Only One Xbox Live Gold Account Needed For All Accounts On Xbox One

Another shot of good news is that we will finally be able to use multiple gamertags under one Xbox Live Gold membership. No more logging into your brother’s or dad’s account to play games, missing out on gamerscore, etc. Ben Kilgore of Microsoft told Polygon that even with multiple users you will still have access to your own list of friends and everything associated with your account.

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Sovereign592504d ago

So far yes, it would appear to be good news, although it's completely possible the price of xbox live memberships could rise.

blitz06232504d ago

Good news, but not great. Great would mean XBL Gold going free

Jek_Porkins2504d ago

They already said if you're a Gold Member right now, it carries over. This is great news however.

AngelicIceDiamond2504d ago

It is great news.

BTW Xbox Live Gold won't be free. People want silver to be free which means MP.
There's a difference.

I'm pretty sure MS will iron out the details on XbL at E3.

Salooh2504d ago

You pay less then live for plus and you get games/themes/discounts..etc

That what's great not this news. You still pay for online and i bet the subscription still registered to one account while the other users are more like guests and just use the features.

This still not what i want. Instead of wow us and bring something unexpected they do this simple things and make a big deal about them ..

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GameCents2504d ago

Only nOne needed on other consoles. . .
**** you Microsoft! You and your anti-consumer policies.

MariaHelFutura2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Being able to play your games online for free, would be great news. As far as being forced to pay to play is being concerned, this what should have happened from the beginning. Paying to play online on multiple profiles on the same console is insane. For example, PS+ allows any profile on my Playstation to play the games I've D/L'd from PS+. That is great news.

maxgamehard2504d ago

Xbox also locks content you bought to that console.

One of my 360's red ringed. The content i bought on my original had to be copied over again. If i wasn't online on the new 360 i couldn't access my old content.

For example you can't play content you bought on another console whereas with PS3 you have a limit of 2 consoles. Even PS+ games can be copied to two systems.

Basically M$ has locked your membership, games and dlc to one console. Talk about "got you by the balls"

UnHoly_One2504d ago

You guys realize that it costs Microsoft money to buy and run the thousands of servers that power Xbox Live, right? (They also have to pay a bunch of people to maintain them.)

I mean, we aren't just connecting straight to the wide open internet with our Xboxes, we are connecting to a closed system that they control (and pay for).

I realize Sony offers their service for free, but I also know from experience that the quality of their online service is years behind where Xbox Live is.

I know the fanboys will come out in force to disagree with this, but it needs to be said. Anyone who has spent any significant amount of time with Live and PSN (and given them both a fair shot) will agree with me.

That old phrase "you get what you pay for" certainly applies in this scenario.

And seriously, we're talking about 5 dollars a month, is that really so horrible??

MariaHelFutura2504d ago

It's not the money, it's the point. It's what brought the idea of locking out games and paying to use them to life.

ThanatosDMC2504d ago


Wow, you never touched a PS game online before have you. The crap they feed you must be delicious.

^No wonder MS can get away with crap like paying for the online content of the game you just payed for...

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maxgamehard2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

They could raise the price as there are more features with Gold this time around.

IMO it should be free. Sony and Nintendo both don't charge to play online.

Jek_Porkins2504d ago

MAY 24TH 2013 12:32 PM PT
Xbox One and used games

Over the paste few days, we have been reading comments and message boards following the Xbox One announcement. There are a few questions regarding used games. I wanted to clarify and provide this official statement:

The ability to trade in and resell games is important to gamers and to Xbox. Xbox One is designed to support the trade in and resale of games. Reports about our policies for trade in and resale are inaccurate and incomplete. We will disclose more information in the near future.

The article says your Live carries over, so if you pick up a year now, it'll still be a year on Xbox One.

forcefullpower2504d ago

@Jek. So they basically didn't clarify anything buy saying will disclose at a later date. They could have just said straight out this is not happening. We already know they will let you trade games but that was not the issue.

The problem is they want to make money on the resale of traded games. Which means they will stop letting you trade or sell games with your mates. Unless you trade it in at an Xbox One legitimate trading place where they can get the game deactivated from your account.

Do you not see how wrong this is. FFS

mrmonkeyhumper2504d ago

I have played playstation online and it sucked. Sony has two servers where xbox currently has 15,000 and the number is going to 300,000 for xbox one. I am not pleased with the reveal by Microsoft but Sonys "free" service is horrble. Theres a reason you get free games every month, and its not because Sony loves you.

forcefullpower2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

So basically if your mate doesn't have xbox live you can't go round there house and play online as its tied to the console not your account. So how will that work with buying games as well or is this a Master and sub account crap that playstation 3 has.

Who's gamertag will you associate the game you just bought. Imagine if you had a bro who associate a game with his account but you went to your mates he couldn't play the game unless your bro gave you his account.

There is so much wrong with this its not even funny. Also what happens if you bro get his account banned for bitchin in COD and now even you can't play it or the games that he has associate with that account.

farhad2k82503d ago

Dude, we could already do that on the PS3. In fact, we can share our games across two PS3's and play them with completely different accounts.

farhad2k82504d ago

Meh, PSN is free, and PSN+ cost the same as XBOX LIVE yet you get TONS of games which ALL SIXTEEN accounts on a PS3 could play. Already been done Microsoft, step up your game and make your service free or half the price.

mrmonkeyhumper2504d ago

Any game bought on xbl can be played by any other account on ypur xbox.....fanboys make blanket bs statements that just arent true. Keep telling yourself psplus is better than xblive, your the only ones buying into it.

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Ashlen2504d ago

I'd prefer zero Live Gold accounts.

GameCents2504d ago

It really wasn't all that funny, I'm not sure what you're doing on the floor right now.

I do share his sentiments however.

Utalkin2me2504d ago


Awwwwwww, did you take offense to something?

nightfallfilms2504d ago

Free would be better, but I will take it. No more multiple Xbox Gold fees. Saves me a little money not having to buy my kids their own Gold accounts.

stage882504d ago

Better but still not good enough.
This should be free no matter which system you support.

The hardcore Boners will lap this up though.

negative2504d ago

We sure will lap this up. Saving money on the #1 gaming service is music to our ears.

Enjoy the PSbore while we bask in online gaming heaven.

XBox One > PSbore

Utalkin2me2504d ago

Might want to change that avatar....

M-M2504d ago

That's actually good news, but I still think their should be free online instead of Xbox Live. Not really fair to pay for what you already have.

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