Used Game Sales – A Change Upon Us - With the announcement of the Xbox One came a wave of uncertainty and unease over the used game market. Many have taken to battle cries of unfairness and openly stated disdain at the thought of used games becoming monetized by the publishers. It is a complicated issue that is hotly debated and is emotionally charged for many. Ultimately, things always change and with the Xbox One we are seeing once again the industry stress testing such a change.

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RiPPn3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Microsoft is getting all the heat for this but Sony is going to follow, there is no doubt.

What Sony should do is come out and say used games are a thing of the past and site reasons why like the THQ closing, the heavy rain issue, etc. But hopefully they have a plan in place to ease this pain.

One thing would be to offer a buyback program, like each day after you purchased a game takes money off the buyback amount until it hits a certain level then that price stays the same. Those funds then stay in your wallet for the next purchase. And to make current Sony owners happier to accept this is start the buyback program with digital content on PS3 PSN purchases. This would sell the idea and also generate some good will.

Another thing they could do is use the social media features they have built in, allow you to post an ad that the game is for sale, only at a price set by sony, maybe 10% less than buying it direct, so a 60$ game becomes 54$, to your friends, and when they click the link and buy it, the game deactivates for you and activates for them. Sony then gives you 30$ credit and splits the 24$ between them and the developers.

Who knows but it's going to be interesting to see how this all plays out.

SexyGamerDude3480d ago

How are yo so sure Sony will do it? Just because MS does it doesn't mean others will follow. Look at Nintendo.

RiPPn3480d ago

I'm not 100% sure, but I would bet on it for these reasons:

1. EA announced they were done with online passes. If only Microsoft were doing this DRM, then EA would still need online passes on the PS4.

2. Sony said there would be used games on the system, but they never gave details which leads me to believe they have some sore of plan like I mentioned above, or some deal with retailers to somehow transfer licenses in essence allowing a controlled used game market.

3. No way Microsoft does this if they know their competition isn't. It would be suicide to do this when you have such a formattable opponent such as Sony launching at the exact same time as you.

Now it would be funny if the backlash caused both Microsoft and Sony to have to change strategy and EA had to re announce they were going back to online passes, but I don't see it happening.

I just wish there was a way to keep the used games market yet save the devs, because it is sad to see a store like GameStop rake in billions a year, and then see a company like THQ go under. Something has to be fixed here.

Conan-O-Brady3480d ago

How about the dev's target the real problem, the used game market itself. GameStop should be paying the devs a percentage of each and every used game sold. Why should gamers be punished because they can't police their own industry.

Hopefully we'll have another crash and the industry will reset itself.........

rainslacker3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

If GS, or any retailer, gives back to the dev/pub, then it is the gamer who will pay in some way. The retailers aren't going to take a loss for our benefit. They'll either offer less for trade in(likely scenario), or sell it for more to the end user(less likely, because used prices are already as high as they feel they can sell it at).

@sexy below
And you saw EA drop all support of the Wii U. We all thought it may have been low game sales, or possibly their fallout with Nintendo over Origin, but the more likely scenario is that Nintendo isn't blocking used. EA was probably hoping to leverage that over Nintendo to get them to implement it, but Nintendo stayed true.

On the bright side, it means maybe Ubisoft will still be open to the Wii U, as they are still adamantly supporting it.

SexyGamerDude3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

"No way Microsoft does this if they know their completion isn't. It would be suicide"

That still makes no sense. As I stated before, Nintendo isn't doing it.

RiPPn3480d ago

Except they don't view the Nintendo Wii U as their competition. They don't even view the Wii that trounced them this generation as their competition. They came out on stage acting like they were the best selling console in the world.

AAACE53480d ago

Greed is the problem!

In the past, what helped Ps1 and 2 reach such high levels was the fact they had a lot of games and the games were cheap! On average, we paid $40 for a new game on ps1 and ps2 had tons of great games for $20.

Now, almost every game cost $60!

When you raise the price, people become more cautious about what they buy.

Developers had to shut down because of this!

I would rather sell 5 million units of a game for $40-$50, that 2 million for $60. Just makes more sense to me!

Used games have always helped the industry. It gave people a chance to try a game they were curious about at a low risk! A lot of the time, they became fans and bought the next game new!

All of this online dealing might scare people away!

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MasterOne3480d ago

How much money does a car company get from a used car sell? How much money does that same car company get for rentals?
I hear a violin playing somewhere. The market will dictate the next step. If M$ is the only entity to do this, their bottom line will truly be affected. Currently, this appears to be generating a lot of negativity. Remember EA recently dropped its Online pass program after only being around for 2 or 3 years.


Used games. Are they really the cause of studios closing down due to lost sales?

In part? Yes. Yet there are other factors present to cause such things. One observation I have made is the large availability of titles that keep hitting the market every year. There are so many games released every month that I am having a hard time researching them all. Sure there are reviews to help sift through the duds, but I'm finding many great games catered to my personal tastes that reviews don't reflect. So their value is limited.

Many great games slip through the cracks (like Kingdoms of Amular) and fail to reach the people that would buy them. Studios would naturally close anyway when an oversaturation occurs. It is the natural process of business. Supply and Demand.

Yet these developers blame used games for the primary cause of their struggle. Not a suprise they had a hidden agenda behind the trophy/achievement monitor and gauge the ratio of games sold vs. the number of people playing.

The numbers don't lie. They don't reveal truths either. They are just numbers given for further analysis. On the surface they see 2 million copies sold and 4 million who got to play. To them the logic is clear and straightforward. There are 2 million lost sales.

Thus the true weakness of logic is presented when used by a weaker mind. It applies to all intelligences, but is applied much more linear and simple by the narrowminded.

For if one were using logic to a higher level, one would observe more factors to the logical thought processess. For starters a strong logical mind would ponder more doubt to disprove his thought process...a critical step in purging the possible emotional bias that may underlie beneath. For if truth were one's true motive it would serve him well. To support an emotion or belief using logic is the first step toward the justification of one's own desired outcome...a completely different use altogether.

If these developers weren't seeking to blame used games from the start they would have never stopped at the numbers before them. They would have considered the possiblity that the other 2 million may have never bought the game had it not been for the opportunity to obtain a cheaper copy. They might even have considered that people only play content that is free, such as demos...or even pondered that those may hurt sales as well.

Never do they ponder the thought that their failures may be their own. Maybe they just suck. Or maybe they can't advertise (like Sony), costing them millions in sales for not having the ability to reach consumers. Or maybe the required Online Pass system, despite it's deterrance of used games, may have turned people away from buying their products at all.

So many variables to consider if one were to take the time to smell the true scent of their creations. Yet they don't. They just justify what they want to believe in the first place.