Xbox One uncertainty, earnings drag down GameStop

GameStop is having a pretty rough week.
First Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One but didn't provide much clarity into how used games will work with its new console. Then the video game company reported its fiscal first-quarter profit dropped by a quarter as its revenue fell 6.8 percent.

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ZodTheRipper2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

They would kill Gamestop with this strategy ...if people would buy their console in the first place. But I can very well imagine that Gamestop won't buy used Xbox One games because of that.

Agent_00_Revan2501d ago

There's still a big market with PS4, WiiU, 3ds, and even Vita. And if all the pissed off Xbox fanboys Really switch sides like they claim they will, then the increase is PS4 business will help offset the Xbox loss. Not completely, but it'll help.

Gamestop will just have to cut their forecast profits from 6 billion down to maybe 4 billion. Such a tragedy.... :/

FrigidDARKNESS2501d ago

Gamestop has been robbing the game industry on used games. It has to come to an end so the industry can start recouping lost profits.

cyguration2501d ago

How is it recouping lost profits by gouging gamers out the anus with a $52 licensing fee just to re-activate a game on a different profile/console?

That's highway robbery, son.

betan212501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

i agree there 100% but i still dont care for that dvr.

DragonKnight2501d ago

GameStop has done no such thing. I will say it until the end of time Developers and Publishers DO NOT sell their games directly to the consumer, they sell them to stores (the exception being online sales) like GameStop. This means that they made their money. These greedy a$$hats are wanting ADDITIONAL payments off of ONE copy. That is BULLSH*T! What did they do to deserve extra payment off the same copy hmm? Absolutely nothing. Anyone who imposes any kind of DRM against used games (and this includes Sony) are anti-consumer. Period.

2pacalypsenow2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

The Industry has been robbing US games for the last 8 years with all these BS overpriced DLC's and half assed glitchy games

Toon_Link2501d ago

There's so many different things that can be sold secondhand almost everything but prepared food, so why does the videogames industry deserve to make money off of something I'm reselling? Thrift stores, car dealerships, eBay, garage sales, and the list goes on... It's our right as consumers to do what we want with something we bought unless we sign some terms and conditions that state otherwise.

If I don't love a game enough to keep itin my collection I should be able to do what I want with it. Oh and how about this I let my brother and buddies borrow games all the time and vice versa and I don't see any problem with that, now if M$ thinks they should some how get a cut from that screw them. Lets just hope most of these rumors are hearsay I usually like to own all consoles so I don't have to miss out on great games but the way it's looking now I might just have to skip this console.

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jb2272501d ago

this article raises some interesting seem to be going this route that essentially cuts gamestop out of the pie, all the while gamestop is saying that they will still be selling used games & xbox will support seems like a dichotomy, that gamestop should be outraged if this is in fact the case, but it might be that gamestop is putting on a happy face so they can privately cut a lot of corners & prepare for the stock drop, keeping this happy face on only so people won't sell, and they can take their own private stock out before the drop happens...or maybe it's a situation where they are cut in on the profits, but either way, their bottom line is taking a huge probably approached and said, hey listen you guys will be our physical distribution for used games, you get a lot less, but you stand to lose even more if you don't carry our products at all, which is a hit that microsoft can ultimately take because there are many retail outlets with no dog in the used game stop has essentially been backed into a corner....while i have no love lost for gamestop (rewarding you with 9 dollars for a brand new game only a couple weeks old that they then sell for 5 dollars less than msrp is highway robbery), and i'm all for them losing this huge mark up, this is a way for microsoft to essentially lock in this high price for used games....either way, there's not a lot of things that make sense, but the ONLY reason microsoft is holding back details on its used game system is for gamestop's benefit, to lessen the impact on stocks & give the execs a decent amount of time to pull their stock, essentially leaving all private owners out in the wind with a lot of useless stock....the ONLY reason they have been vague about always online & game trading issues are to keep the wool pulled over consumer eyes for as long as possible....anyone expecting all of this to be cleared up by e3 will be left disappointed is my guess....what we will get is a lot of quality games, (or the facade of quality games) to entice people to buy a system that is working entirely against them & their wallets

PigPen2501d ago

They should drop their corny magazine. They are starting to charge almost full price for used games. Why pay $54 dollars for a used game when you can pay $60 dollars for a brand new game sealed in plastic.

Agent_00_Revan2501d ago

Half the time you're lucky to get it still wrapped. Although I refuse to ever buy an open copy. Not only is the display case nasty and usually messed up, but with the employee check out program, chances are that game has already been used!

Red_Devilz2501d ago

GameStop doesn't need X1 to kill them. IMHO, GS is on an auto-destruct mode with waaay overpriced used titles, offering peanuts for selling used games/consoles to them, not-so-great customer service, and worst of all - a non-functional air-conditioning system. Am I the only one getting suffocated in their outlets, regardless which location I go?

I get much better returns for my (used) games on eBay!

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