Will SOCOM Return To PlayStation?

TRS Writes: "There is a large group of hardcore shooter fans out there who have shown over 10 years of loyalty to PlayStation. Sony birthed this niche, rabid fanbase back in 2002 when the network adapter was catapulted by the success of SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs. The first three editions shattered simultaneous logins for the PlayStation network, and had more clan mates logging in daily than all of Xbox Live combined at one point."

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MariaHelFutura3844d ago

I'm saying a PS4 remake (not just HD, remake) of Socom 2, would be great.

One4U3844d ago

i just dont see it happening , insomniac dropped resistance cause it didnt sell enough but it sold more than socom ! zipper interactive closed partially due to socom sales and their psvita game

BattleAxe3844d ago


The Socom games on PS3 didn't sell because:

#1, Socom: Confrontation took over a year to get the bugs ironed out, and many people didn't like the run button and how slow the player movement was.

#2, Socom 4 abandoned every single thing that the Socom games on the PS2 had going for them.

The Socom fanbase is quite large, and if a developer does take on the task of a Socom 2 re-make, they better damn well listen to the fans this time around, or it will flop again.

BitbyDeath3844d ago

Probably the best thing to test and see if people still want Socom.

wastedcells3844d ago

I gave up on that dream a long time ago. Would be nice to see an online only ps4 game that uses socom 2 as its inspiration.

Nykamari3844d ago

They did that in MAG, but it was in first person and people shot it down. I would them to do MAG2 on PS4.

wastedcells3844d ago

Mag and socom 2 have nothing in common

ltachiUchiha3844d ago

We never know but i dont it will. Hope im wrong.

Gimmemorebubblez3844d ago

The last SOCOM was very meh compared to the PS2 ones. If done properly I could see SOCOM being a massive franchise for the PS4.

Jek_Porkins3844d ago

Sony closed down Zipper, so if they did come out with a new Socom, it wouldn't have the same feel to it.

PirateThom3844d ago

Zipper made SOCOM 4 and it didn't have the same feel to it anyway.

Jek_Porkins3844d ago

I guess that justified them not getting another chance, and being closed down then.

PirateThom3844d ago

Their last three games were MAG, SOCOM 4 and Unit 13.

How many chances do they get? I liked all three games, to a degree, but they're not exactly up to the standards of SOCOM 2.

Hicken3844d ago

It doesn't necessarily need the same "feel" if it can actually improve on that old "feel." Hell, even if it WAS Zipper- as Thom alludes to- it might not have the same "feel."

And who knows? It might even be better.

But expecting you to look at the positive side of something Sony-related is a bit too much, huh?

SolidDuck3844d ago

I think Sony bend should be doing a new socom or 2 remake. They have 3rd person shooter experience with syphon filter. They took two franchises that were not there's in, resistance retribution and uncharted golden abyss, and made excellent games with them. Now that zipper is gone that's who I would like to see work on it. I just hope Sony doesnt let socom die forever.

ssj273844d ago

or GG
they did Nam 67'
they have good experience with online and tps..

they could use SOCOM classic formula with their amazing talent.

My dream come true lol GG making a SOCOM like confrontation game ha