Are You Excited About Xbox One? Microsoft Fans Say 'No'

Tynan Muddle at writes: "Microsoft seem to have shot themselves in the foot with a recent Facebook post asking fans if they're excited about the upcoming Xbox One console.

Over 4,200 people responded to the question "are you excited about Xbox One" with the overwhelming majority deciding, in many colourful ways, that they are not."

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jc485732503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

it's amazing. I want to see more people switch side, support nintendo, buy ps4, stay on pc, stick with good old 360, etc. By all means stay away from xboxone, unless you're one of those who enjoy being enslaved.

M-M2503d ago

I just want Microsoft fans to wake up and see what Microsoft's intentions truly are. If you love your system so much, why are you trying to support the bad features so much that will eventually make it fail?

jc485732503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

you won't believe how many dumbasses I've seen in real life. They do anything to support the "brand." One good example is Capcom fans. I mean, I'm simply asking them to realize what the Company is doing wrong, but you'll be amazed at how they respond with words like "but the game is good, I can do whatever I want with my money" or "I think it's worth the 50 dollars I spend on Resident Evil Revelations" and yadi yadi yadi ya. We keep telling them to answer with their wallets, but how many of them are doing so intelligently and consciously? Is it wrong to spend your money a little more wisely? companies should be paying us to use their brands btw.

Godmars2902503d ago

And the same has to be said about Sony should they get anywhere near what MS is trying to do.

Though at the very least I believe that when they say you don't have to be online all the time, they mean it.

NatureOfLogic2503d ago

I've come to simple conclusion that MS are using these tactics to control your NOW free physical content like they do with your digital content.

DeanSanchez2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Games have changed. ID-tagged players carry ID-tagged consoles,
use ID-tagged games. DRM inside their software enhance and regulate their playability...

Game control.. Information control..
Account control.. Retail control.

Everything is monitored, and kept under control.

Games.. have changed.

*who just read this in Old Snake's voice?*

Godmars2902503d ago

And now we know the real reason why MGS4 will never be on the Xbox...

BigPappaPump2503d ago

Dean, this bubble's on me for being funny =)

S2Killinit2503d ago

@Dean Sanchez
I laughed when I read your post lol gave you a bubble.

ABizzel12503d ago


I agree with you, my uncle is one of those people. We both sat and watched the same show, and saw all the BS, but he's still going to get an Xbox One. because he flat-out refuses to buy anything PlayStation and his only excuse is "I don't like PlayStation" which is beyond ignorant and does do it for me.

I secretly think he's upset that Sony came in and succeeded where the Sega Saturn failed, then killed Sega with the PS2. So instead of getting a PS2 the most popular gaming console of all time, he held out to get a Xbox, then went with 360, and even after seeing this mess he's still sticking with Xbox.

Some people are just stubborn, to borderline ignorance, but it's their money, let them wast it (even if it hurts you).

BeZdaBest2503d ago

that same quote can be thrown at any company..

"________ fans to wake up and see what __________ are"


.removal of BC..proceeds to sell hd ps2 games
.psn hack.. takes three month to acknowledge
.lauches controller wo/rumble "sez they cant" then not even a year later introduces dualshock 3
.starting to become like nintendo with specific ips..( god of war.. uncharted .. granturismo..sly cooper) ( not a problem as long as games are good)

.removal of BC..proceeds to charge people via gaikai(need to be connected to the internet at all times just to play..ironic isnt it)
.heavy integration of social life.( im not a fan)


.charges alittle more for just about everthing.
.also has a BC problem


.everything(as of right now)


.overall strange company ( not bad but weird)
.doesnt follow trends. (power trend i dont mind but lot of people do...)
.nintendo ips (more old then new ips.. once again not a problem as long as the games are good)

RiPPn2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Another thing, if you point out what a con job Xbox Live Gold is, 360 fans will call you poor, or cheap, they just love giving their money to Microsoft.

All you have to do is look how they treated the 360, they gave gamers what they wanted at first to get the 360 in peoples homes, then they screwed them over while catering to the casuals.

Why would anyone trust them not to do it again. I suspect they will show some great games at E3 to begin the trojan horse process all over again.

Lvl_up_gamer2503d ago

I am very excited for X1.

Day one buy for me

MikeyDucati12503d ago

It's the "Save Face" syndrome. We are all guilty of it when we don't want to be wrong. Still, I can't help but invoke my inner Nelson and say...


solidjun52503d ago

LMAO!! Dean, that was classic. +Bubbles

@LvL_Up_gamer: What a surprise. they could show you a cardboard box and you would still makes that statement.

liquidhalos2503d ago

Im a very, very disgruntled xbox fan. M$ has just said thank you very much for supporting us over the life of the 360, thank you for paying for live for all this time so you can maximize your gaming experience but you can fuck off now, we dont want or need you.

Im so disappointed, the stick we've had to put up with from ps fans regarding the consoles shortcomings, eg pay to play online and what not. And they were right, it turns out supporting an M$ console was the wrong choice.

We tolerated Live subscriptions, we scraped through the kinect fiasco and now M$ is done with us. People seem to have forgotten, its a games console, we want games with entertainment as an optional secondary function. I dont want a hyped up sky box cross wii. i want games, i want what ive always wanted from a games console, GAMES...

Sorry, its just upsetting. rant over :(

SHORYUKEN2502d ago

To all gamers.

If you are a gamer then you won't buy xbox one. Gamers are smart and they won't buy the ANTI CONSUMER box.

If you still buy the xbox one then you are not a gamer but a stupid Fanboy!

waltercross2502d ago

@ BeZdaBest

That Social media part on the PS4 is game related, and I use Youtube, FB and twitter very often. Works for me.

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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2503d ago

@jc48573..... i can't wait to see if you change your tune when you find out that Sony is going to make you pay to play, and have their own version of what MS is doing. EA just didn't give up on season passes on sony's side just because.

It's coming.. and you Sony fans are going to see it's going to happen to you too. But oh well right.. because there's always the PC. LMAO.

SexyGamerDude2503d ago

Just because MS is doing it doesn't mean other companies will. By your logic, the WiiU should be charging us fees and forcing us to be connected. Why isn't Nintendo doing it?

kneon2503d ago

Sony does not require online for the PS4 which makes implementing any viable DRM impractical.

I'm not saying they won't do something that will piss people off, that's a possibility with any company, but DRM is not likely one of those things.

1lawrence2503d ago

thats like saying xbox 360 charges for u to play online so sony is going to do it. but they didnt so your logic is flawed

RiPPn2503d ago

If Sony pulls what Microsoft is doing, then I'm Wii U, Steam Box, Vita, and 3DS all the way. That's the beauty of choice, we don't have to put up with these tactics at all.

T22503d ago

Its sad how people actually try to defend well thought up arguments against a company's shady practice with "others will do it too"... and wish for the whole gaming industry to go down the toilet just so they can justify their argument or say "i told you so".... pathetic.

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slpknt6sic62503d ago

Microsoft didn't show anything that benefits gamers. They should rename the console to Xbox one out of Ten lol. all I saw was Tv and apps I don't want. we want games plain and simple. Its clear that Microsoft have games at the bottom of their list of priorities. to the blind fanboys saying games come at e3, why did they show multiplatform games then? it wasn't to surprise you at e3, it was because they are behind on development like reports earlier this year stated. how could they mess everything up when they had 7+ years to prepare for the new xbox. its inexcusable and I will NOT support them this gen. its sony and Nintendo for me this time.

DragonKnight2503d ago

How can anyone be excited about the Xbox One unless they are illiterate or lack any sense whatsoever? I mean, every day new information about the Xbox One comes out and NONE of it is good. Absolutely NONE of it. Like the new patent MS filed for the Kinect 2 which is a form of DRM that will make you pay extra money if more users than you registered on you console watch a movie or something. Microsoft really don't give a damn anymore. They are blatantly greedy and are trying to target the brain dead sheeple of the world.

Xbox One's Official Theme Song.

MikeMyers2503d ago

So on top of people being morons for buying Diablo III, everyone is now illiterate that may buy an Xbox One.

Thankfully we have you telling us all what we should and shouldn't buy. Why don't you just worry about your own purchases?

waltercross2502d ago

@ MikeMyers

Consider it from a concerned player, Get MS not DragonKnight.

NextGen24Gamer2503d ago

My bet would be that the ps4 outsells the Xbox One at first. But, once friends of friends start seeing the games in action and all the cool things the xbox one can do outside of gaming...the tables will turn and turn quickly. Its funny because I was thinking why would Microsoft make a console that was less powerful than the ps4. Microsoft has all the money in the world, all the tech in the world, and a huge user base. But the more and more I read about the cloud and the infrastructure that Microsoft has built with thousands and thousands of servers....It all makes sense now. The xbox one is 10 times more powerful than the xbox can stop there and I as a gamer am pleased with just that...but then you add in the cloud and it gives developers 3x the power of one Xbox One and BAM!!!! You have games that will be 30x that of the xbox 360 games. That blows my mind and it's future proof! It's not limited by the hardware....The crazy part is, MS could always add more and more servers in the cloud and take that 3x the power and make that 6x the power halfway through the xbox ones life cycle and the Ps4 wouldn't be able to keep up. But heres the catch...the only way that works, is if developers know that 90% of the xbox one owners are CONNECTED!!!!! With the ps4, even if they wanted to play catch up and start building servers and adding that into their development tools...they would need to assure developers that everyone who has purchased a ps4 is connected! Not going to happen...and they are way too far behind. Ms has been planning this for 7 years and have an unbelievable amount of servers powering their cloud. As a Gamer, I'm IN! If people don't want their console connected and play the most high tech games...keep playing on your xbox 360 or buy a ps4. In 5 years we will all wonder how we lived in an era where we weren't connected online anyway!

theBAWSE2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

.. And there goes your answer to.... ' what happens when you drink to much redbull listening to major nelson podcasts on repeat in your bedroom? '

T22503d ago

holy sht, there's delusional and then there's full on bat sht crazy. You must get a huuuge cut of every xbox sold. Congrats.

Aceman182502d ago

You know elite even if I saw one of my friends playing the "box" I still wouldn't buy it since its anti-consumer. If somehow Sony pulled the same stunt I wouldn't buy their system either.

As it stands right now the only two consoles I will be purchasing will be ps4 and wii u, but again if Sony goes anti-consumer I won't purchase console and just keep gaming on my ps3.

I love how here in America we have people complaining about not having enough money but are so willing to give away money so easily even though what's happening isn't in our best interest.

Also I already have a cable dvr box why would I want something that can't even do that right. Would also like to say this voice command crap will definitely be for the lazy Americans we have here lol.

waltercross2502d ago

@ Elite24Gamer

You're just trying to sell people Bullshit, Luckily some of us have common sense. I prefer options, not restrictions....The more I read about the XBO the pisser I get, and I'm not a XBOX fan but I am a Game fan.

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NewZealander2503d ago

so many idiotic comments being made about XBOX ONE on this site.

i think its crazy how people especially rabbid fanboys will go on a rampage and tear the competition to shreds, i think people need to take a step back and realize it is just a console, newly announced and there is still a lot we don't know about the product.

people need to quit all the chest puffing, we have seen some good ideas and not so good ideas, but this thing is still in its infancy, as is the ps4, ill wait and see what comes from E3, but for now im excited, so many negative people round here!

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IBleedXbox2503d ago

why not. the kinect is always on. listening and possibly seeing you. and it is an always online system since cloud requires online and the kinect

Hufandpuf2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Not technically. The system requires to be connected once every 24 or so hours just so it can operate. Still sucks but not AS bad as it's made out to be.

EDIT: Technically not, but I don't even care I'm not even getting the Xbox One.

IBleedXbox2503d ago

Once every 24 hours? Still always online

waltercross2502d ago

Actually some games will require an always connection according to some Articles. Also when youre online, playing MP or whatever the Kinect will always be looking at you....Kind of scary.

Majin-vegeta2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Every video i've seen so far of the xbox Juan,The top comments have someone saying their switching to another platform.Good job M$ keep it coming and let Sony and the other platforms reap in the rewards.

SexyGamerDude2503d ago

I know what you mean. I used to be a MS fan. It feels good to be on the dark side of the force.

Aquarhane2503d ago

I wanted Microsoft to prove all the rumors wrong, but when they gave us all of this, the want for another xbox console quickly died.

Jek_Porkins2503d ago

I'm a Microsoft fan and I'm excited, and I'm sure others will be too when some of these messy misunderstandings get cleared up, and some games being shown will do wonders too.

Now that it seems like used games are just like normal, I expect a lot of the hate to die down, we can get back to just being excited about the idea of that sexy new controller, dedicated servers, 15 exclusives over the first year and a ton of other great things on the horizon!

M-M2503d ago

This is one of the people I'm referring to.

duli142503d ago

He will bend right over for M$

Brazz2503d ago

Respect the guy, everyone is entitled to opinions and choices ... If he wants to continue with the xbox so be it.

militant072503d ago

Are you crazy, if you don't buy PS4 then you're consider animal, there is no right or wrong.
PS4 is out religion and life.

-Typical N4Ger

bluetoto2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )


"Respect the guy"

why, he doesn't even respect himself, so why should we?


Sadly you are correct and it helps when your supporters are a bunch of braindead nimrods.

T22503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

People get so defensive on a simple debate too - hey you could go buy an AMC gremlin to drive around in too, but don't expect people to try and educate you on why you maybe should have thought it through a bit better.

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Unicron2503d ago

"some games being shown will do wonders too"

Sleight of hand baby. Show the people something shiny on the right while stomping on their rights on the left. Classic.

Why o why2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

You either have a strong PMA

Or you're an employee of ms.

Cant quite work it out but I'm kinda veering towards the

I'm kinda excited as ms usually have a trick or 2 up their sneaky sleeves but e3 better be choca block full of games. If I hear tv tv tv tv again, I'm out

Oh you never seem to cuss.....suspicious

Gamer-Z2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Lol Jek_Porkins i bet even if somehow the console sprouted legs and kicked you in the balls every day you would still support it.

Retroman2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

@ jek_porkins

one question: ARE YOU SERIOUS???? and you wonder why you have 13 disagree's

Jek_Porkins2503d ago

I'm on N4G, of course I'm going to get disagrees if I say anything positive about Microsoft. I believe a Facebook poll accurately represents how Microsoft fans feel about the next Xbox about as much as I'd believe a poll from N4G members about the next Xbox.

That isn't even journalism.

Retroman2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

@ jer

but you know X1 is a flop we gamers was wondering are you on drugs for making that useless comment.
im sure you are a MS fan but after reading soooooo many articles from here IGN,GAMESPOT so on of RROD,E74,DISK TRAY SUCK, game scratched and gamers saying they bought 3-8 360's why would anyone go through that all over again with X1?? im not saying ps3 /ps4 better but damn less problems i had with my 60gb ps3 bought mine back in 2007 she still humming.

BeZdaBest2503d ago

if you invested money on one platform for so many years(which im assuming by the way)i dont see why he shouldnt buy ONE.

honestly i like tech' and i liked the tech aspect of it.but if it really needs to watch me like sauron all i have to say is..

basically what im trying to say is.. "to each his own"

Pillsbury12503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

This guy likes to "stay on target". Even with all the restrictions and fees he still will support his Microsoft overlords.

ShwankyShpanky2503d ago

"Now that it seems like used games are just like normal"

Can you clarify that statement?

Unicron2503d ago

Theres a rumor going around that MS changed its stance already. Since its positive, its clearly now a fact.

Jek_Porkins2503d ago

Sure thing buddy :)

Now yall can focus on hating the Xbox One for other reasons, acceptable reasons being:
They still charge for online! To which my reply will be, Xbox One will have dedicated servers for all their games!

So on and so forth...

ShwankyShpanky2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

"according to sources familiar with the system."

"The ultimate system that Xbox One will use for used games and online authentication sounds like it is still in open debate on some level internally."

Yeah, I'd call that a rumor. The same article also says:

"authentication on the console's hard drive tied to the game is then verified regularly through an internet connection. When a person sells the game or it is installed and played on another system, the game is deauthenticated on the original machine until the disc is brought back and used to re-authenticate the installation."

So does that mean if you sell the game to GameStop (as an example) that you can still actually play the game until someone buys and installs it? Or does GameStop authenticate it to cancel your authentication? Or are you supposed to report the sale to MS? This is all very up in the air, so to say that it is "just like normal" is pretty disingenuous.

"They still charge for online! To which my reply will be, Xbox One will have dedicated servers for all their games!"

That Wired article doesn't explicitly state that dedicated servers for all games are a given, it says that's one of the potential applications of the cloud. It would be excellent if that ends up being the case, though.

I do like this prospect:

"multiplayer matches that can grow to 64, even 128 participants, rather than the usual limit of 16 or 32"

...but didn't Zipper already do 256 players three years ago with MAG (the "small" matches were 32v32)? The game sometimes seemed like just a proof-of-concept, but I found it fun while the community lasted.

"Now yall can focus on hating the Xbox One for other reasons, acceptable reasons being:"
-24hr periodic handshake
-mandatory spyware
-DRM restrictions still up in the air
-paying for online (use those dashboard ads to pay for dedicated servers)

waltercross2502d ago

Actually it says, "no fee to reactivate a used game" But what if your friend wanted to play it at his house? can he just Install it and play?

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RiPPn2503d ago

Microsoft is going to show you the games you want at E3 to get the box in your home and to keep you giving them money for Xbox Live Gold. Then just like the 360, they will stop focusing on games and hope 3rd parties carry them, all while trying to shove more casual crap down your throat.

I don't see how anyone can trust them going forward no matter what games they show or how they spin the negatives.

liquidhalos2503d ago

How many of these 15 exclusives dont rely on kinect?

Jek_Porkins2503d ago

How many Sony exclusives are going to be core? Do you think they'll still use Move? Or there camera that is a lot like Kinect?

The point is, we don't know. I hope since Kinect is with every console that they at least implement it as an option where it makes sense. Skyrim, Mass Effect 3 and Forza 4 show that as an option or addition, it works pretty well.

I'd venture to say of the 15, maybe 3-4 will be full Kinect, but certainly not Black Tusks game, the Remedy offering and the old school Rare project.

We wont know until after E3, but hopefully they offer some compelling games.

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