“New Engine” for Call of Duty: Ghosts

Gamers-Association editor Cameron Wasmund asks if Infinity Ward should even claim Call of Duty: Ghosts runs on a new engine.

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Xwow20082502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

I must say the new Fish A.I is a game changer ;)

Snookies122502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

It's amazing, it's like the fish are real!! That is easily worth $60, in fact I want to pay extra for it!

Elit3Nick2502d ago

When you see fish change their direction in front of you, you will games like you've never seen them before ;)

DeadlyFire2502d ago

They do know that some PS2 games featured fish moving out of the way when you played them. Call of Duty featuring this for the first time is not a great achievement.

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M-M2502d ago

"Upgraded Engine" Fixed.

NeXXXuS2502d ago

Yup. I watched the interview and when asked about The "new engine," he completely dodged the question and said that all it was is an upgraded quake engine. Not really like its something new since theyve been lying to their fans for a long time now.

Jek_Porkins2502d ago

Has anyone noticed that people on this site never are happy with anything in regards to gaming?

When it comes to COD, the games can be fun for a lot of people, who cares what coding they use? It's a common practice to keep some coding, all the "top" engines do the same thing, and at the end of the day, isn't fun and functionality more important? Maybe it's just me.

adorie2502d ago

The people who have put money into this series on an annual basis deserve a new engine. It's sad that a billion dollar company like GreedVision can't put some money into a new engine, because investors are the most important aspect of their entire company. Blizzard and all.

Jek_Porkins2502d ago

People could just not buy it if they wanted to vote with their wallets, I buy pretty much every COD game, but I wish I had skipped BO2 and MW3.

TheGrimReaper2502d ago

" It's a common practice to keep some coding, all the "top" engines do the same thing"

"top" engine, 2013, quake engine
One of the top three doesn't fit, guess which.

It's ok to just optimise your engine, but how much has this engine evolved since Modern Warfare?
You are trying to defend Activision and their decision to use this old engine instead of developing a new engine for X1&PS4? I guess they haven't earned enough money yet to fund the development...
It's getting ridiculous.

Salooh2502d ago

Imagine releasing cod4 with cod2 gameplay and a little improvement in graphics. Do you think it would be famous like this ?. They are doing this.They just changed the story of mw3 and made the graphics a little bit better in texture. That's it..

They fired the people who made cod4. They are not making anything that makes me feel i will play a next generation cod even though they have the money to do it. They deserve the negative. Fun is not enough for a next generation console. They can do that on ps3 easily. The increase of negative in this site is only because of the disappointment of ms conference.

I respect your opinions but sometimes you act like the bad things never happened. They are changing the way we are playing games but in a bad way instead of really evolve gaming. It's like they made next generation console just to put these limitations. Give credit for who deserves it. Without saying our opinion they won't knee to us gamers. Right now company think they own us instead of serving us that's why they make these limitations.

All they need to do is make what we love and we give them money. But gaming is getting more complicated..

MysticStrummer2502d ago

"Has anyone noticed that people on this site never are happy with anything in regards to gaming?"

Since that's not true at all, I doubt many people have noticed it.

You're all the proof anyone needs that the bubble system is a joke, by the way.

AzaziL2502d ago

When Battlefield 1942 was made, they didn't borrow some engine from another game, they made their own from scratch. When that engine began to show it's age five years and a few releases later, they scrapped it and created Frostbite from scratch. They accomplished this on a budget merely a fraction of what CoD rakes in yearly. Any excuses that the CoD devs have about not being able to make a "new" engine is bull.

quenomamen2502d ago

Or maybe lazzy ass developers should stop saying they got a " Brand New Engine " for their first next gen game, knowing godamn well their full of shit. But hey, maybe thats just me.

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NeXXXuS2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

The point is that they lied about having a completely new engine and when it came to asking about it, they said it was just an upgraded quake engine. This is one of the reasons i don't buy games from companies like this. They have no respect for the fans who enjoy CoD

Gamer-Z2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Like it matters, the people that like COD don't play it for the graphics obviously or they would have stopped playing a long time ago. Anyways i suspect Activision will not have an easy time promoting COD next gen when every other game will be running at 60fps with way better graphics than what we are seeing from COD's old slightly upgraded engine.

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