Women Making Games

It’s sad to say but there is still a strong prejudice when it comes to women involved in the video game world. Females that game, deal with a certain level of sexism and doubt about their abilities and passions. Women who want to report on games struggle to get taken seriously and not as glorified “booth babes”. Sadly the number of women making games for some of the major game companies is depressingly small.

All is not lost though, as women are breaking into the world everyday. It’s worth noting that the following women helped to create the games that you love and play.

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One4U2500d ago

maybe they just dont want to makes games

DragonKnight2500d ago

Sssshhhhh. You're not allowed to make common sense statements like that. The world must believe that it's men's fault. That men are the reason for every bad thing to ever happen ever in the history of existence.

DragonKnight2500d ago


When are people going to learn that anonymity makes EVERYONE a target? Look how many female game journalists there are today and tell me that they aren't taken seriously. Ugh. I'm tired of people failing to do any research and just jumping on the "women are oppressed" agenda. People who say that don't even know what real oppression is.

ziggurcat2500d ago

i didn't even bother with this white knight BS... just went straight to story quality? wtf? like this website? no

ApolloTheBoss2500d ago

Does it really matter? Shouldn't you be glad that women are in the gaming industry AT ALL? I swear feminists are never satisfied.

hazelamy2499d ago

yeah i know, i mean you let us vote right, and we didn't even think that was enough.
we're so spoiled, we'll be asking for equal pay next.

i really hope your comment was as much a joke as mine.

ApolloTheBoss2499d ago

I'm just saying: The only reason there are aren't many women in the industry is mainly because aren't many that are interested. And they are some who lead projects and even have their own studios. (Jade Raymond and Kim Swift for example.) Simply put, you want to be the in the industry, you have to work for it like everyone else. Stop making excuses and acting like you have to be entitled to everything.

annus2500d ago

Crap article. Sure, there may not be as many females who LEAD projects, but how can you know how many are actually helping create the games? How many people can you name of the hundreds of people who worked on GTA IV? Back in the 80s there was something like 40% of females working in computer science scene, maybe the game industry just isn't exciting for females, or maybe it is seen as the stereotypes of childish neckbeards sitting around programming all day. Gaming has been more targeted towards males in the last few decades, so maybe that has a role, but I don't think it is BECAUSE they are female that they don't have a job in the game industry.

Also, the person leading OUYA is a female, glad to see a mention of her in your article...

craigbic2500d ago

It's BECAUSE, historically, in a male-dominated industry, women are frequently not allowed to join the 'club" and if they are, then are frequently subjected to not being taken seriously as evidenced by the fact that industry for industry they are not paid equally with men but rather less than men for the same job. Nobody is saying that this is ALWAYS the case or even the case for ANY of these women but lets face it, gaming is a male-dominated industry/hobby. Because the author expresses an opinion not well-liked by the lot of you, you ALL very quickly dismissed her and her article with comments like "crap article" or "white knight BS" or with sarcastic, snarky comments such as "The world must believe that it's men's fault". Are you saying it's the woman's fault that they face tougher scrutiny, sexism, unfair treatment, etc...? Did any of you READ the article? Yes, the author does mention "females that game deal with a certain level of sexism and doubt about their abilities and passions" and she does briefly talk about female game journalists facing down the "booth babe" image. How do any of you know that females in the industry DON'T face sexism? And if any of you ARE admitting that they do, why are you so quick to ridicule the author and dismiss her opinion? The author is a female working in a traditionally male-oriented industry and I tend to trust her opinion when she says women in the industry tend to face sexism rather than the opinions of the highly dismissive, troll-like commentators that have thus-far shown themselves here. At any rate, the article ACTUALLY focuses on the highly intelligent and successful women pioneers in the industry and I think THAT is a terrific thing to focus on!

annus2500d ago

Oh right, a student who runs a blog must have the same experiences as a female working in a professional game studio, gotcha!

DragonKnight2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Why would you write a blog filled with conjecture instead of fact? Assuming you wrote it of course.

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