Consoles are holding back the PC drastically

No doubt, one of the biggest highlights of Sony’s unveiling of the Playstation 4 on the 20th February was the gameplay footage showcased for Killzone: Shadow Fall. The Killzone titles have always been known for their jaw-dropping visuals and Killzone: Shadow Fall is no exception. The footage unveiled on Wednesday was nothing short of breath-taking. The trailer showed off in-game footage of unprecedented scale and scope with stunning city-scapes replete with glass laden mega-structures, hundreds of flying ships and incredible attention to detail the likes of which we have not seen before here at Gameondaily.

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Lior2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

I have lost the effort to care as a PC gamer but ya it is, @ whishingW3L thats what drivers are for.Nvidia and AMD get the most out of every game as they configure the games themselves and improve performance

ATi_Elite2508d ago

1. we just had an Xbox One reveal and this LAME website pulls out the OLD "Consoles are holding back PC Gaming" article.

HOW pathetic this website is.

2. I play Hawken (Destruction Levels), Planetside 2, Arma 3, Day Z, Firefall, Path of Exile, Tera Rising, Project CARS, etc.. so I have NO clue how a console is holding back these games when they are HUGE, have complex A.I., and can't be done on a console. Looking forward to Rome 2 and Star Citizen.

(Project cars has a console release but it will NOT look like the PC version and will NOT have the PC versions Physics.)

3. want better graphics? install a Graphics mod. Dam near every PC Game has one that pushes the graphics to the next Level.

4. GTAIV with ICE mod looks better than GTAV and Watch Dogs.

5. The Withcer 2 with Uber Sampling On
Metro 2033 on Ultra with Depth of Field on will punish any PC.

The Graphics on PC Exclusives are THERE! But like many have stated Graphics are NOT everything as I enjoy HUGE game worlds, thousands of NPC's' hundreds of Gamers, and complex A.I. over Eye Candy even though the game looks great anyway.

(Insert Guild Wars 2 Here)

Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 are really highly detailed but they are so Zoomed out to add in all the on screen content that many gamers do not realize just how graphical those games are.

wishingW3L2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

PC gaming is holding itself back with piracy and multiple configurations of hardware. If you have a Titan it doesn't mean developers will put millions of dollars to take full advantage of it if consoles weren't around, that's just wishful thinking because not everybody will have a card that powerful and expensive. If you look at Steams charts of hardware configurations you'll see that more than half the users have pretty weak PC's.

Look: http://store.steampowered.c...

morganfell2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Agreed. PC gamers are holding back the PC. I have a Quad Core Quad GPU Falcon NW system and that isn't average yet screaming PC supporters act as if these systems are the norm.

A handful of PC enthusiasts and in this case an even more ridiculous act as if everyone utilizes a similar system...when they do not. Most PC owners are using a system not just one but two PC generations out of date so in that regard PC gamers on the whole lag behind console owners in adopting new hardware. PC devs make titles that support the median of the demographic. There may be a lifeless title or two Crysis *cough* that says push graphics to the limit but even those are scalable down to the bulk of the buying public...which happens to be the same slower systems that are actually holding back PC games.

The other thing holding back PC games is buying power. PC gamers, with the highest [piracy rate in the industry, expect a company to invest millions of dollars for an abysmal return on sales from PC exclusive titles when consoles are more likely to bury PC games in sales. Yet PC gamers shrug and act like these devs should just accept a pink slip and be satisifed knowing they served the PC crowd.


GROTSTOMPA2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

You're completely wrong about a "handful" of PC enthusiasts. You're also wrong about PC Piracy, when Xbox alone had the highest piracy rate for several years. Only mainstream article fools say "PC PIRATING RUINING PC!" MEMEMEMEME! It's NOT, simply put, not even close. More PC development than ever before as clearly shown in the past few years.. not to mention sales higher than most console games, and over consoles period in the past 3 years. We are getting every single console indie-game on Steam, and various other outlets, as well as most of their games with MAXIMUM PC support as the NORM, or majority if you will now. I can list literally hundreds of reasons why you lack decent research.
I love reading this paragraph as it has absolutely ZERO evidence to show.. people can research this crap themselves and see the numbers, I need not to prove you wrong. "PC gamers shrug and act", What is wrong with you? Stop reading articles from Cliff Blizenski and ill-willed people like PACHTER. The none 1% of the PC and gamer population in general know that these people know NOTHING about most of the market and literally spew garbage from their lips.
@morganfell - Don't base your info on some random single website that even me as a hardcore GAMER period, not just PC, has NEVER HEARD OF and I research every single day on technology, games, and many other facets on about 20 or so personal websites. Thanks
@Wishing - BTW, over 3 billion people own a PC in the world, over 100 million in the U.S alone.. STEAM accounts for a VERY SMALL percentage of PC gamers.. with never more than 5 million consistent users online and only a couple more whom actually use steam much-less submit their hardware reports. Non-solid evidence in your research by that said alone. I don't even use Steam anymore.. most of my games I play are through the PC itself, like MMO's etc. including my friends.

Diver2508d ago

pwnmachine you are a poster child for misunderstanding the gaming demographic.

who cares how many PC's are in this world. the far great majority if PC's can't play games and the far majority of pc users aren't gamers.

add to this the fact that most gaming machines ain't high end. hell most are barely middle ground. so you just keep ignoring the facts about the same numbers you quoted an I'll keep gaming console AND pc.

papashango2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )


you're living in 2008

Here in 2013 developers are ecstatic about pc gaming because it's where Indie devs make their money. It's where they can show off the next big thing.

Next-gen consoles will still be about linear hallway shooters with pretty lights. triggered interactive cutscenes and zero replayable 3rd person adventure shooters.

you may not even realize it but once you get the wool out of your eyes, you'll understand that console games are almost all on rails.

Diver2508d ago

really? talk about not knowing what your talking about. if you think ps3 games are all hallway shooters with pretty lights then you just showed you are the one with zero knowledge of another platform. no sense in arguing with someone that just proved with their own words they are unarmed. you must be thinking about the 360 and gears of war.

an remember pc gamers are the ones that brag about purty lights. Crysis anyone?

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Muerte24942509d ago

I'm glad someone said it. Crytek would have never went to the console if the PC market were as lucrative has they say. There are way too many configurations for PC developers to really push certain features. They are already present in cards today but we won't see for another 3-4 years. The minimum requirement are far lower than PC than what next gen is offering. Piracy doesn't help it either.

ATi_Elite2509d ago

Crysis PC Exclusive sold 3.5 million on the PC

Crysis 2 Ps3/360 = 2.34m

Crysis 3 Ps3/360 = 980K

So all that console this console that CRAP is just CRAP as you see Crysis PC has out sold Crysis 2 and 3 Ps3/360 combined.

Crytek went to console out of shear EASY GREED. Crysis was a Classic and 2 & 3 were GARBAGE!

PC Gamer did what was necessary to upgrade to play Crysis cause it was GREAT Graphically and Gameplay wise just like Half Life 2 before it.

Lisica2508d ago

Instead of buying a weak PC and a console, why not buying an awesome PC?

Neonridr2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

While I agree with this statement, I think we are going to see a much different result for the next gen. With Sony and Microsoft adopting x86 architecture, they will be a lot closer to PC's than ever before. This, I think, will allow developers to be able to build games for the PC and scale them down accordingly to fit the Xbox One and PS4. Whereas in the past developers had to build for the consoles and then upconvert for the higher end PC's (which didn't always translate well - eg. GTA IV, Oblivion, Dark Souls), or developers would have to spend the time and money to create a separate build strictly for PC to allow them the flexibility to have impressive graphics and effects.

wishingW3L2509d ago

nothing will change. Even if they all share the same architecture in order for a multiplat games to work fine on all platforms they must develop it first on the lowest common denominator. Aka, Xbox One. They can scale up or scale down visual fidelity (resolution, frame-rate, etc.) but the core game will still be exactly the same across all platforms.

Neonridr2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

perhaps, but they didn't take that approach with current gen. Everything was built on the 360 and then ported over to PS3 and Wii/Wii U.

The PS3 was so radically different than the 360 that it led to some games not working properly on the PS3 (Skyrim for example).

I am merely suggesting that with similar architecture we will see more parity, but it will allow developers some flexibility in what they are developing to take advantage of higher end PC specs.

the worst2509d ago

PC gaming is holding itself back
make some good games
PC games suck

linkenski2509d ago

Exactly the point. Developers stopped developing games properly because every PC game nowadays is a half-assed port with no change to the games interface, bad keybindings and no hotkeys. For example. Mass Effect 1 had a nice pc port but since Mass Effect 2 everything got more console-oriented and the pc version was kind of left out, because all the hotkeys to key menu screens was dropped, and the UI hadn't been redisigned to fit a mouse-keyboard interface like it should.


Absolutely 100% incorrect in every single facet. You said absolutely nothing intelligent about the PC specifically other than console developers make bad PC ports, and very few of them at that, so half of what you said pertaining to that subject is factual. Clearly, both of you probably get your gaming information/research from ILL-WILLED mainstream articles from people like Cliff Blizenski and super awesome others like Packter.. that have NO idea what they're talking about.. which has been made clear in about 10,000 of their statements towards PC, being put down by thousands of people. They're, and you're literally the 1% that doesn't understand PC gaming, or how the industry works period.

Lisica2508d ago

Games are half-assed ports because of the half-assed developers. It has nothing to do with PC, keyboard or mouse.

linkenski2507d ago

Actually i was merely talking from my point of view and my own experience with pc ports i've played over the last couple of years. Don't say i don't know anything about the pc game industry because my previous comment doesn't illustrate what i know or don't know at all. It's my opinion.

I know what the whole "console games holding back pc gaming" is about and i agree. I'm saying one reason why I THINK console gaming might hold back pc gaming because of how too many developers choose to focus on consoles and half-ass their pc ports.

Microsoft Xbox 3602509d ago

Thanks to the Xbox One, PC games will be held back another generation ahead.

hellvaguy2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

How would that have anything at all to do with pc gaming? Some of the social features and used games pricing wont cross over but other than, Im not seeing your point at all other than mindless trolling.