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DUST 514’s address is located at the intersection of great potential and poor execution. It’s mangled with technical flaws, a lack of modes and disappointing microtransactions that sometimes feel almost mandatory unless folks want to put in hours and hours just to obtain slightly above-average equipment.

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MikeyDucati13476d ago

What a terrible review. Compared to plenty of FPS games out there, this one is definitely ahead of the curve. The problem is that most who play this are Call of Duty spoiled. They can't think beyond that small box so in the end they trash this game. Lackluster environments? LOL, its on a planet in a time where the human race is returning back to the seat of power so it makes sense. Oh wait, it's not as busy or congested as COD/BF maps, so its lackluster.

plutocrat3475d ago

Sounds like a bad place to put a videogame first-person shooter to me. Maybe they could do a racing game with no turns or finish lines, but you can customize your car to go 2% faster if you race for 48 hours straight. MMO and FPS are two great tastes that taste lousy together.

MikeyDucati13475d ago

Actually Dust 514 is engaging and it works. We also must note that while EVE has been out for years and continues to grow, people are not talking much about that game either. Yet EVE's following is something to be reckoned with. EVE and Dust 514 will be niche games. The average joe gamer probably doesn't play Dust 514 but that doesn't mean there isn't a surge of players who love this engaging universe. I being one of them.