A Collection of Kinect FAILS writes: "Sometimes the week of school, work or even relationships bring out the worst of us. So why not unwind and enjoy some funny clips we gathered, a collection of Kinect Fails. These videos offer some insight to the danger of motion controls to your body, light fixtures and even your dignity! Enjoy and if you had an experience like this or just want to share one of your favorite videos please share it in the comment section below!"

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Wheel Chair FAIL... LMAO

Software_Lover2501d ago

This has been seen before, and on N4g I believe. Nothing new here, unless you haven't searched for the vids before.

MNGamer-N2501d ago

These are hilarious. And a reminder why Kinect sucks balllz

stage882501d ago

I'd be embarrassed to own one.

Microsoft Xbox 3602501d ago

With Kinect 2, maybe you can finally complete a lap in Kinect Joy Ride without banging the walls.

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The story is too old to be commented.