8 ways Call of Duty: Ghosts can be more emotional using dogs

GamesRadar - So Call of Duty: Ghosts is going to tell a more emotional story and bring canine partners into the gameplay equation. We think we can see the way this is going to go. Hollywood has taught us well. In case of the need for easy emotional pathos, break out dog and kill dog.

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ltachiUchiha2512d ago

Would be nice if they can get a good writer. Then they can do that but they need to make the campaign longer to do that. The question is will they put the time & money to do that? I dont think they get enough time to do so because COD is a money maker & ppl buy it even if the campaign sucks. They just like it for the multiplayer & zombies.

brodychet2511d ago

Plot twist; You're the dog the entire time.

hay2511d ago

Knowing creativity of last titles in COD series, they'll probably just kill the dog in some pseudo heroic moment.

Remember Fable 2? Dog there was like half of the game and still was tad underwhelming.

ltachiUchiha2511d ago

I agree, I also have a feeling the dog will be a big part of the multiplayer. Prolly have do sensing abilities playing as the dog to sniff out claymores & campers. Hearing abilities, vision abilities for hight time. Just some ideas str8 off the back.

One4U2511d ago

how to make it emotional : dog dies

Ilovetheps52511d ago

Everyone knows it's going to happen. They try to get you emotionally attached to the dog and then they kill the dog.

animegamingnerd2511d ago

that's if i ever play this game the first emotion moment with the dog i will say hey doggy your gonna die aren't you

ApolloTheBoss2511d ago

But what if I don't give a f*ck?

wishingW3L2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

simple answer, ApolloTheBoss, you have no soul and your heart it's made of stone. ;(

LackTrue4K2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Make it like the movie "broke back mountain"
.....but replace with dog and man.

ShabbaRanks2511d ago

@onyoursistersback you're comment made me laugh, but then when I saw @animegamingnerd's reponse

I sh*t myself


OhReginald2511d ago

If they really want people to be emotional they should make it similar to Futurama's seymour moment where he waits for Fry to return and never does.

Its considered the saddest cartoon moment EVER. and I agree.

Snookies122511d ago

OhReginald... I disagree!! (I don't disagree, just had to do that because of your avatar/name.)

That moment was freaking sad as heck though.

memots2511d ago

Agreed , it was a very sad episode :(

brodychet2511d ago

not gunna lie, I cried so hard.

Majin-vegeta2511d ago

You wanna get emotionally attached to a dog??go watch Marley and me i think thats what its called.

ExCest2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

New gameplay element: play the dog; BE the dawg.

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The story is too old to be commented.