PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE Specs + Features Comparison

RealGamerNewz brings out the latest information as comparisons are drawn on the newly released Microsoft XO (Xbox ONE) and Sony PS4 (PlayStation 4) which will go head to head in next generation gaming history. In addition to this, a number of other choice topics have also been selected for this week's episode.

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NextGen24Gamer2511d ago

My bet would be that the ps4 outsells the Xbox One at first. But, once friends of friends start seeing the games in action and all the cool things the xbox one can do outside of gaming...the tables will turn and turn quickly. Its funny because I was thinking why would Microsoft make a console that was less powerful than the ps4. Microsoft has all the money in the world, all the tech in the world, and a huge user base. But the more and more I read about the cloud and the infrastructure that Microsoft has built with thousands and thousands of servers....It all makes sense now. The xbox one is 10 times more powerful than the xbox can stop there and I as a gamer am pleased with just that...but then you add in the cloud and it gives developers 3x the power of one Xbox One and BAM!!!! You have games that will be 30x that of the xbox 360 games. That blows my mind and it's future proof! It's not limited by the hardware....The crazy part is, MS could always add more and more servers in the cloud and take that 3x the power and make that 6x the power halfway through the xbox ones life cycle and the Ps4 wouldn't be able to keep up. But heres the catch...the only way that works, is if developers know that 90% of the xbox one owners are CONNECTED!!!!! With the ps4, even if they wanted to play catch up and start building servers and adding that into their development tools...they would need to assure developers that everyone who has purchased a ps4 is connected! Not going to happen...and they are way too far behind. Ms has been planning this for 7 years and have an unbelievable amount of servers powering their cloud. As a Gamer, I'm IN! If people don't want their console connected and play the most high tech games...keep playing on your xbox 360 or buy a ps4. In 5 years we will all wonder how we lived in an era where we weren't connected online anyway!

MonkeyNinja2511d ago

You're delusional. There's a reason OnLive failed.

In order to utilize the additional resources of the servers, you'd have to have a very fast internet connection.

And even if you do have a good connection, what if your internet goes down? Then you can't play your game.

And how many servers can devs use for one game? What happens if a huge amount of people actually buy a game that utilizes these servers, and there's not enough servers to accommodate? Then M$FT would have to buy more servers, which would cost $...

Plus, people always want something new. That tech will grow old and eventually break down, and people will get tired of re-buying the same thing over and over...

All that "3x the power" talk is just PR. No, "It's rocket science".

NextGen24Gamer2511d ago

Onlive was playing entire games on the cloud. Not the same as what xbox one will do! If your internet connection goes down, you will lose some effects and maybe detail..but we are talking about without the cloud...the xbox one is 10x that of the xbox 360 and with the cloud 30x the power of the while yes you would lose a little, it would still look great without the added effects from the cloud. Once again....the cloud wouldn't be running the game, it would be augmenting the game. I applaud MS for being so forward thinking on this next gen console. I feel sorry for the poor folks who have to buy a ps4 because they don't have an internet connection. They will be missing out. My advice is get with the year we live in and get internet. In 5 years we will look back and wonder how we ever lived our lives without internet.

Also, money is not an issue for Microsoft buddy. They already have thousands upon thousands of servers and are likely expanding by the week. They know exactly what they are doing. Its just funny because, once people see it in action and how the cloud makes games better...Everyone will see the big picture that ms was painting years ago.

But, bottom line is the xbox one is a state of the art gaming/entertainment system and if you want the best experiences money can buy, you might want to get a internet connection. I'm ALL IN!!!!!

MonkeyNinja2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

I really hope no one buys into this whole "anti-consumer-in-a-box&q uot; crap. I don't need Big Brother breathing down my throat...

NextGen24Gamer2511d ago don't need to buy it. But why would you hope that no one else does? That's strange to me. I'm super excited about the xbox one. It's the only truly next gen console. With the cloud & Kinnect 2....Games will be Amazing! Honestly, I don't care how many consoles they sell, I just want to get my hands on it and enjoy next gen gaming

ShAkKa2511d ago

THE CLOUD, THE CLOUD, THE CLOUD! give it a f***king break, brah.

Godmars2902510d ago

So far the message from each console maker is:

Microsoft = Our game system has media apps. You're going to have to have the internet and pay us and pay us more to get the most out of it.

Sony = Our game has games. Also media apps. You'll get the most out of it with the internet.