Microsoft won't cater to 'traditional desktop PC gamers' with first-party strategy

ShackNews - Remember when Microsoft used to make games for PC? With their Xbox business thriving, the company has long shifted focus away from PC gamers. That attitude will continue in the Xbox One generation, it appears.

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ltachiUchiha2508d ago

Your imade isnt showing mate.

decrypt2508d ago

PC gamers dont care about MS support lol. If its anything like what Xbox is getting, its best MS stay far clear of the PC platform.

wastedcells2508d ago

PC gamers will buy a PS4 if they want a console. That's been made very clear lately.

starchild2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

No, I like being able to get games like Alan Wake, Fable, etc on the PC. More games is better than less games. Only an idiot would say otherwise. Of course we don't want the restrictions of Xbox One on PC, but fortunately MS has no ability to do so.

Anyway, it sounds like it will be much like the current generation with the PC getting some of the same games. "We're talking about console games, but there could be some franchises that also end up with a PC game".

Kalowest2508d ago

If the FP games were on the PC and not just the One, their would be even less of a reason to own one.

Flames762508d ago

PC gaming is dying yet again just look at the hit it took last quarter of 2012.No need to support a dying platform like PC

soultecc2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

pc is not dead its your brain cells that are dead

SexyGamerDude2508d ago

That's a false piece of information. PC gaming is actually becoming more popular.

Sarobi2508d ago

How is it dying?, there is plenty of games for me to play on Steam.

aliengmr2508d ago

HAH! 4 people are like "What's a Steam?"

Trigonometry2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

And console gaming is dying too, can't wait for mobile gaming to take over 100%. /s

AedanClarke2508d ago

I went through a number of your recent comments and this is what I've found. And, yes, this is a fact:

You're a 360 fanboy. Anything related to Sony or PC is automatically insulted and Microsoft wins, no matter what. For instance, anyone in their right mind wouldn't say that CoD: Ghosts is better than Shadow Fall in every way. However, you're not in your right mind, so...

I'm not even really pro-Sony. I'm almost exclusively a PC gamer... I just don't like your ignorance.

MonkeyNinja2508d ago

looool! +Well Said

Thanks for the laugh.

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LeRise2508d ago

It's the best time for Linux. Xbox is dead, windows gaming in prospect is dead (thanks Microsoft), WiiU is dead (unfortunately), so only Linux, MacOS and PS4 are left in the long run! I was talking only about desktop platforms, including consoles. Mobile market is already dominated by Android.

hellvaguy2508d ago

Linux, um no ty. About as opposite as plug & play could ever be. Not too mention not even compatible with most games.

pandehz2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Linux? I think I've been sleeping all this while or your steam page looks drastically different than mine.

LeRise2508d ago

You forgot Wine and Dosbox, which allow you to play almost every game created for Windows.
By the way, this page
is going to be 5X larger in 2014. And if you support the trend too, it'll grow even faster.

Jek_Porkins2508d ago

At least next gen we wont have to say "console exclusive" anymore, which was annoying. Keep your IP's on consoles only, it makes things easier, and it gives some people a reason to buy your console.

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The story is too old to be commented.