The Syndicate Games That Never Were

Syndicate fans, this one's for you. After posting a little something on former Bullfrog boss Peter Molyneux's love of the series, Kotaku were contacted by a former Bullfrog and EA UK employee. He said that a new Syndicate game wouldn't be anything new. Indeed, over the years he says there have been "quite a number of attempts to get a new Syndicate game into production".

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titntin3952d ago

Ahh - the memories! I worked with Mike and this has reminded me that I need to get back in touch with one of the most talented and nicest guys in the industry. A true games player too.

I was working on the Dungeon Keeper 3 concept when the last syndicate game was being conceived, and it was full of great ideas. There was going to be lots of stealth, and we had a novel idea for following scent trails, that was going to make it unlike anything else.
As with everything that had any Bullfrog magic, the E.A bigwigs didn't understand what we were doing and hastily canned it. All those inventive people got channeled into sports franchises like the F1 game and the Fifa spin offs we churned out of there, or the licensed games like Harry Potter that we got forced to work on. And so a bunch of real talent and creativity got stifled and killed, much like the other great development houses that E.A consumed before.
If you ever needed to see a reason why E.A. should not be let within a mile of a company like Take Two, just look at what they did to Bullfrog, or Maxis, or Origin or Westwood, or anyone else they get their grubby mitts on. E.A represent the very worst of corporate culture stifling innovation and ideas, and having seen what they do first hand, they should not be allowed to get their hands on real creative talent.

hitthegspot3952d ago

It's the first game that I beat on the PC. It was a classic. I wish they would put it up on Live. I still play it from time to time. My cousin worked at tapwave a few years ago and I told him to port Syndicate. It would have been a good boost to tap wave. Oh well another hand held bites the dust.