ''used games'' system

iistuii2507d ago

You do realise Sony will also be doing the same right ?. Nobody is blocking used games, you'll just need to buy a code, just like the online pass nowadays. If its only Microsoft that is doing this, then I agree it's game over, but I very much doubt it..

2507d ago Replies(1)
Godmars2902507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Thought most critics were defending it?

Its gamers, many who were ready to buy it, who now have a problem with it...

Though honestly, its going to be surprising, and sad, to see how many continue to complain, hold to their guns saying they aren't buying it, come E3 when games are actually shown.