Kinect 2.0 can save the Xbox One

GamesRadar - The gamer community rose, sea-monster like, in near universal revolt to Xbox One after its debut earlier this week. Much of the criticism is justified; mixed signals on online connectivity and used games were major missteps, and there just weren't enough games even with E3 looming. But one whipping boy in particular we just can't find it in our heart to lash: the new Kinect.

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Would love to see it try.


Abash2511d ago

Its one of the things harming it. There is no reason why it has to be connected for the console to work, or be "always listening"

NewMonday2511d ago

"But one whipping boy in particular we just can't find it in our heart to lash: the new Kinect"

How about the staged voice commands by Mahdi?

TopDudeMan2511d ago

Yes, kinect, in theory is a neat feature, but it's way too error prone and I think you do need the tactile feedback of something tangible in a game.

Godmars2902511d ago

Given its history you'll have to wait until its in people's homes.

Where it will be watching...

Maddens Raiders2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

It's like after May 21st, 2013 we walked into one of Stan Lee's alter-Earth's, well as far as console gaming goes that is. I just hope we don't start seeing reports of X-men killing innocent civilians anytime soon.

wastedcells2511d ago

Kinect save the Xbox..... Seriously? I'll let my kid sister know lmao.

Donnieboi2511d ago

The kinect will only entice casuals. And im sure the ps4 eye can do many of the things it can do, like motion tracking. Gimmicks such as kinects ability to read heart beats is not enough of an advantage for anyone to care.

aceitman2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

it will be like the wii to wii u people will see Kinect2 thinking no different from 1

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LOGICWINS2511d ago

Pretty excited to see what Kinect 2 can bring to the table. Imagine performing a submission in UFC via Kinect? Thad be so sick!

Utalkin2me2511d ago

Actually i think performing a submission with Kinect would be kind of silly if i say so myself.

Hicken2511d ago

No, that would be stupid.

Number-Nine2511d ago

i thought it would be the opposite.

forum672511d ago

Well PC will have the new Kinect too.

Blackdeath_6632511d ago

i wonder how much freedom will pc users have with the new kinect i think MS sees it as a way to integrate gestures to windows 8 for regular desktop pc that don't have touch screens or inbuilt cameras with gesture capabilities and nothing more. i think most of kinect practical and genuinely useful features are nowhere near gaming so locking it down to a gaming console really limits its capabilities to just dancing and fitness games and no i don't view waving my hands at it to change channels or switch between screens when i can just press one button on a remote or controller as practical. they should really allow pc users to freely develop software for it but judging how MS already treats indie devs like shit i doubt that very much

CyberCam2511d ago

PC users will hack the crap out of it and remove any features they don't want. No big deal.

Blackdeath_6632511d ago

thats the case for me aswell kinect2 is what killed the xbox for me

Jek_Porkins2511d ago

The way this version of Kinect looks to be working I'm hoping it does a lot of good things. I know some will have a sour taste because the last one wasn't "all that" as the young kids say these days.

I enjoyed the first Kinect as an option is some games, love what I'm hearing so far about the new one, hearing people praise it that bashed the first one has me really excited.

oof462511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

As a father of two (one of them being a 2 month old fussy baby), I don't want Kinect support to be mandatory. I play with headphones on when the kids go to sleep. I don't want to move around the room or have to talk to my xbox. I just want to play for a few hours with a controller.

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The story is too old to be commented.