The New Motion Capture Process for Infamous: Second Son

Creating crowds of people to inhabit a virtual world has never been easy, but as consoles continue to advance, creating digital denizens to populate virtual worlds is becoming a more detailed process. Take a photo tour of how Sucker Punch Xeroxes an extra's face and puts him into Infamous Second Son.

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2504d ago Replies(2)
YodaCracker2504d ago

But do they mocap dogs? I didn't think so.

Harkins17212504d ago

Seriously hope E3 is just a blow of of information on all Sony hardware/software. Ps3/Vita/Ps4. Cant wait!

brettyd2504d ago

I'm buying PS4 for this game alone. InFAMOUS is Sony's best franchise!

nick3092504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Ever played sly , jak or uncharted ? And a list of others ?