Shutting out the indies is a big mistake for Xbox One

GI - Indie games aren't just an artistic niche - this is where the industry's creative and commercial future will be written.

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darthv722504d ago

was an interesting spin on the situation. From what i understand, the self publishing of games related to more about where they fell within the service more so than the publishing itself.

meaning that a smaller independent publisher's game went into the "indie" section and a larger publisher went into the "arcade" section. You dont find companies like capcom or konami in the indie section of the ps store and live marketplace.

Nintendo, sony know there is a difference and created the categories for inde games in their respected services after Ms did the same thing. all of them promote the indie side differently but all of them dont do it out of the goodness of their hearts.

just as in retail, if a company wants to take an end cap to display their product, they pay for that space. otherwise it gets placed where it fits within the same type of products.

The recent announcement of the merging of arcade and indie games is not a sign of indie development being shuttered. Perhaps many are interpreting it that way. I would also like to think the intention of promoting these smaller houses to join up with a larger more funded publisher is there to stimulate their business as it would certainly help them get their wares distributed more if people see these unique titles with the backing of a bigger company.

many of these bigger companies started out small and maybe...just maybe...this is a way to give something back to the up and coming generation of game developers.

Overall, i think people are taking things out of context way to much lately. there is still so much that hasnt been shared with how the new services will work.

NegativeCreepWA2504d ago

The indie section is actually only games created using XNA, which I believe doesn't require a publisher at all.

Supermax2504d ago

Not really in reply to title

headblackman2504d ago

this shouldn't even be a topic until after e3. next.