Are Consoles Holding Back The True Potential of Video Games?

MP1st - "...This is where I see consoles beginning to hold back innovation in gaming. The consoles are designed to last for 7-10 years, which is great as far as long term electronics investment is concerned. The only problem is, the hardware market cycles almost every 2 years. While the locked down and uniform nature of a console certainly gives developers a lot of leeway and to push its hardware as far as it can go, it can still only go so far."

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faysal2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

how the hell is console holding back anything? when you have a vision to create amazing things, no matter what you have you will try to achive that vision. at the end of the day games are ART!... games like journey wasnt hold back by anything!, all you need is imagination.
at the end of the day DEVELOPERS AND PUBLISHERS are the ones who decide where they want to create their games! no body is forceing them, if they think console is not good enough then dont develop for it simple as!. money and greedyness is what holds back potential not the TOOLS to create games...

Vladplaya2510d ago

If only things worked like that. Sorry but if you are developing for closed system hardwear, you are limited with what you have. Sure Journey and small games like that are fun, but there are developers who want to create realistic looking games, and they have to work with what they can. And good rule of thump is that you make your product work for the slowest system first, and then pump it up so it works on better ones too, hence why a lot of potential is lost from the start of development. If they would build for gaming PCs and then turn down settings, I bet the games would be much better than a lot of ports we have been getting in the past.

faysal2510d ago

i agree and like i said there is a lot of money spending when you are making games.... developers can only develop for the best tech (pc) and achive their original idea but cz of how expensive it is they have to develop for as meny system as they can to make money.. yes consoles are less powerful but that didnt stop games like, uncharted, killzone, beyond two soul, heavy rain, last of us, gran turismo, LBP, god of war....
the only advantage pc has over console is graphics... all that talk about crysis 1 will never work on console yet it ended up on console, yes graphics was good but nothing like pc.. my point is at the end of the day if you have the will and money, you can make anything possible on less able system.... it doesnt have to be the best graphics ever... gameplay creates joy, graphics creates eye candy.

ShinMaster2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

And we should stop pretending that high-end set ups are the standard, when they are the minority.
Everyone's set up is different. While the higher common denominator is PC, the lowest common denominator is ALSO PC.
PC games aren't developed exclusively for high-end hardware and specs only.

The only thing holding PC gaming back, is PC gaming itself.

_QQ_2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

The Console market is much larger than the gaming pc market, they aren't being technically"forced", but in reality they really don't have a choice. First party studios like naughty dog or santa monica actually are being technically "forced", they are Sony owned so their games have to go to a sony system.

ATi_Elite2510d ago


Pubs see the consoles as Easy cash cows so they Force Devs to make games that are cheap and that will make easy money no matter how bad they are.

and before you disagree just look at ALL the Call of Duty clones and Single Player games with Multi Player modes stapled onto them this Gen.

Sure you have the Skyrims, The Bioshock Infinites, The Red Dead Redemptions the Fallouts but way too many RENTALS and Not worth my time games get made in between the really good ones.

Consoles have Lost ALL Core gaming credibility and are simply for the CASUAL driven market which has ruined Gaming as Pubs cancel good games or go bankrupt trying to chase the Casual market for a big pay day instead of catering to the dedicated CORE GAMER.

Sure casual games like Call of Duty generate so much money to make CORE games BUT that money usually ends up being spent on CLONES or another casual failure from various Pubs/Devs trying to Copy COD.

CORE GAMERS are why Call of Duty became huge in the first place. So stop pandering to the Casual but instead build a Solid foundation of CORE Gamers and maybe your game will just catch on due to all the COOL CORE GAMERS playing it.

ShaunCameron2509d ago

Um. No they're not.

<Pubs see the consoles as Easy cash cows so they Force Devs to make games that are cheap and that will make easy money no matter how bad they are.>

And what about the lower-end PC owners? This is the audience developers are catering to with the console-ports since they make up the majority of all PC gamers.

6DEAD6END62510d ago

It's up to the developers to take a game and make on a PC from the ground up with nothing holding them back. That's when you'll see a mind blowing game that takes advantages of a PC.

Thatguy-3102510d ago

Has that happened yet? Consoles are holding anything back. If a publisher had a vision that vision will come to life soley on the pc market. Pretty sure there are pc only games and yet they still provide similar content than games on consoles. Only thing it improves upon is graphics and that's about it.

Anon19742510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

If you ask me, Piracy is what's holding games back. Developers would be more willing to spend the money to push PC hardware if they knew it would be worth the extra expense involved in development. If the market was there and lucrative enough, they'd be all over it. The problem is the market of PC gamers with top end hardware is limited, even before you factor in the 90% piracy rates that PC games are suffering these days.

The rise in PC game sales we've seen these past couple of years are rather skewed as it's not the AAA games that are driving the increase, it's social games on sites like Facebook. PC versions are often an after thought because the effort required to really push PC games above their console counterparts just isn't cost effective. If it was, developers would be doing it more.

So developers move to platforms where they have the greatest earning potential.

MysticStrummer2510d ago

That's when you'll see a mind blowing game that takes advantage of the top 5% of PCs.

PC gamers like to pretend that most PCs are bleeding edge gaming rigs, when in reality most are off the shelf vanilla PCs that are several years old.

Those plain old PCs couldn't be holding PC gaming back, could they? No. It's the consoles.


2pacalypsenow2510d ago

Nope game developers are . afterall they are the ones who make the games not the Consoles

AtomicGerbil2510d ago

No, publishers are holding back the true potential of video games.

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