Editorial: WiiU Please Explain Where the Third-Party Support Went?

We all knew it would happen, we just didn’t expect it to happen so soon…

The WiiU’s specs were announced sometime around E3 of last year, and upon hearing them we almost immediately began to worry about the system’s reported devotion to third-party support. With Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen systems having been so heavily rumored to launch the very next year (2013), we were flabbergasted that Nintendo was once again going to be behind (tech-wise) in the console race. But we at least thought Nintendo would get one good year of third-party support. I guess we were over-confident in the system.

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NYC_Gamer2506d ago

I never expected any Nintendo home console to have good 3rd party support

PopRocks3592506d ago

After the SNES, honestly no one should unless Nintendo makes a lot of changes to how they handle relations with third party developers. It seems for the time being they're focusing on indie devs.

LOL_WUT2506d ago

But they sure made a lot of broken promises on how they wanted to recapture the hardcore gamer and gain more 3rd party support. ;)

ziratul2506d ago

They will have descent support as time goes by. Only 6 months passed. Give it a chance.

wishingW3L2506d ago

leave the Wii U alone. This is the only console without any kind of DRM and gamers should support and then 3rd party games will come.

Jek_Porkins2506d ago

I kind of agree with you, also I'd point out that the Wii U is the only "game" console that doesn't have a media function like a DVD player or Blu-Ray player, it's actually the most dedicated gaming console on the market....and considering the emphasis it has on television and's a sobering fact.

cyguration2506d ago

Wow, is this really a comment from you that isn't rallying behind MS or some other anti-consumer measure?

Bubbles to you, and I agree.

I'm considering getting a Wii U after finding out more about the XB1.

Theyellowflash302506d ago

I'm going to talk to my Wii U right now and ask him all these questions.

V0LT2506d ago

I already asked him and he said he hates you and doesn't want to speak to you.

lilbroRx2506d ago

I thought the same thing when I read that title.

Why don't people ask the third party devs? They are the ones who decide what they want to release and what not. Nintendo can't their hands.

TheAnalogShtick2506d ago

The title was meant to be a play on "Will you"

Kos-Mos2506d ago

Please, we only want exclusives. We don`t need cod, gow, gears, killzone, skyrim, me, halo, gta type of games on our lovely Nintendo system. We want games with depth. DEPTH!

imXify2506d ago

Not sure if drunk or ignorant.

IcyEyes2506d ago

Most INTELLIGENT comment I've read today.


I mean ... do you realize what you wrote right ?

exfatal2506d ago

Yea cause mario games have sooo much depth... dont be ignorant the more multiplats we get the less reason people have to not pick up a Wii U and enjoy Nintendo exclusives

deafdani2506d ago

You give us Nintendo fans, and Nintendo itself, a bad rap. Please stop.


rainslacker2506d ago

I prefer choice myself. Exclusives are nice, and I like Nintendo games for the most part, but 3rd party support helps expand the library, and opens the possibility of new and unique experiences.

Also being 3rd party doesn't exclude it from being exclusive...say Monster Hunter for instance.

WiiUsauce2504d ago

So you're saying you wouldn't want to play MGS V on Wii U? No Dark Souls 2, GTA V, Saint's Row 4, Destiny, ect??? What's wrong with you??

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tehpees32506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Honestly, even though Sony are likely to prevail I can see some third parties back-pedaling and using Wii U as a decent alternative.

Developers are likely to abandon the sinking Xbox One ship by March.

Likely won't get the majority of games but it could be placed on a higher priority.

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The story is too old to be commented.