Next-Gen: Have video games finally reached CGI quality?

he next generation of gaming is upon us and with it, it brings yet another substantial leap in visuals, physics, scale and hopefully, artificial intelligence. Sony’s PS4 reveal showcased several games and the vast majority of them exhibited unprecedented visual fidelity . The quality of graphics featured in CGI-animated movies have always been held up as the holy grail for gaming visuals to aspire to but the question remains; have video games finally reached the graphical quality once only associated with CGI?

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NameRemoved00172511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

I think we will see CGI quality games on PC this gen not on consoles till next gen.

PrinceOfAnger2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

deep down looks close to cgi

@hdshatter Yoshinori Ono, One of Capcom's biggest and best developers just tweeted that he played Deep Down on the PS4.

Why would a freakin' somebody with a high-profile like him say that he played a tech CGI movie?

Oh and he tweeted this pic, Which proves my point even further:

A footage of Deep Down, Looks like it was taken from the trailer, But nope, It's from a different camera angel, Yeah, This means that this game is running in Real- Time.

NameRemoved00172511d ago

We have yet to see any gameplay from all we know that is pre rendered.

josephayal2511d ago

Why not? next gen consoles will rival top end pc capabilities

Neonridr2511d ago

Umm, did the games look like I was watching Avatar? No.

zerocrossing2511d ago

Well a game doesn't have to look as good as Avatar to be considered CGI quality, if they could get close to or as good as FF7 advent children that would be pretty good for now.

(On Topic)

Nope not quite yet.

Neonridr2511d ago

true enough, I just meant there is still a long way to go before games are looking like that.

zerocrossing2511d ago


Without a doubt but let's give them a fighting ;) lol

PopRocks3592511d ago

Give it another generation or two. The PS4 in particular is very close, but not quite there yet. We still don't have realistic motion blur or the kind of lifelike details you would see in, say, a Starcraft II cinematic (the pre-rendered ones, not the ones used for the game engine). When a game can look like this in its actual engine, then we are there.

linkenski2511d ago

The only thing i've seen that looked CGI was Deep Down and i'm still not convinced that was even in-engine or running real time.

Ashunderfire862511d ago

GameTrailers actual had a 30 min in depth look to deep down, and confirmed real time. If you look closely, it actual is real time footage. If that was cgi prerendered footage, that footage is worst than this gen cgi and last gen cgi.

PopRocks3592511d ago

Considering all of the comments, I'm surprised I have so many disagrees. I doubt those trailers were not in engine. But that's why I made my comment. They look fantastic, but not quite on par with a CGI cinematic to me.

MrAnderson2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

No, and PC's have been able to do more for a long time, the new consoles may be next gen consoles but they aren't next gen games as you're implying

EDIT: whoever disagreed is a console fanboy, fact

NegativeCreep4272511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

PC Fanboy is not > a console fanboy.

You're a stupid tool either way.

You might as well say that stepping in a pile of donkey sh*t is better than stepping in a pile of horse sh*t.

AtomicGerbil2511d ago

We are yet to see, very much doubt it though.

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The story is too old to be commented.