Next Week on the EU PSN: 3 PlayStation Plus Free Games, 4 PS3 Releases

It may not be June quite yet, but the June 2013 PlayStation Plus free games kick off this Wednesday. While we still have to wait for all those legacy titles to be rotated out soon, you can expect three brand new titles to download next week. - PSLS

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ZodTheRipper3476d ago

I <3 PS Plus. Best. Service. Ever.

Firan3476d ago

It makes my gaming backlog bigger and bigger. Like it's not big enough already lol.

knifefight3476d ago

It pretty much pulls everyone else's pants down.
It's too good.

ftwrthtx3476d ago

PS+ was a game changer for PlayStation

ZodTheRipper3476d ago

Definately. It's crazy when you think about that Xbox Live Gold doesn't offer much more than online gaming for the same (!) price. Here, you get tons of retail and PSN games, DLC, discounts, themes, avatars, exclusive betas/demos and more.

E2S3476d ago

oh how i wish this was for US too

TrendyGamers3476d ago

I'd be very happy if SotC came to NA PS+.

McScroggz3476d ago

Europe is getting some awesome stuff! I wish Kingdoms of Amalur was coming to NA because I'd like to play it, but we will see what us 'Muricans get. Shadow of the Colossus is such a freaking great game, one of the best all time. Very happy to see my European brothers getting such a classic!

fOrlOnhOpe573476d ago

I can highly recommend KoA:R. One of my favourite games this gen.

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