Visceral’s new Star Wars game heading to next-gen consoles

It seems that Visceral Games, the creator of Dead Space series, is now hiring a new senior designer for it’s latest creation. The project is currently “in the earlist concepting phase of game development” according to them. The listing confirms that the game is a new Stars Wars title, one which will most probably head to next-gen consoles.

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AntoineDcoolette2511d ago

Light Saber dismemberment of Necromorphs please!

ThanatosDMC2511d ago

RIP Dead Space. .. EA really did a number on them.

They used to sound like innovators before Dead Space 1 release, and then before Dead Space 3 release they sounded like they were begging their fans to buy their game. All those facebook updates, tweets, and dev interviews didnt help.

AntoineDcoolette2511d ago

EA destroyed Visceral with unrealistic expectations and quotas

Ashunderfire862511d ago

Not really, just that one bad game in the series. They are still great developers. I hope the Star Wars title is 1313. Please be it!!!

MizTv2511d ago

I liked all the deadspace games
And I'm looking forward to there next game