PS4 Controller Continuing a Tradition of Innovation

Gi - PS4 Controller is a revolutionary evolution of Sony’s famous DualShock technology. The core design of the PS4 controller is similar to prior Sony DualShock controllers hailing all the way back to the original PlayStation. Originally, the PlayStation featured a basic controller with a D-Pad, four buttons split between the left and right shoulders, a select/start button and the iconic Sony button set (Square, Triangle, Circle and X). Eventually, Sony released the Dual Analog controller for the PS1, which added two analog joy sticks to the set up, but the Dual Analog soon phased out of existence as Sony introduced the first DualShock controller. The DualShock featured two vibrating motors that responded with vibrations to the action taking place on screen. This DualShock technology has become the signature feature of Sony systems ever since.

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LeRise2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

There's a petition already:

It's called "Microsoft: To listen and to take notice of what their consumers want from them"

(upd: sorry, I missed a browser tab)

xHeavYx2503d ago

Dualshock is the best controller ever

LeRise2503d ago

You think I don't agree? I adore the new Dualshock.
And my 1st message was intended for another topic, sorry.

BeZdaBest2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

they have to fix that cheap plastic they had on the ds3...those things break to fast...come sony heavy duty plastic (like the wiimote that shit is indestructible and can break somebodys jaw)..

and for those saying this/that is better.. thats a opinion not FACT..

GameCents2503d ago

Nope. As much as I hate Microsoft at the moment, the 360 controller and now possibly the One controller take that title.
DualShock is far from the best controller ever.
It has a very antiquated design and is small and crampy.

DivineAssault 2503d ago

I think this new version is the ultimate controller.. The dual shock 3s are good but the R2/L2 were too damn sensitive to me.. The analogs being rounded out were annoying too because my thumbs would occasionally slide off.. Great controller (minus previous) but this is what was critically needed..
The design hadnt changed since PS1 & it was time to evolve.. The end result seems to be P E R F E C T!!! I cant think of a better design choice than the above.. The triggers are great! The analogs are a god send! & the touchpad will add sooooooo much to games.. From basic controls on indie titles to complex puzzles & problem solving in god of war or uncharted.. I cant wait for it & sony has nx gen NAILED!

BullyMangler2503d ago

aint it? ha ha haaa . . im lovin the diff colored LED lights about it though .

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-Mezzo-2503d ago

Dying to get my hands on it.

Belking2503d ago

I see they finally added triggers like the xbox controller. Smart move. Now just fix the analogs and everything will be great.

thereapersson2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Some people are fully capable of utilizing the DS design and are quite comfortable with it. Personally I find both designs (XBOX, PlayStation) to have their strengths and weaknesses.


MS has revised their controller more than Sony has. Remember the size of the original fat XBOX controller vs. the new one they re-designed to be more along the size of the PlayStation pad?

Edit 2:

I do think that Sony took a cue from MS in one area of the controller, and that is giving the handles a more ergonomically rounded shape on the ends, to better contour to the palms. I think this iteration of the DS will be the best one Sony's ever put out.

Skips2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Agreed, my left thumb isn't longer than my right... And I'm sure many others thumbs aren't that way either. (Just a hunch) lol. So there's no need.

As for the Xbox controller, just THANK THE HEAVENS MS fixed that HORRID D-PAD!

...But still using batteries in 2013, is just down right EMBARRASSING! lol


I just got the impression from IGN that they made it more sturdier or something. They said it had a mechanical click/ 4 way unlike the 360 controller.

So I'm not entirely sure if it IS actually "better". Just from the impression, it seemed like it...

@ EDIT 2 above.

Now that I agree on...

thereapersson2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

But I don't think they (MS) really "fixed" the D-Pad, as the segmented design of the PS Pad's is still the pinnacle of D-Pad design. Slightly rounded edges and individual directional inputs vs one solid piece ALA the Dreamcast's D-Pad. That thing shredded the hell out of my thumb, notably during long MvsC2 sessions.

Granted, the One's controller D-Pad looks much better than the 360's, as the pad is now at least locked in place instead of being on a "rotating" axis like the 360's D-Pad.

sparta762503d ago

NO!!! They need to leave the analog stick just they way it is..

Brazz2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

if you mean to make it concave, yeah they did a good thing... if you mean change it's place to be like Xbox controller i say NO! Analog position is great!


I don't think he meant position, but shape/resistance, which are indeed a bit better on 360's pad than on DS3.

But if he indeed meant position then... Eew...

thechosenone2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

That glowing bar in the front is so cool looking! Futuristic as fook.

Sarobi2503d ago

I wonder how heavy it feels compared to PS3 Dualshock

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