IGN: Dead Island AU Interview

IGN AU writes: "We all know the zombie apocalypse is coming. It's no longer a question of if, but when. And whether it's in ten years or a hundred, it makes sense to be prepared; to play through the role of human survivor in a zombie playground. Thankfully, videogames provide fertile training grounds, and as a result I'm mildly confident that should I be trapped in a shopping mall or some kind of spooky mansion, I'll be able to make it through. But what about a tropical paradise? What happens when you glance up from your hammock by the beach to see a legion of the undead lumbering their way towards you, the wind's gentle susurrus of only moments ago replaced by the cry of 'braaaains'? Dead Island is here to guide you through it.

In development at Techland, the team behind the underrated gunslinging title Call of Juarez, Dead Island's open-world gameplay seems to be shaping up well, and is backed ably by some killer tech. To find out a little more, we got in touch with Techland's Pawel Kopinski who kindly answered our questions."

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socomnick4877d ago

I love zombie games im not sure why but I absolutely love zombie games.