PlayStation 4 Displays Start Popping Up in UK Supermarkets

Push Square: "Specialist retailers such as GAME have been carrying PlayStation 4 promotions for a while, but it seems like Sony’s now starting to make a push into more mainstream stores. The word on the street is that British supermarket Tesco received its own displays for the next generation system earlier today, some of which have already been spotted out in the wild."

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Abash2946d ago

Looks like Knack may make it to launch by that display, one of my most anticipated PS4 games.

xHeavYx2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

The Champions League final (soccer, a big sport in the UK) is supposed to have PS4 ads (at least that's what I read a few weeks ago) and that starts tomorrow, so I'm sure we'll see a lot more ads

Majin-vegeta2946d ago

I know the Mexican Soccer League always has playstation ads playing in the back.Sony has gotten a good advertisement team.

tigertron2946d ago

This is like the super bowl is to America. This is big. Nice work, Sony.

from the beach2946d ago

The champions are starting their soccer-ball league tomorrow? Cool, must watch!

gaffyh2946d ago

These seem really early. I've got a feeling it will be coming out a lot sooner than we think.

Blackdeath_6632946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

champions league matches always have sony ads but they are usually nothing more than "sponsored by sony playstation" screens that last a few seconds so i hope they bring something noticeable to arguably the biggest sporting event across Europe. really looking forward to the match btw.

@tigertron yeah i guess it is like superbowl to America except europe is much bigger than just north America

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ThatCanadianGuy5142946d ago

Mine too actually.Don't get me wrong, Infamous and KZ:SF are day one's but Knack has a special little charm to it.

TwistedMetal2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

yeah im gonna have to get all 3! that genre variety is so good.

greatnss awaits im glad we are on the A team with the ps4!

One4U2946d ago

you have a knack of appreciating plat-formers

WooHooAlex2946d ago

Knack, InFamous and Killzone are definite buys for me. With Cerny in the directors' chair, you know Knack is going to be badass.

PSVita2946d ago

**Honest question** Did you even know who Cery was before the PS Meeting?

its_JEFF2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )


To be honest I don't think a lot of people knew who he actually was. They know the games he's worked on/contributed to, but not Cerny himself. I don't think a lot of the press attending that night knew who he was either. But from what I've heard about him recently he seems to be looked at, at least by other game creators and insiders, like a Miyamoto, Kojima etc.

WooHooAlex2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )


I follow the industry closely, so I was very aware of who he was and some of the stuff he's done. After they announced him as lead system architect, I did more research on him however, as it turned out I've played almost every game he's worked on since Crash Bandicoot. But yes, I knew who he was before, I just wasnt aware of how many games he contributed to and he wasn't directed one in a while, so that's exciting.

Arai2946d ago

Here more images of that ad-stand:

What would be funny as hell is if Sony announces at E3 "in store tomorrow".
Jaws will drop everywhere and they would seriously 1-up MS again.

PirateThom2946d ago

I hope not, the last time that happened it was the Sega Saturn.

You need a bit of time for pre-orders and people to get cash before launch.

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GiantFriendlyCrab2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

September release

2946d ago
kenmid2946d ago

Absolutely stunning!!!

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