Naughty Dog Will “Brainstorm Ideas” for a The Last of Us Sequel After Development

Thanks to a live stream for The Last of Us on the PS Blog, a few more pieces on info for The Last of Us have come to light, with Neil Druckmann, Creative Director, revealing that the game takes place over the course of an entire year.

There was also a Q&A held with Neil, Bruce Straley, Game Director, and Ashley Johnson, who plays Ellie, with the most interesting answers and tidbits placed below:

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TrendyGamers2513d ago

The Last of Us 2 on PS4, please make it happen Naughty Dog.

Utalkin2me2513d ago

It would be hard to fathom what ND could do on the PS4. Ewwww, gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

Skips2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

If SSM and ND can pull this on 7 year old tech...

Imagine the "swan song" games on PS4. 0_0

Brazz2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

Disagree = xbox fanboys butthurted...
Naughty Dog in PS4 = Fantastic!

dbjj120882513d ago

I just wanna play the game first.

Prcko2513d ago

I think sequel is alrdy in development for Ps4

aRTCy2513d ago

Really? and how do you know this?

Wedge192513d ago

I'm excited for the first game, I don;t want to think about a sequel yet!

nick3092513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

Naughty dog i love you... Please make jak 4 ....... And buy crash license back somehows):

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The story is too old to be commented.