Why you might want to buy all 3 next-gen consoles

With the reveal of the Xbox One, the next-gen battle just got a lot more interesting. All 3 giants, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are trying their best to win their way into your living room but it appears that each company has adopted a different approach in designing their respective consoles. Whilst many of you may have already made up your minds about which console you are committed to purchasing (or have already purchased the Wii U), you might want to keep an open mind about what all 3 consoles can offer you.

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NYC_Gamer2505d ago

I always buy two consoles to go along side my PC

darthv722505d ago

to own them all is there will always be games you cant play on any other system.

Its expensive to support the different platforms but no one every said this was a cheap hobby.

Many will proclaim their loyalty to one but eventually there will be something that compels them to pick up the others as well.

And you know what...its okay to like games that may not be on your primary system. It isnt like you are cheating with another person. You are just enjoying games on another console.

Ashunderfire862505d ago

I did it this generation, can't wait to do it next. Just get the systems years apart. I will get PS4 or Xbox One during launch, and get a second one in spring or summer. Then I will get the Wii U when Mario Smash Bro 4 comes out( assuming 2015).

thechosenone2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

Always on/connect DRM, blocked used games unnecessary focus on TV do not interest me at all!

I will be gaming on 4 platforms next gen, PS4, Wii U, PC and Vita. I don't have more time to watch TV or anything else so that'll be about it for me.

wastedcells2505d ago

I'm the same. I have all three for the exclusives but I haven't played my 360 in years. Personally halo and gears got old fast. Hope X1 has more variety in its exclusives.

MysticStrummer2505d ago

PS4 for the games

WiiU for the possibly innovative use of the touchpad/second screen.

One in case you lose your remote.

PopRocks3592505d ago

I won't support a console with a universal block on used games. PS4 and Wii U for me.

darthv722505d ago

you should really only list the wii-u.

sony hasnt been as forth coming about their used plans either. They support used games but saying they support used games isnt the same as 100% free to play used games.

Just like MS, they could enact some type of fee. One thing many arent taking into consideration is their 3rd party stance. Basically they are saying that if others WANT to do it or impose an online only DRM...that's up to them.

If sony were so inclined they could flat out stop the 3rd parties from doing that but.....they are taking the wait and see approach. How is that really any confirmation from Sony that they wont change their mind? It isnt.

And its okay to admit that we dont know rather than trying to spread misinformation or incomplete information. Sony is working their own things out just like MS.

As of now, its probably easier for Sony to watch the hate flow on an idea they too have probably been thinking of doing.

I say probably as its only speculation. Not fact. So lets stop taking the speculation as fact until we get all the information.

PopRocks3592505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

Sany HAS been straightforward about that strategy. You can look up DragonKnight's blog on the matter. They have stated they will NOT bar used games, but they will give publishers the option to do so.

That's far from perfect (and I will not support any of those publishers) but the Xbox One is enforcing a universal block on ALL used games, whether or not the publisher wished for it.

If there's one good aspect about Nintendo being "behind the times" it's that they don't even humor this kind of crap.

zeroskie2505d ago

It just doesn't seem like that will be SONY's move especially after they showed off an Indie game and their increased partnership with Bungie. We'll see at E3 I guess.

dasbeer882505d ago

It's not the consoles but rather the games. I won't support games that will require DRM.

darthv722505d ago

i did read it. you should read my response.

Basically sony has said they support used games. they NEVER said what kind of support but we can all universally agree that it means the person will be able to buy a used game and play it.

Now the missing part they have yet to disclose is will there be any additional factors imposed by their service or the 3rd parties to attain that used game. They know as well as anyone, there is some serious scratch to be made from the 2nd hand market.

Leaving the 'option' open to the 3rd parties does not absolve them of taking that same side. It only blurs the vision to see the possibility they will do it.

Its their company, their rules and they can change them at any time regardless of what we think. But like i said before, that is just speculation as to how it could work.

Take everything each company says with some serious grains of salt because we still dont know all there is to know. We may never know?

Donnieboi2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

Preach it man. I'm also supporting Wii U too now. To hell with CableBoxOne. And u already know i'm getting a ps4 too, no question.

quantae062504d ago

Some developers will actually get more money through DLC's. Because some people will skip out on what they consider to be a solid secondary game, but because of a $60 price they wont get it. But that same person had plans of buying DLC for that game through time.

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golding892505d ago

ps4 and xbox one for me.

andibandit2505d ago

Maybe when i get really old and just looking for the remote becomes hard...maybe then i'll get the xbox.
Or maybe if I pursue my dreams of becomming the ultimate couch potato.

DCfan2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

PS4 if it doesn't go the route of Xbone, Wii U for sure once it has all of Nintendo's awesome 1st party games

EDIT: I already have a PC

_QQ_2505d ago

PC for multiplats and the best online/competative games and experience. PS4 and WiiU for exclusives.

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